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  1. It’s asif you’re saying people who left are rubbish fans I’ve been going since I was 7 years old, I’m 28, I’ve been to around 105 grounds, got around 500+ away ticket stubs saved. Please don’t tell me I’m not a proper fan because I left a game at 3-0
  2. Late notice but it was touch and go whether we'd be able to go or not and it hasn't happened, so 2x adult tickets (£25 each) available and 1x over 65 ticket (£19) Available for collection from S12 area only tonight or before 9:30am tomorrow, will be taken back if no takers. Can buy them singular if you only want 1 or 2 also.
  3. Anyone remember if blackburn have electronic ticket gates? Asking for a friend
  4. Deadline has been extended to 1st April anyway so should be fine
  5. Mates woke up badly so not coming, £21 if anyone wants it, in Derby atm so can meet wherever.
  6. Pretty sure this would be the same at any ground in the country.
  7. 1 ticket sold 1 remaining. Will be taking it back tomorrow if not sold tonight
  8. Bought 3 tickets now the other 2 can't make it now due to work. Face value £22 first come first serve
  9. One spare as we ordered them before we found out my brother had already booked to go to Poland. Face value £20 will need to be sold before around 3pm tomorrow or it will be taken back. First come first serve and collection only from S12, Intake, thanks!
  10. Collection from intake tonight only, face value £20. First come first serve thanks
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