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  1. I mentioned that Bolton game a couple of weeks ago in the context of how we often seem to oblige to help clubs with a poor record out. Think they had something like 1 point from 9 games going into that match. Got a bad feeling about similarity with the upcoming Wycombe game.
  2. To be fair I knew when I took the merchandise offer that it would only go towards a replica shirt sleeve but the £25 ticket voucher I was hoping to put towards a cup game this season or something like that, not likely now is it.
  3. The club must not have watched us play between January & March! I'm currently sat on £25 of ticket vouchers as part of the option I took, goodness knows when the opportunity to put that to use will be.
  4. I didn't mind it last season but not surprised at all by the numbers who wanted a refund. I'm also watching the home games this season but I am really not impressed that the difference in what I put towards i-follow and what is then left will automatically be chucked towards a season ticket for next season.
  5. Very interesting as you say. I was one of the other 45% or so that chose to watch the remaining games last season - why they thought a significant number more than that would choose to do so based upon our results and performances between January and March, which were arguably getting worse, is baffling.
  6. What questions? Well you missed the one in my post that you replied to for a start - the question mark at the end of it was a clue but I've highlighted in for you this time for ease of understanding. Brown has been back in training but no idea whether he will be fit to play.
  7. Care to reveal which of our players you class as Sunday League standard as you said yet?
  8. I'm off for some tea. If I'm gone a while it might be because I have chosen to take the Monk approach to making the best use of the tools I have available by trying to open a tin of tomatoes with a screwdriver.
  9. Which of our new signings are you describing as Sunday League players out of interest?
  10. Did he reduce the wage bill in December? How? Didn't you describe most of the players we have let go as expensive wasters or such like?
  11. The toolbox he had from September to December 2019 worked OK, he chose to dismantle it. He doesn't even use the apparent rusty tools he has now for the right purpose.
  12. We were 3rd at Christmas. The facts show the decisions Monk has made since then have taken us backwards, so much so that accepting 16th place in the division playing woeful football should be seen as some sort of triumph. What have QPR done to deserve to be bottom of the table on 7 points in your factual table?
  13. Why start a thread like this and then not respond to any of the questions that get put back to you? Have you shown all your mates how clever you have been and how much you have wound up all us 'Wendy' fans on Owlstalk? Grow up mate. Any chance of you telling how & why your wonderful team have managed to pick up less points than our woeful lot so far?
  14. Super Garry Monk. Don't judge him in comparison with other managers, its not fair. Judge him on how he thought the squad that he helped to get to 3rd place at Christmas were wasters so he started to dissemble that team Judge him on how that decision to break up that team worked out for him Judge him on how he has signed young hungry players now and how they will get us better results than the expensive wasters. Judge him on the merits and results of playing left sided players on the right and right sided players on the left Judge him on the impact of playin
  15. That would be unlucky for us. I'm sure the silent majority will continue to back Monk to turn things around by staying silent though!
  16. Have they? Your standards must be incredibly low. The first game was an effective away performance against a side who are proving to be rubbish at home this season. The Watford game was good 1st half, we barely had a touch in their half in the second 45 minutes. Bristol was good first half, awful second half and never looked like getting a result once we conceded. QPR, dire, Luton, ditto. Brentford, good effort levels but no shots on target in the 60 minutes after we went 2-1 down. Birmingham, best 1st half of the season, usual last 25 minutes trying to sit on a le
  17. Thanks to a spurt of useless pot shots off target in the first half yesterday we have climbed to the dizzy heights of 18th for total average shots at goal.
  18. Shots on target per game you say? https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/8304/Stages/18825/TeamStatistics/England-Championship-2020-2021 Only Rotherham and Wycombe have had less. How do we go about creating chances? Top 6 for long balls at home - genius stuff with nobody to aim for. Bottom 4 for short passes.
  19. Who is worse, Jos or Monk? The fact that this is a topic worthy of debate tells us all we need to know about where we are at. Give it time though.........
  20. Please delete this post before any of our coaching team get sight of it!
  21. I don't doubt he will. Some teams at that level will benefit from a metronome who can pass tidily and keep things ticking over. Not sure he suits how Utd played most effectively last season and their results certainly haven't improved with him in the side.
  22. The way he sets us up at home at least the decimal point is more likely to move the other way towards .12 PPG!
  23. Not held the lead at half-time at Hillsborough in over 12 months. Only scored 3 first half goals in the last 21 home games.
  24. Not the result any of us wanted but sadly yet unsurprisingly your blind faith in our managers baffling approach resulted in yet another poor home performance and result.
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