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  1. The fact that you have put 'mental illness' like that indicates you don't have the most sympathetic attitude towards this subject. I am glad you are not in the position of club chairman of any organisation I am involved in on the basis of the above post.
  2. I disagree. His fantastic goals and effort helped us to get results but his all round play over 90 minutes is not capable of carrying us. I count remember more games where he was anonymous than ones which he controlled. If the right bid comes in he would be replaceable, I would take anything above £8M and that is an inflated price based on the attention his goals this season have brought. He is an asset to the team and would be in my current first 11 in the formation we usually play without a doubt but in our financial situation he is potentially our most profitable sale. Forestieri hasn't done it consistently for a while but last season was due to a major injury and this season it has been niggles and off field stuff. If Bruce feels he can get the best out of him I would consider keeping him currently as his value in the market will currently be below his true worth.
  3. Last week I would have said FF but if he puts a couple more displays like that in his value will be worth more than £4M in terms of keeping him or selling him. Also have to take into account that Bruce has long been an admirer and if he sees enough in training to think he can get that sort of performance on a regular basis then he will be worth keeping. Two of Rhodes, Nuhiu, Joao and Winnall need to go, not sure we would even get £3M for Rhodes now though. Lees has been much better again since Jos departed and needs to be kept, as we will need at least 1 CB as it is, hopefully that will be Hector but who knows. If we can get that sort of fee for Reach then I would take it. He has moments of pure brilliance and is a good professional but there have been plenty of games where he has been a passenger and not due to a lack of effort.
  4. I agree. He was often the best player under Jos on the rare occasions that he actually used to risk playing him and he has gone from strength to strength under Bruce. Nobody has played as consistently well as he has this season.
  5. He was doing OK for us until the end! I think he will be assessed as having a shocker. Keepers usually get sent off for deliberate handball, regardless of how stupid the incident was. We scored a goal from Fletcher's arm. He gave Norwich a free-kick for a blatant dive with the player begging at him from 5 yards away as he threw himself at Matias. He then allowed the free-kick to be taken from the wrong position which made it easier to get it up and down than it would have been from the spot where the alleged foul took place. He gave 5 minutes stoppage time for what exactly? No physio on 2nd half, no warnings to hurry up and no bookings for time wasting and only 4 substitutions in the 45 minutes prior to the board going up. All crucial decisions that impacted on the game.
  6. You should have realised that before, plenty have already made reference to it in this thread, including in replies to your posts!
  7. It would have been an easier strike with the left foot to put it into the other side of the goal if the keeper was trying to cover the same side as the wall!
  8. Fair enough, We could be here all night so we will have to just agree to disagree on the time issue. Not to be condescending but your reply specified only about the time issue again when my post stated that overall his assessment won't make good reading (not referring to the time issue at all) as he got many big issues that affected the game wrong. I have highlighted the word overall just in case you missed it, I don't doubt that you understand it!
  9. He could easily have been sent off for a huge error of his own making and many think he should have done better with the goal. To be fair he composed himself after that bad start and was pretty solid although other than the early save with his legs which was excellent he didn't have a great deal to do. I'd give him a 6.
  10. Forestieri for me, Fletcher effort outstanding as usual, Hector very good second half after being a bit off it a couple of times first half. Not a fan of Matias playing a role where he has to do a fair amount of defending but he was very 'switched-on; tonight. Hard to be overly critical of anyone given how we played in what was big test, especially compared with the limp display last weekend. Plaudits for Bruce for the way we set up and went about it, not many were in favour of playing FF in that position prior to kick-off but he adopted a role that got the best out of him.
  11. Well, he is likely to be assessed on his overall performance for this game and it won't make very good reading for him.
  12. I was critical of him first half, not for his effort but just a case of not getting to where he should have been or needed to be quick enough. Improved a lot second half in this respect.
  13. Agree, just annoying that he had to cheat to win it in the first place then was allowed to take it from a position which was to his advantage. Can't blame Dawson for that one. Only chance he had of saving it would have been to stand that side, which was behind the wall, thus giving the player the option of a free shot into the other side of the net.
  14. Where does the law say this? Even if it does say this, how will the law ever know, he is the one the decides how much to add on in the first place!
  15. Bit of a David Wagner, all went sour at Udders for him this season. Though bizarrely Celtic are apparently interested, which probably tells more of a story about Scottish football.
  16. We could have been a man down at 0-0 and scored a debatable goal. I think it would have been harsh to send Dawson off as his action didn't prevent a goal but I've seen red given for things like that. However, overall Norwich got plenty of decisions including a few that contributed directly to their 2nd goal. To summarise he's a Farking idiot!
  17. That's round uns. If you think they announce a minimum of 5 when the watch shows 5min 59 seconds then you are kidding yourself.
  18. No need to be patronising or condescending is there? I think most do understand that it is a minimum and have explained that in this instance there hasn't been any good reason to add to that minimum. You often see teams making subs, kicking the ball away, taking ages over set pieces in injury time and all that extra doesn't get added on properly. None of that happened here.
  19. You'd be better off rounding it up at that point, which is probably what often happens. I doubt that if they find it is over half a minute extra they go for the lower amount. The 'minimum' is mostly used to cover any extra stoppages that occur in injury time. As has been said, in most of Europe, they state an amount and pretty much blow on that time regardless of what else happens in injury time unless it is something really serious. That way it is generally accepted. Just us that seem to leave it at the discretion of the ref as to how long extra he carries on over his original stated time. Games in Spain rarely get over 3 minutes, our regularly are at least that amount.
  20. But how come it always ends up with us being on the rough end of it?
  21. I agree, but he didn't have to give the free-kick as it wasn't a foul and had he instructed them to take it from the correct spot where the alleged offence took place then it would have been a lot harder to get it up and down.
  22. Looks like you are the one on something with some of your marks.
  23. How has Hector got a 5? He stood off a couple of times 1st half but played really well second half. Onomah also improved after half-time and is a bit harsh having a go at him in his first game after months out. I am not Matias biggest fan but he put loads of effort in and didn't give the ball away a lot. Really good performance against a really good side, agree with FF & Fletch being the best of a good bunch today.
  24. Not only is the ref 5 yards away, he is looking straight at the diver as he throws himself at Matias while looking pleadingly at the ref.
  25. Agree, but nothing happened in injury time to make it more than 5 minutes, the ball stayed in play, nobody went down and the Norwich sub took about 10 seconds. The minimum is all it should have been today.
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