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  1. There was certainly fabrication involved in his version of events regarding his latest ejection from the ground if eye witness reports are to be believed.
  2. Paul Hurst built something sustainable with Grimsby and Shrewsbury in the lower leagues but it didn't translate into him being successful at this level. Monk has a decent managerial record.
  3. So this was you preferred choice of manager, but..... You are apparently a realist..... and think GVB would have been ideal to improve and develop our existing players. What do you base this on? He has had one management job. Granted he has a fine win percentage but it is fairly difficult not to get an impressive win % managing Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord. Feyenoord had a significant turnover of players during his time with the club, where is the evidence that he improved and developed loads of their players? As for building something sustainable, with his profile if he did have any success with us he would have been off quicker than Bruce at the first sniff of a PL job. No experience outside of Holland but the ideal candidate to work with what with have. I would have to disagree.
  4. He's got a better record than Lee Johnson! I'd take the 'so so' record he had at Swansea any day of the week. How did he flop at Birmingham? Not how their fans regard his time there.
  5. Completely disagree on Bullen as he is not cut out to be a manager at this level. If he believed he was he would have pushed more convincingly for our job or would look for opportunities elsewhere. Monk has a decent record at this level and his personality as Birmingham manager had a positive affect on their fanbase.
  6. Huddersfield now remind of where we were when we got relegated from the PL, be careful what you wish for. Cowley would have been a gamble given his complete lack of experience at this level. Could have gone either way, an approach that has worked for some and failed for others. Monk has done decent jobs at this level and above. The off field stuff was a big concern for me but something we are seemingly accustomed to anyway. Worth giving a chance in my opinion.
  7. What makes you say that? He has resigned from positions in the past when he hasn't got on with the owners. Maybe he has confidence in his own ability and feels there is enough to work with at the club to make a success of it?
  8. So you can't put forward a better realistic option but are content to moan before this one has even got started? This sums up where you are as a supporter, as most of your posts attest to.
  9. They admitted contact with Huddersfield yet said they hadn't had discussions with us. If you think that they think Lincoln are a better prospect fair enough but it is a bit simplistic to think that. There are many factor that may influence their decision or it may simply be that they never had a decision to make.
  10. On what basis and who do you think would do significantly better?
  11. More positive than Pulis though right? The appointment that would have had you just about done with Wednesday but you would still attend......
  12. To be fair Leeds manage to implode every season, even did so under Bielsa in the play-offs. Sacked at Middlesbrough when in 8th place, bit harsh and it hasn't got much better for them since. Sacked at Birmingham due to a fall out with the owners. He had them top-half last season before the points deduction kicked in which was pretty impressive. He wasn't my first choice by any means and I didn't want him due to the allegations about the agent stuff with the transfers. The last thing we need is more speculation about who is controlling our transfers and for what purpose but it will at least make a change from Doyen being blamed for every deal! His record at this level is respectable enough and would prefer this over someone with no Championship experience of continuing with the limbo we have been in for the past 2 months.
  13. Known as the Yorkshire Express in his time at Preston. By the time he joined us he resembled a broken down Yorkshire Traction bus.
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