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  1. He has started less than half their games. they get worse when he plays. West Brom fans would rather he didn't start games. I don't miss him wandering around ineffectually like he did for the majority of the last 2 seasons. I am happy to have him off our wage bill. If only Garry Monk had persisted on playing him up front eh! great times.
  2. Unavoidable?! It is the same player who has just put the ball into the hands of the keeper, he has to know he is the furthest forward player and has to keep a track of him. it is completely avoidable and Peacock-Farrell knows it.
  3. OK, so the fact than when he does play West Brom get worse results is irrelevant? Fair enough. great point you are making. Enjoy your Sunday.
  4. He is playing left-wing back for West Brom. In his 3 league starts they have won one, and that was a last gasp victory. Their results show that so far they are better without him in the team than with him.
  5. He has started 3 games and has not been great to say the least. Left wing-back on Friday night, typical Reach performance. Integral is far from the truth but then that doesn't fit in with the point the OP is trying to make. I wonder how many times he has seen Reach play this season.
  6. I agree with everything you have written in the above post. I am not wanting to hound the manager out now but I do think that having played over 15% of the season it is fair to question some of what is being produced. If we are to play 4-3-3 without any notable goal scoring midfielders then we have to commit to it and allow the 2 wide attackers to stay up in support of the striker, who is otherwise isolated. The wingers we have brought in are wasted in what too often is becoming 4-5-1. Also, Berahino is surely not best suited to play wide in any formation, he need to be active between the sticks. I am not expecting us to walk the league, I am sure we could be better than what we have been though. Wigan and Sunderland have had seasons of failure, a summer of big changes and are adapting better than we are. I don't think it is a result of having much better squads than we have.
  7. Every manager we have had keeps picking him, there must be a reason for that. He created 3 great chances last weekend, one he blew himself from the spot, one he got an assist and one he had chalked off incorrectly. Thought you weren't going to get on his back this season?
  8. Sunderland and Wigan also had complete squad overhauls, how is it going for them? I expect to see signs of improvement, if anything we are regressing. Plenty of teams at this level would take a host of our players off us in a heart beat. They are not world beaters but they are better than what we are currently getting out of them. Are you happy with what you are watching?
  9. Last weekend he set up our goal, his pass won us a penalty and and he also got a fine assist for a goal chalked off incorrectly. I am struggling to see anyone else take up the reigns in this respect. How many chances did we create after he went off today? We don't get enough players forward consistently. Our 4-3-3 is effectively a 4-5-1 too often. Berahino is a goal scorer wasted in wide midfield. Whoever plays up top is too often isolated.
  10. When our midfield is Wing, Bannan and Adeniran, Adeniran is the only one who looks a goal threat from open play and is also the only one who can tackle effectively with any consistency. Bannan should be the player to open the door for our wide attackers to get chances but we just don't look a consistent threat with the 3 up top. Bannan linked up well with Shodipo last weekend, won the penalty that way and also for the goal that was incorrectly chalked off. it hasn't happened enough though and Wing simply hasn't produced anything like what many expected of him so far. It is concerning that we look to open without the ball as it is not as if it is as a result of committing too many players forward in attack.
  11. It's not working is it. the striker is too isolated, the wide attackers aren't proving to be a goal threat with the way we play and although Adeniran is chipping in with goals from midfield, he is also the only one providing any bite in midfield, it is simply not part of Bannan or Wings game. The 3 in midfield is supposed to provide more control but we are hardly dominating possession and even when we do have more of the ball it is to little effect as we don't have th attacking threat to do anything with it. The 3-5-2 frustrated the life out of me over the past couple of seasons, I didn't want to see it again any time soon but it might be more effective now with Hunt and Brown or Johnson rather than make weights like Reach and Harris in those positions. Whoever plays up top needs more support, 4-4-2 would be worth a go for me but it's just not fashionable anymore is it.
  12. We have looked this way too often already this season. The expected signs of improvement when new players start to gel is not happening, the formation and approach is not working. It concerned me after the Morecambe game when Moore said we didn't need to change things or up the tempo, just keep playing and it will happen. Well it didn't happen on that occasion and it hasn't happened since, we are not Barcelona in the Xavi & Iniesta era, we can't just keep trusting in it happening, when his first choice approach isn't working he needs to change it, show some urgency,. the last two games the opposition have been there for the taking and we haven't done enough. Yes, individual mistakes are costing us but if anyone can say we are playing well consistently enough I would say they are too easily pleased. We have good players in all positions but our approach is not getting the best out of them.
  13. Ipswich have won one game all season, its hardly a result to be lauded. It was a far from convincing performance - again - we didn't do enough. Had Moore not been so negative in approach and substitutions we might have got into a position where a daft mistake wouldn't have been so coslty. As it was we scored a goal pretty much out of the blue and never really looked like adding to it. I am not wanting to get Moore out now but I am frustrated that his tactics are not getting the most out of the squad he has to work with.
  14. Do you think Moore is getting the best out of the team? Do you think his negative substitutions today invited needless pressure? Yes the keeper error is what ultimately cost the points but Moore needs to get more out of our team.
  15. Peacock-Farrell is to blame for dropping 2 points in the last minute due to an inexcusable error. Moore is to blame for the increasingly frustrating approach to our play.
  16. Do you want the defenders to catch crosses and take goal kicks for him too? The goalkeeper has the ball in his hands. The defence are pushing out into position, it is his responsibility to check he is free to put the ball down safely, nobody elses.
  17. Even more so in the last minute of the game with the opposition pushing players forward trying to get a goal. It is on the keeper and he knows it.
  18. No chance. He is completely responsible for knowing what is around him in that respect. Not good enough.
  19. Due to Ipswich being equally poor and a goal out of the blue from Adeniran rather than any tactical masterclass. When was the last time you think we played a good game?
  20. Not for the goal no. But the overall performance is once again a disappointing one. I'm not calling for his head yet but I am questioning his approach more and more with every passing game.
  21. So he has started 3 league games for them, not done all that well and played wing-back rather than wing yesterday. Great point though.
  22. Reckon Fernandes might be off penalty duties from now on. Great afternoon for Man City.
  23. If that's the case then he is letting them down in terms of results isn't he.
  24. Gregory scored 38 goals in 2 seasons at this level. He may well be past his prime now but should still be capable of scoring a decent amount. Peacock-Farrell may have been 3rd choice at a PL club but they signed him in the first place, he lost his place at Leeds but they were a promotion chasing Championship team, he should be good enough at this level. Wing should really be playing in the Championship, as should Hunt, most teams at this level would have Bannan in a heart beat, Dunkley has been good at this level and is only a squad player for us. Byers played 35 times in one season for Swansea and is another that is not a guaranteed starter for us. Adeniran is showing his worth. Johnson has played above this level for years, as have Palmer Hutchinson, Paterson and others, none of which are past it. We have no right to expect to canter to the title or promotion but we should be competitive enough to hope to be top six, rather than just 'steady the ship' this season. Paul Sturrock got a lesser team promoted on the back of the 2nd worst season in our history.
  25. He is a quality striker but Bayern have scored 19 goals in their last 4 league games. It is too easy for them.
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