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  1. I saw a Rotherham fan outside work today. He only had one shoe on. I said, “Hey mate, you lost a shoe?” He says, “No pal, I found one!”
  2. You kind of knew it was coming too, when those added ten minutes came up.
  3. The amount of points we’ve chucked away this season in the dying minutes of games, quite fitting that we chuck away the playoffs in the same manner. Now let’s build a team with a spine and a set of balls.
  4. They were fantastic. Venue was packed. They were only on about 45 minutes and far far better live than I was expecting. They did 9 of the 12 songs on the album, and then two more that aren’t on the album. One of the non-album songs they did was fantastic, Rhian can really sing. Think it’s a song from a few years ago when she was solo. Found it on YouTube:
  5. Neither am I, but once it clicks it’s great.
  6. Slay the Spire is fantastic.
  7. Love the album. I was expecting to, but I think I like it even more than I thought I would. A few people I’ve spoken to about them don’t “get it”, although I don’t think there’s much to get. It’s fun, catchy, fresh music where most of the lyrics aren’t too serious. Loving You is the stand out track for me, which I didn’t expect from one of their slower more mellow songs. Can’t wait to see them on Wednesday at the Foundry.
  8. Night 1 was. Night 2 was alright.
  9. Seeing Wet Leg at the Foundry on 13th April. Can’t wait! Really like them. The new track Angelica is fantastic.
  10. After putting it off for ages, we watched the lot in 6 days. Absolutely brilliant. Hard to describe really. Very adult, often very raw and hard hitting. Zendaya’s performance in S2 Ep5 is mind blowing.
  11. RIP Razor His ladder matches with Michaels were iconic.
  12. Scott Hall in a bad way. On life support after having 3 heart attacks due to a blood clot after hip surgery. Always loved Razor, huge part on my childhood. Really hope he pulls through.
  13. Been a fan for years and they were everything I hoped. Ended up about 2 rows back, right at the front in front of Theo. I ache like hell today from jumping about. I’m 37 ffs.
  14. I have problems with this. It looks fantastic. Stunning. The gameplay is really fun during combat too. Its just a bit… boring. A lot of time. Games like this make me realise these days I just don’t have the time or energy to put towards playing a game of this size with so much of what I’d call filler in it. I’ve played ten hours. Checked the map earlier and I’ve barely scratched like 5% of it, and I just know the game is going to outstay it’s welcome with me. And there’s SO. MUCH. TALKING for a game with a pretty boring story and bland main character. Also, the jumping/climbing is crap by todays standards. I’m hoping I can get more into it but at this rate I can’t see me finishing it.
  15. Then Series X came into stock on Amazon for an hour last week and my missus managed to snag one. GamePass really is the best isn’t it? £41 for the year for all that.
  16. So lazy to have Brock enter as #30 to win as well, after losing the title that very same night. Are we meant to believe that the #30 spot was available right up until then? Or would Brock have been the #30 entrant even if he’d retained? It’s just dumb, WWE sadly has zero respect for it’s fans anymore.
  17. Each to their own, but if that’s enjoyable for WWE these days I may never watch it again.
  18. Jesus that was the worst Rumble in decades. Absolutely terrible. Most of it was crap mismatched tag teams made of two lower midcarders waiting for each other. And the ending was awful, made zero sense even for WWE, and helps no one. I sign up to the Network for the Rumble ever year. Even for a only tenner I’ll think twice next time.
  19. Best TV show on today. The best ever after Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, in my opinion. Season 3 was incredible. The one where Logan had a UTI was fantastic.
  20. Still £ for £ the best value form of entertainment, in my opinion.
  21. If you want story, get the Mass Effect trilogy.
  22. Yeah, far too cliche for this series I think. Can’t see it. At this point I don’t know if I even want another one. But I didn’t think they could top the first game and they do it easily. The emotions you feel playing Part 2, especially if you’re invested already from the first game… just off the scale. I wasn’t prepared for being more on Abby’s side than Ellie’s by the end. You can get multiple perspectives from the story, I guess. The first game doesn’t hide the fact that Joel and Tommy are sh*tty people, a lot of what they got in Part 2 had been coming to them. I think another game has to leave Ellie behind now. She’s mentally screwed. Missing fingers. She’s lost Joel, Tommy is a cripple who’s wife left him because she couldn’t leave things be. In my head, she goes off to find Dina back home and then reconcile. She’s done. I think another game has to either have a new cast, or follow Abby and Lev. I can’t see a decent story reason beyond Joel’s death that would force Ellie back into it.
  23. Looks gorgeous but the physics on those car crashes are hilariously bad
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