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  1. Wildsmith gave Ayew a lot to aim at but not sure he would have been able to save it had he been further across. The error was by Van Aken getting beat all too easily.
  2. Dunno mate, not had the chance to ask him but he was on the spot and saw an offence in our favour, that''ll do for me.
  3. He aint good enough mate, he is so easy to get off balance, shift him one way and he cant get back quick enough.
  4. Apart from a handball and a dive by Ayew claiming he had been kicked in the head.
  5. Deserved to be disallowed for the fact the lino let him take the corner from somewhere near the quadrant anyway. Decent point, plenty to work on but also some positive signs. We have a poor record at Swansea.
  6. He sounded like he was suggesting its just Wednesdays with have a problem with!
  7. Van Aken is a CB who is so easy to shift off point, no balance at all. Its cost us a few times.
  8. Bizarre. If you can't see that first half was a significant improvement then I reckon you are expecting too much.
  9. You are in the minority on the basis of how most saw us play, seems like you are bringing a premeditated bias into your thoughts.
  10. I get you might not like Pulis style but we played very well in that first half and played some decent football, certainly more than we have been used to.
  11. Hard to please some. We are winning and have kept possession well. Very good away half against a decent side.
  12. Played more completed passes this half than we have done all season!
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