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  1. Man of the match for me on Saturday and a solid start to the season. Got to keep it up though. Monk brought him back into the side in July, we kept two clean sheets in his first two games back then conceded 5 at Fulham and two at home to Middlesbrough and he was at fault in both games.
  2. Played 6, lost 6. Scored 2, conceded 15. Bottom of the league. Championship doesn't know what its missing!
  3. They don't create many chances though and don't have anyone to score them. The keeper they now have behind the organised set up is not a patch on the keeper they have borrowed for the past 2 years either. I expect there will be more than 3 teams worse than them this season but don't expect them to get close to last seasons unprecedented success where they won two games more than they lost and banged in 39 goals in 38 games. He's spat the dummy out a bit tonight as well, which was amusing.
  4. replies to the official club tweet about removing these 2 players from the first team appear to be mostly if not all in support of the players. Fans not happy with the way the club is being run at all.
  5. Off even! I've mugged myself off now, at least I didn't do it on Sky though!
  6. Still coming back for more despite saying you were leaving after agreeing this thread isn't for you? You're mugging yourself of mate!
  7. wouldn't come out here and mug myself off, if I thought it was a clear sending off I'd say so. I'm not going to mug myself off on Sky
  8. You can be sent off when giving away a penalty if you do it deliberately and make no attempt to play the ball. Don't think the Villa defender meant to foul Basham, he barely touched him.
  9. Cheerio. Try to remember though, you don't have to be miserable about every aspect of football when we are struggling and you can still get amusement from others.
  10. We played on Saturday so you would have had to have been watching a replay to see it on Sunday anyway. I have been critical of Dawson's kicking in the past and it has cost of goals and put us under pressure. The wind was a small factor against Watford and he skewed a couple 2nd half but nothing to be too critical of. His kicking was good against Walsall too. His catching/parrying wasn't great and he held his hands up to this a couple of times which is why I was surprised so many voted him man of the match. His clean sheet record is excellent, long may it continue as his struggles have come when conceding early, he rarely only concedes 1 or 2 when this happens.
  11. It might not happen very often but teams do score goals in the opening minute or two of a game every now and again. Trying to deliberately kick the ball into touch for the first two minutes will negate a teams chances of doing that. But if you're happy that hard up top flight footballers needed to supplement their income in this way far enough, each to their own.
  12. Calm down mate, it was just a joke, some appear to have took it in the sense it was intended. Do league table get decided on the quality of kit manufacturer these days?
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