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  1. The Final Excuse at 10pm Friday Night

    I never want us to lose but a 1 game ultimatum in the position we are in is pointless. Like you say 7 wins in 22 is not enough, how many games does he get if we do win and then follow it up with a draw the week after, a draw on Boxing Day and a defeat at Brentord? Another ultimatum perhaps - beat Burton or else - so win win that, lose in the F.A. Cup and then go to the sty? For me his time is up but if he is going to continue then he has to keep winning, anything less than 10 points from those next 5 games is not going to be good enough now.
  2. Me too, I've seen much worse than this though admittedly the price was closer realistic for the product we were producing at that time. I can certainly understand those who fork out for multiple tickets for their families not wanting to continue to do so for what we are currently seeing though. If my young un was still going to watch us I would imagine it would be a chore for him to go this season rather than a pleasure and it would put him off. We know the club are well aware of social media trends about the club and it's maybe threads like this that could sway DC into taking some action, if he realises that the club will be hit in the pocket significantly if this continues. He chose a new manager and raised the prices with the promise of attacking, entertaining football and that has not been delivered for the majority of the past 18 months.
  3. The Final Excuse at 10pm Friday Night

    The way his explanations are going at the moment he could state that Wolves are sometimes natural predators of Owls so the result was inevitable!
  4. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    You can take the lad out of dingleland but you cant take the dingle out of the lad.
  5. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    Chansiri has also done a lot of good at the club but you do make some valid points. Disappointing to see that just as the country finally seems to have grown out of the trend of ending a point with the phrase 'just saying' that this phrase has now made it to Barnsley.
  6. 100% Completely afraid to try anything different to the regimented approach they have worked on in training and completely baffled if the opposition do something different to what they have prepared for. No freedom of expression to play at all.
  7. Bannan is the problem

    This is true. We have too many players that are too similar and don't make a difference when we play this formation, Butterfield was on the bench - much the same. We do have different players in the squad and could play a different shape, formation tactical approach but it won't happen under Carlos.
  8. The table doesn't lie, we have played all of the 10 teams below us and have won only 1 of those games - simply not good enough - and whatever Carlos says it ain't because we do too much attacking and not enough defending!
  9. True and it makes it all the more frustrating for us. When we had no money a shocking pitch to play football on and a coach who deployed defensive tactics it was hard to watch at times but more understandable. Now we have a huge squad of players, some don't get a look in whatsoever despite being very successful not so long ago at this level, others that are always injured or unfit despite not having these problems in the past and the complete restructure of our medical team. Then there are players like Venancio who left his home country where he was an ever present and a captain for a team in the top flight to pursue his dream of playing in English football.....I bet his dream didn't involve not playing a game in 4 months for a team that is struggling to keep a clean sheet and has had numerous injuries in his position during that time. Nuhiu changes the game as a sub twice in 3 games - in the middle game he is unused as we fail to score against a team with a poor home record. Out of the blue Joao starts 1 game and then is not involved at all the next, Matias starts despite not even being on the bench the months and is then used in a role which seems not to suit him at all.
  10. He sends them out with a stoic tactical approach and they are coached to the nth degree, not an ounce of creativity allowed outside of what has been planned, nothing seems to be off the cuff. One of our few moments of pure inspiration came 20 seconds into the game at Villa Park, other than that we only try anything different when we are behind. It's boring to watch, it must be soul destroying to play in for the more creative players. Yes, some of the players wanted him to stay in the summer but so did plenty of the fans, in hindsight, had we envisaged it being this uninspiring our views may well have been different, players and supporters alike.
  11. They do look like they are blowing out of their arses at times, strange given the amount of time spent on assembling a huge backroom of coaching and medical staff. Also true, I dare say Hutch wouldn't stand for this although he would also be liable to get sent off such would be the amount of work he would have to do to gee everyone else up. There is also a lack of leadership from the sideline though, Carlos doesn't seem to ever get into his players during a game and although Bullen seems like he would have that kind of personality to put it across in no uncertain terms he seemingly doesn't have the authority to do so. There is no urgency about the game at all at any point other than when things get desperate towards the end of a game. We are meek.
  12. I'm not sure what he thinks we were trying to do if it wasn't shut up shop, it certainly wasn't attack or go for the kill. Norwich were nervous and unsure of themselves until they realised we had little or no intention of going for a second goal and then the 2nd half just passed us by without so much of a whimper. How many shots does he think we had in the time that we apparently blew it by not being defensive enough from when we went 1-0 up until they made it 1-1. I've heard and seen enough. We are the struggling teams dream: Bolton - no wins all season - beat us twice before beating anyone else Reading can't keep a clean sheet at home - restrict us to 1 shot on target Birmingham - 1 win all season, bottom of the league, no home clean sheets....... Burton - lost 8 out of 11 at home............ QPR - 2nd worst away record in the division, didn't get beat at Hillsborough Norwich - no win in 7, over 2 months without a home win, not scored 3 in a game all season - thank you very much. Alll this against the lesser sides but it's not to do with negative tactics at all!
  13. Adam Reach

