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  1. Got one on our stairs... Think Big Jim Holton is missing from the picture to the left of Big Jack.
  2. Seen that picture a thousand times and only just noticed we've got Bukta shorts and an Umbro shirt. Pretty sure the headline was, "Wylde and Wonderful".
  3. Hodge didn't play in that Notts County game which was on 31 Jan 1981. His first game for us was 27th August 1983. Mirocevic's last game was 16 April 1983. He was a very good keeper though.
  4. Cheers mate. Exactly my sentiments. I used to pretend to be you now and again playing football in the yard at Foxhill but more often than not I was Prendo or Tommy Craig.
  5. Apps Goals GPG Adam Reach 242 24 0.099 KL 324 28 0.086 Can't find our best player on here. Reach is though. https://www.transfermarkt.com/championship/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB2 He's not on here from last season either, despite being one of the best in the Championship. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11689/10860825/top-25-players-in-the-championship-201617-according-to-whoscored-com
  6. TBF...would you fancy giving it to one or two of our players?
  7. When Kieran Lee was playing, he never attracted the type of posts criticising his performance that we see for our other midfielders, especially Adam Reach. Even now, we still see lots of posts lamenting his absence. It seems the longer he’s out, the better he was. All this, despite the fact that he isn’t from Oldham; he’s a bit lightweight; his touch isn’t that golden; he gets caught in possession too often; he can’t do anything; and he gives the ball away a lot with poor passes. What is it? Is it because he run around lot?
  8. I can think of no finer candidate than erstwhile Leeds winger, Arthur Graham.
  9. We didn't play 'em in '69. Unless it was a County Cup match?
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