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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Not sure what you want him to do in that respect if much of his rehab has been out of the country. When he was here and fit he was one of the few players that showed his support and went and watched the youth teams every now and again.
  2. Sean Clare

    Is it also no shock that virtually every other first team at this level has been fitter than us over the past 6 months or more?
  3. Sean Clare

    Don't think it's that black and white no. The fitness problems of our first team aside from the injuries are well known. Not being part of the laissez-faire approach to fitness has probably benefited them as well as their youth and less intense matches.
  4. Sean Clare

    It's academy football, not reserve football. Of course the intensity isn't the same but the young lads who are aspiring to first team football take it seriously and don't coast through their games like out of favour or returning from injury first team players might do. They can still get worn out or injured playing academy football if their preparation isn't correct.
  5. Poor Game Management

    The question was about whether morale as it is currently had improved or not since he took over Carry on just being antagonistic if it makes your evening though.
  6. Poor Game Management

    This is the post we are refering to, to which you answered, 'want a bet' regarding whether he will be he or not: Rubbish, players like Boyd and Joao who looked disinterested have clearly improved on the field. George Boyd in particular is starting to look the player he can be. The unity of the players at the end of the game today shows that they have a togetherness ..... apart from the result, the performance today was positive and the players look like they care far more now than they did at the start of the season. As the poster said, what has that got to do about Jos being here on not next season?
  7. Poor Game Management

    I don't think he will be either. That wasn't the point that was raised in the post you answered though was it?
  8. Poor Game Management

    Are you having fun purposely posting to antagonise tonight? Must really amuse yourself....
  9. Pudil

    To be fair Pudil was poor in pre-season and didn't look like he would be effective as a centre-back, his legs don't allow him to play full-back consistently anymore. When he had to come in at CB for the 1st home game against Sunderland I was fearing the worst but to be fair to him he played well that night and has been pretty consistent when he has been called upon, especially under the new manager.
  10. It is, which is why I found the Millwall game approach so bizarre. No strikers starting yet we had 2 able to play 90 minutes today and a 3rd on the bench. Stobbs making his first start in an unfamiliar position and no attacking midfielders with Reach and Clare out. Clare hadn't played at the weekend and won't play this midweek, I don't think getting 75-80 minutes out of him once a week is an issue. Had we been more positive in that game I think we would have got something. Today we threw all we had available at one of the better sides in the division and although we played really well with the ball and were let down by the officiating, we were found wanting at the back.
  11. Yes, we were very naive in terms of seeing the game through. I really enjoyed the first half, as good as we have played at home other than perhaps the Leeds game and would have been unjust had we not got the lead just before half-time. 2nd half Villa had more of the play but it wasn't as if they were creating loads of chances at 2-1. had the ref took action when Nuhiu was clipped it would probably have turned out differently. Our defending was poor though. The first goal came from a free header at point blank range from a free-kick. Can't really blame Wildsmith for not dealing with the first header better as he would have been set to react to a better finish and had little time to adjust. The problem was the marking. In the 2nd half we never really got to grips with Snodgrass and all the chances came from that side. Difficult to blame Boyd as he had a good first half when we were on the front foot and he isn't a defender, he needed more help or a change of position. Another really encouraging performance from Clare and Joao is in the goals.Plenty of encouragement with the ball but the defensive solidity that Jos introduced in his first few games has disappeared which is a worry.
  12. Was it Over the Line?

    The officials sought advice from the man in charge of running the game - John Terry said it didn't go in so they played on.
  13. Not Big & Not Clever

    Not denying he is a good player but even his own mother probably despises him as a person. How he has got the cheek to call anyone a cheat is beyond me. How many times do you have to incite the crowd bang in front of the ref before anything gets done about it?
  14. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Sadly as soon as any of our players kick anything it seems they are heading straight back to rehab!
  15. Dear oh dear! If you can't have a disagreement on something, that ultimately the majority of us want the best for, without resorting to violence against the person you have a difference of opinion with then you need to have a serious look at yourself. Don't envy you on that score, hope it makes them realise how stupid they are being when you point this out to them rather then getting them even more riled up.........
  16. On the front foot most of the 2nd half, goal and nearly a full 90 minutes for Hirst despite not playing at all months. Plenty of positives but they will be gutted to have lost that.
  17. More the defence for me, switched off and gave him a free run from the halfway line, very poor positioning.
  18. Didn't mess around this time, fine finish.
  19. Fair enough, who did he play for with your son? I suppose the more pertinent question is what is the attendance like and how much revenue are you making from additional sales at the game?
  20. Just contradicted yourself in the space of 2 sentences. Suggesting Preston looks a much better prospect based on the 45 minutes you have watched then conceding that Hirast might not be at his best given he has had no match football all season.
  21. The way he was asking is a matter of personal opinion I suppose, Jos seemed a little irritated but continued to answer so don't think he was overly offended. It meant getting answers to some of the questions I as a fan would have raised, even if I didn't agree with some of the answers it at least provided an explanation. I can't comment on what had been asked of Wilder during their recent poor run as I haven't got any interest in what he has to say unless it concerns us.
  22. Let me know when the 2nd half kicks off, had to mute it due to some of the horrendous base music they played after the half-time whistle!
  23. Ridicule the article by all means but what has it got to do with what he looks like. Unless every poster on here would happily put up their back catalogue of photographs for other posters to pick on every time they write something that others disagree with?
  24. I though he asked questions that needed to be answered, Jos's initial responses were a little vague and he continued to press the issue. Not got a problem with that, would rather the journalists seeks answers and not just rub the belly of whoever is put in front of them. If Utd had been tipped for a promotion challenge but had ended up in danger of being dragged into a relegation fight with an unfit squad that has played negative football throughout the season then I would expect that Wilder would also get asked some difficult questions. This article from Howson is different. The attendance was a topic of debate in the build up to the Swansea match and in the immediate aftermath but no need for an article a week later, we have moved on and have played a game since then.
  25. Built more like a Rugby League player. They signed him from Dutch football in the summer and he's made a few first team appearances without making much of an impression.