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  1. This topic has had a number of threads recently and this one alone has now stretched to 34 pages. The only reason it is such an issue is that Dawson is struggling for form. As a result fans want us to have all players available for selection and will question the manager when they are not if their replacements are struggling. The issue will only go away if Dawson's form picks up, lets hope that happens tomorrow, for him and the team as a whole because goodness know we need it and if it doesn't this will continue to rumble on.
  2. Or smoke less. To be fair that was like a health drive as well, drink and smoke less and improve your health by paying more to watch Wednesday finish in the top 6. Improved mood and improved fitness. In the current climate it doesn't look good. The ticket prices are the same but you need a few drinks in order to stomach the football that we are serving up. = pay high prices to watch football that puts you in a bad mood and your fitness suffers as well.
  3. You won't upset me mate, just that some of these shirts didn't look good when they were original, they ain't gonna look any better with 30 years more worth of waistline underneath them!
  4. Well if that's the case I'm glad the alternative choices in midfield have been doing as they are told as it has worked a treat......
  5. As has been said a few times in this thread, there is a significant difference in being critical of performance and being abusive. Abuse still exists on this platform. You use social media platforms like this on a regular basis, why should footballers have to be precluded from using specific platforms because people are willing to direct personal abuse at them? The fault lies with the perpetrators. Some at the very top level do purely use it for self-promotion and advertising purposes but many others just want to use it in the same way millions of other people in society do.
  6. But people don't just use it to self promote, they discuss things and find news. Westwood tweeted recently about one of our young fans doing a bike ride to the Barnsley game for charity. No doubt him raising awareness of this increased the money raised. This is a social media platform that you choose to use. It is very well moderated but abuse still exists. Players know this forum is very active, they must be tempted to look and if not the reasons for them not looking are probably that they would not want to see critical comments or abuse aimed at them - which then means they are thinking about that anyway which can't help with the way they feel.
  7. Monk did imply something about Westwood's fitness yesterday but some very strange injuries are cropping up again. Luongo got a ban overturned but has since been out for a month with an injury picked up in training. Reach has a nondescript minor toe injury that has now seen him sidelined for more than 2 weeks.
  8. With Hutchinson? The last game he played was the win at QPR in which he got an assist and generally played well. Hasn't been seen since (which can just about be said for the central midfielders who have actually played in the games since then).
  9. But why should they be excluded from popular platforms that millions of people use for positive reasons? At times I would imagine it is unavoidable to see the abuse, simply just by being online. If someone is of a fragile mind it could probably be a vicious circle as well - not going online because they have had personal abuse in the past, they may ruminate about what is being posted about them and become down thinking about what is likely to have been posted about them without actually seeing it.
  10. Available up to size 4XL. Plunging V-necks look great with a beer belly on 40+ year olds looking to relive their youth........
  11. I guess some will argue that in this day and age social media is the most effective way of communicating with a wide audience and can very much be used for positive reasons so why should they be excluded just because they are in the public eye? As you say, being in the public eye leaves you open to abuse from numpties regardless of what you do so maybe it is a small price to pay to give social media a miss if you are likely to be upset by what you may see. As for having an anonymous account, that would decrease the chances of seeing personally directed abuse but I would imagine if you were in the news and using the internet in any way there would be a temptation to look at what people are saying about you and you can't un-see it once you've had a glimpse.
  12. Have you been to an away game recently? We continue to take great support as the fans want to see things turn around but they do still get on the players backs? Did you not hear the reception they got at the end of the Luton game? Hard to say the criticism of the performance wasn't deserved.
  13. Depends how you use it. I've never had Facebook but am able to pick up on football and other news from Twitter quickly, all depends on who you follow in terms of the validity of information. Don't tend to look at the abusive stuff but I guess if you are in the public eye and the abuse is directed at you that would be much more difficult to ignore.
  14. I've said previously sacking him now is a risk as it would leave us with little options in terms of who would take us on at this stage with what is potentially hanging over us. Just not convinced I would give him a close season based on the past quarter of the season where we have fell apart and his formations and selections have been strange to say the least. He was largely successful for a good spell before Christmas but we only had one way of playing effectively which has seemingly been found wanting without just 1 or 2 players. I hope he convinces me otherwise in the remaining games of this season but I am becoming increasingly doubtful of this happening with every game that passes.
  15. How many has Forestieri played in that time? Or Rhodes? Or Winnall?
  16. That'd be nice. How many different players and formations has he picked in the last couple of weeks alone?
  17. Decent stats in your post, seemingly strange that all of the clubs you refer to chose to get rid of him after a fairly short period of time, where was the problem then?
  18. I got mine from watching Wednesday for over 3 decades. Nothing sensible about that!
  19. Not true. When the manager 'leads' the team on a run of 5 points from 10 games, playing poor football against poor sides, the fans will understandably be critical.
  20. Eustace, like Turner was a better judge of a player than a manager.
  21. Nowt like blowing your own trumpet! Not sure about referring to yourself in the 3rd person in the title of the thread as well! Had a little read though, you make some valid points, plenty I agree with but I think you are a little too easy on Monk saying plenty has been on the fly and beyond his control of late. The squad he chooses to pick is well within his control. The squad should be so different in terms of results and performances to pre-Christmas just because a couple of key players got injured. Yes that will affect results and performances to an extent but not to the extent of how badly we have played in picking up 5 points from 10 games against mostly bottom 6 sides. It is not beyond his control (through perhaps beyond the realms of reason) that he welcomes back Forestieri into the side after a long lay off and a couple of games into this he chooses the best way to get him up to speed and firing is to play him at wing-back.
  22. Go and watch that then if you want to save a few quid. Neither of those sides have among the best players in the world and I don't give a throw about either of them so I will be at Hillsborough where I'll be watching the team I support play one of the best sides this country has seen in many years for £25. Don't think that's extortionate.
  23. Just had a look at that. To be fair there are only mainly single seat tickets left in the cheapest 2 categories (£40&£56). It then goes up to £72, £90, £100, £125 & £150. Seems a bit steep when you consider how many trips to Wembley they have made recently.
  24. Not sure about that. They are averaging 54,000 this season. In 2006/07 they averaged 39,000. Obviously the ground has got bigger but it isn't as if they were selling it out every week back then. Their support base has increased in terms of armchair and in ground support with success.
  25. Mortgage free at 35, well done sir, proper weight off the shoulders that. You might bump into our owner on his seemingly perennial tour of theme parks, if you do could you ask him to gerrit sorted?
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