    Got into some great positions tonight - ruined most of them by having an abysmal first touch and his physical strength brings back memories of Petter Rudi.
  14. Flint

    I agree with you on Pudil, some of his pre-season displays at centre half had me fearing the worst at the start of the season but he actually did pretty well in a couple of the league games he played in that position early on. It is however a sad reflection of our recruitment that Pudil would be considered a good choice now given that it was playing him at CB in the summer that really highlighted our need to get someone in. Maybe Venancio was meant to be the physically imposing defender, who knows. Our injury record continues to be as disappointing as our recruitment despite the complete overhaul of the medical staff that was done at no small cost to improve this.
  15. Flint

    I didn't say it was a misquote, I said you can read different things into snippets of what was said. I don't doubt Johnson would have said he was available if he didn't want to stay with them but it's more likely that he would have wanted him to stay and I am sure that had he really been available for £4M a club would have snapped him up. Newspaper' rumours and speculation in general in the summer should be taken with a pinch of salt, the vast majority don't come to fruition.
  16. Flint

    I agree Van Aken has made too many mistakes but don't think Baker would have been the answer. He was poor for a couple of seasons at Villa and despite all the mistakes of Van Aken you have listed, Bristol have conceded just 1 goal less than us. We would have been better off keeping Sasso who had started to adjust to English style football and knew how we played and who his team mates played. Going for Van Aken is like starting again from scratch with a Sasso type player but with less experience. No doubt our recruitment in finding an adequate centre-back ready to make an impact now was poor - who knows what kind of player Venancio is - but certainly not convinced Baker would have been the answer. Maybe bringing the bell out of defence is the reason we signed Van Aken, never seen anyone do that before, though I'm not sure what the benefits are?
  17. Flint

    If Van Aken had defended like Baker did for Utd's goal last night then he would have been ripped to pieces again on here, don't see the attraction at all, he passed the ball out of play as often as he did to a Bristol player when he passed forwards. Bristol are well above more due to the fact they have scored 9 goals more than us than the fact they have conceded just 1 goal less than us.
  18. Flint

    We all know why you are saying it, as a vindication of Carlos' tactics. I would rather have lost to Bristol & Ipswich and beaten Hull and Reading by giving it a go rather than sitting back and waiting to see what happens for the majority of those games. I doubt Bristol would have won tonight against 11 men, Reid was having a nightmare prior to the cross for the goal and they were 2nd best at the time Fleck was rightly sent off. Utd have now lost 3 games more than us and yet sit 10 points above us. Maybe giving it a go in the first and second half every now and again isn't such a bad idea.
  19. Flint

    I know this may be hard to take in but I wouldn't believe everything you read in the Daily Mail! Yes there is a quote from Johnson but that could easily have been taken out of context or used as a bargaining tool and while they stated £4M there is nothing concrete to back that up.
  20. Flint

    Baker's distribution is terrible and he backed off from the halfway line into the box to allow Clarke to score and then blamed someone else. Villa weren't disappointed to see the back of him. Flint is the better of the 2, suspect against pace but a tower in both boxes. He would be good alongside a fast centre-back but Bristol have money and ambition and no reason to sell.
  21. Flint

    Care to bring Hull's record in general or Reading's superb home record into your point? In isolation a draw at home to Bristol was not a bad result but surrounded by our other draws, sub-par performances and the fact that the top 6 have moved away from us in this spell, we can't be too happy about 5 draws from the last 7.
  22. You say that like we have had a few home defeats already but we have only lost 1 at home, we all know which 1! It just feels worse than that because half of our home games have ended in draws and more often than not the football has been uninspiring. There can't be many teams with aspirations for promotion that have played all of the current bottom 7 in the division and have failed to beat any of them......
  23. I don't disagree that we are certainly lacking in specific areas, at least with the formation and tactics that Carlos continues to persist with, but we finished 4th in this league with much the same squad last season. Some around us have improved like Wolves and Villa but at the start of the season few would have been swapping the majority of our squad with players from the likes of Utd, Cardiff, Ipswich, Bristol City, Leeds, Preston etc and in that sense we are underachieving in terms of both performances and results.
  24. The Boy Wonder - 50 today !

    I am sure the directors, management, players and staff at Ibrox have been thinking of you today, such a considerate bunch that they are! Happy birthday by the way.....here's £20 from Carlos.
  25. You mean how he looked into it last summer, got rid of most of the medical staff and borught new ones in at the request of Carlos? I can't see how things have improved at all on that front. I read somewhere that it has been said he has been carrying an injury since the Millwall game. If that is the case then why has he been playing since then. 2 or 3 of his performances since then have been way below his best and now he is out for a couple of months. Surely our newly assembled much improved medical staff should have seen that it would have been better to treat the injury properly on first identification and not risked a longer term injury. Why did we sign Venancio if he is never going to play? A lot of careful planning went into our summer signings don't forget.