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  1. 7 has the racing and breeding. 9 has the treasure digging mini game.
  2. Yeah you can, FF9 was released on PS4 a few years ago. Full trophy list and everything, although one of the trophies is just about impossible to get. It’s actually on sale right now until the 17th. £8.49 down from £16.99. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0082-CUSA08918_00-FF9FORPS4BUNDLE1
  3. 9 is an absolute must-play mate. Fantastic game with the best cast of characters in any FF game aside from 7. The script quality is much better than 7 without all of the awkward Japanese to English mistranslations that plagued 7. I loved the return to the classic class system of earlier FF games. In 7 and 8 you could set any character to be any class really, just give them any materia/spells... But in 9 it’s already decided for you. Zidane the lead character is the thief, Dagger is the white mage, Vivi the back mage, there’s a Tank, a Knight, a Blue Mage, a Summoner, and a Red Mage. There’s no changing that, it’s just deciding who to use and what skills to unlock for them next. You can’t for example just start dishing out Fire spells with every party member like in 7 and 8. There’s a bit more to it. Also really liked having 4 party members in battle too, gives you more options. It is lighthearted in a lot of places, and the characters are cartoonish with a lot of anthropomorphic animal characters too, but there are some pretty dark moments. One of the best games of all time in my opinion. If you asked me on the right day I’d say I preferred it to 7. Not very often though.
  4. No one knows yet how many games this will be. The game only takes you up to the point where you leave Midgar. That’s maybe 7 hours in the original but this is a full length 35+ hour game. The rest of the games I guess will be out 2022 and 2024 if they do 3 games total. I guess it depends where they go with the story. If they were to put the same level of detail into remaking the original almost how it was, it would be 10+ games. Clearly they’re not going to do that, so they must have plans to seriously alter the story or cut huge chunks of it... it’s what I’m most worried about going forward, but the overall quality of the first instalment gives me some comfort that they’ll nail it. Would expect Vincent to become a big part of the next game. They’re squeezing Yuffie in early and I think they will with him too.
  5. Well that spoiler tag didn’t work. Can someone alter that please?
  6. I hope this game being on PS Plus lets more people realise just how successful this “remake” was. To reimagine such a beloved classic and have it not suck is a massive achievement. And in addition to not sucking, it was actually really good. Still so torn on the ending but it has grown on me and the possibilities going forward story-wise are endless. [spoiler] With it being all but confirmed that the entire game you play is not even a remake of the original, but a parallel universe Sephiroth has somehow traveled to so that he can change the events of the first game... I’ll admit I hated it at first, but the thought of seeing the story play out entirely differently in the next games while seeing familiar characters and locations is pretty great. The flashes of the characters remembering the events of the original was really cool, something similar to a great twist in a decent sci-fi tv show. [/spoiler]
  7. Yeah looks like a Pixar movie, really excited for it. There was a rumour it was to be the March PS Plus game but there was no chance in reality. Looks like there might be some Pikmin style elements to this too, with the little creature dudes following her about.
  8. New album out 11th June. Quite excited for it, in my opinion the best band out there right now. They’ve released the first single on Spotify already.
  9. Free on PS Plus next week. PS5 version announced also, with an extra DLC Yuffie chapter.
  10. Bit much for me now. I loved the MCU movies overall. Civil War was the peak for me, excellent movie. But being expected to follow 8-10 episode TV shows about B characters to keep up with the movies is too much for me. I don’t really like the Scarlett Witch or Vision characters enough to watch them for 4-5 hours and get through what I’d imagine is a good chunk of filler. I don’t think I can be bothered.
  11. I heard the reason Cage isn’t in it is that they didn’t want to go with a Caucasian lead in a movie set around martial arts.
  12. Got to save something for when you see it.
  13. I keep seeing this on the Sky guide and thinking it says “Farming Britney Spears”.
  14. Just skimmed over a few random episodes of Raw from 1998. Just unrecognisable from today’s product. Ridiculous entertainment value and you remember just why it was so unmissable back then. One of the main events was a 4 team tag match. Rock/D’Lo vs. Road Dogg/Mr. Ass vs. Mankind/Kane vs. Austin/Taker. The following week had Austin calling out Vince, a 4 vs 4 street fight with DX vs. The Nation, and Gangrel’s debut with his best entrance and music of all time. The week after had Undertaker and Kane officially joining forces for the first time, opening the show by coming down to that sick electric guitar Ministry version of the Undertaker theme. Everything was just red hot.
  15. I think the more modern ones need some form of human involvement, but yeah they can’t stop scalpers unfortunately.
  16. It is a pretty good looking game yes, but the graphical glitches range from slightly odd to downright hilarious. At one point I had a tiny rowing boat fly into the sky at about 300mph. Overall just couldn’t get into this game. I thought the combat was truly awful.
  17. I said a similar thing to a bloke at work the other week, he told me there are services online where people solve them for a tiny fee. Someone literally sits at a computer solving those things for hours for like 2p each.
  18. If you don’t like the combat, it probably isn’t. Not sure you’ve given it enough time though.
  19. Anyone itching to dip into this game again has a perfect reason now if you managed to get a PS5. It was updated last week to target consistent 60fps on PS5. And it is absolutely as glorious as you would expect it to be.
  20. More gameplay. This game looks so good.
  21. The majority of the DC movies are utter trash compared to Marvel.
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