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  1. S35

    Medical team

    I agree, more to do with his mental state of mind. I mean imagine been stuck in a chap for 4 months...
  2. Same old, same old. Give some the u23 who won their league a go..
  3. S35


    Get yourself to the leadmill after!
  4. S35


    Its a joke, does the club pay for it?
  5. Why was there so many police there today? Even welsh police was out for the pay day
  6. S35

    Just got in...

    The cops refused to delay the train even though they new it was the last train to sheff! took us at least an hour and an half to get to meadowhall. With a 20 min train swap in donny
  7. S35

    Just got in...

    only just got that train after running from the petrol station near the ground
  8. i saw him outside maccy Ds in his Land Rover
  9. i thought it was going to say steven
  10. S35

    A soundtrack to SWFC

    Journey- Don't Stop Believin.
  11. S35

    Evenin' all

    Made my day