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  1. I was in two minds whether or not to go yesterday. Had a nagging feeling we’d be rubbish, was hung over from Friday night and didn’t perk up until about 13:00, had loads to do at home, and knew it was going to turn cold after half time. Anyway, I went. Really regretted going in the end. It was so damn boring. Next time I’ll probably think twice. Some of you might call someone like that a part-timer, but it’s so easy to find better and more satisfying things to do with your precious weekends. .
  2. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that we’re hoping for 50/50 decisions to go our way in order to win at home against what was (on the day) poor opposites. We didn’t deserve to win, barely deserved the point. Zero. Shots. On. Target.
  3. That’s why we didn’t win. Carlos can moan about the penalty shout all he wants, but with no shots on target we’ve only ourselves to blame.
  4. We’ve known for about three weeks mate. You been away or something?
  5. Been very kindly given these today, very good condition programmes from some of our most famous football matches. Not really a collector myself so I’d probably let them go to someone who would look after them.
  6. Slow. Predictable. Boring. Wasteful. Careless. Scared. Change desperately needed. Carlos has lost these players.
  7. So Reach’s dad thinks CC, FF and Wednesday fans are all nobbers? Just like most of us then.
  8. Please go and watch the highlights. We were awful that day. Not one player apart from Westwood turned up. Probably the start of Carlos’ downfall too, that game. The problem areas still haven’t been addressed to this day, and since then we’ve been terrible to watch despite finishing higher the next season. .
  9. Tread water? I’d love to be treading water from the last couple of seasons. We’ve gone backwards.
  10. 0:33 - What the f**k are we playing at? Passing it from our keeper to their striker in our box under hardly any pressure. Awful. And people are moaning about referees!
  11. We might. If their form continues they’ll win 4 games all season.
  12. No. But the “WHO ELSE?” brigade will tell you otherwise.
  13. Wants his bumps feeling for actually going back a second time to watch that dross.
  14. We’ve all said it at work at some point in the last two weeks haven’t we? ”You watch now, typical Wednesday, demolish Leeds and then we’ll go and lose to Bolton”. We didn’t really mean it though.
  15. False. Bobbar. Rubbish. Nonsense. Cobblers. Tripe. We already have the players good enough for a top two challenge. Carlos has lost them. Players that were performing for him before just aren’t currently doing it and haven’t been for months. A new manager can sort it out.
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