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  1. 2015-16 summer we bagged an amazing 3 goals in 3 games against the might of Alfreton, Ilkeston and York. It's all fairly meaningless in terms of results. Any injuries and fitness issues are more concerning.
  2. Potter definitely didn't. https://www.otbsports.com/soccer/no-better-feeling-potter-liverpool-944406
  3. I didn't expect you to be the type of person to see them pampered and shielded from a game of adult football. You never know, they might actually learn something from the experience.
  4. You seriously think Reach, Lees etc would have stayed? Reach & Lees were offered new deals. I will be disappointed if I don't see Bannan play another competitive game for us but don't have the same feelings about Reach at all. If we get £1M for a player that could have left this summer for nothing then that is a bonus isn't it?
  5. Another battering? I remember us drawing twice in pre-season with Alfreton when we finished top 6 in the championship. These games are for fitness and to take a look at options, little more than that. Get a grip man.
  6. We drew 1-1 here 2 seasons in a row when we got to the Championship play-offs but yeah, feel free to lose your sh*t over a friendly game!
  7. Agree with the first two but Wijnaldum was anonymous against Czech Republic other than being at fault for the second goal.
  8. Ronaldo used to put himself 5th - he changed to going first for Portugal when they lost a shoot out before it got to the 5th penalty. The exaggerated stutter run up is a bit weird but before least night Jorginho had a very good success rate with it. The more he does it though, surely the more keepers will work it out and it then makes it more difficult to score with that technique. Pickford held his nerve brilliantly to stand up to it and not make his mind up for him. The run up worked for Rashford - the keeper committed himself before Rashford struck it, he just somehow managed to miss with half an empty goal at his mercy.
  9. How many 'legit' sides did France face in the knockout stage of this tournament? What about the holders Portugal? Spain? If England finishing 4th in the World Cup and 2nd in the Euro's counts as failure then Southgate has done alright compared with the previous holders of the job over the last 55 years. Yes it hurts to get so close and not win it and most teams who lose any match can always look back and think what might have been had the approach been different but if you came into this tournament last month thinking England will win the Euro's and anything else is failure then history suggests you were expecting too much.
  10. Agree with you on this. Fair enough, as Southgate said, he went with the players who showed penalty taking form in practice but he should know as well as anyone that plenty rests on how the individual feels at the time. It certainly didn't look like Sancho or Saka were full on confidence when they stepped up. Sterling and Grealish might not have faired any better for all we know but nobody should be giving them any stick if they held their hands up but were simply not chosen, as appears to be the case.
  11. What and brought him on to take a penalty, like we did with two that misses?
  12. Lovely post. At the end of the day, only 1 team can ever come out winners and for everyone else there will always be questions about what might have been, could we have done this or that differently. Ultimately 1 squad and 1 manager walk away with the plaudits and the rest have questions to answer. The whole squad and the management team have given the country a big lift overall though and it genuinely seems like the enjoy and take pride in representing our country - this hasn't always seemed like the case in my decades of watching England. Its sad to see today that some mindless morons have taken a good proportion of the headlines. I've seen people interviewed across media outlets saying how they live in a racist country, which is so sad for someone to say or believe. I don't believe we live in a racist country, for every idiot that feels it is big or clever to be so abhorrent there are thankfully thousands who will speak out against them. It is a worrying trend though and the political landscape in the country in recent years has led to a rise in bigoted opinions coming to the fore. I believe the players are right to continue their stance in taking a knee for something they believe in but do think this might lead to more hostility in the coming season unfortunately.
  13. He rally was poor. Southgate will probably look back on that game with regret, as we all will. There were 24 teams in this tournament and we did better than 22 of them, not often we've been able to say that in my lifetime and feels like scat consolation now but burying the manager who has led us to a final and a semi-final when our previous recent tournament history before him was - 2016 - knocked out last 16 by Iceland 2014 - knocked out in group stage behind Costa Rica 2012 - knocked out in quarter finals 2010 - hammered in last 16 2008 - failed to qualify Seems a bit harsh.
  14. A liability? Really? Did you expect England to win Euro 2020 when it kicked off then? Yes tonight was a huge disappointment. It started so well, his change to wing-backs vindicated early on. Italy tweaked it at half-time and controlled the second half, we were beaten by a more experienced manager perhaps and Southgate has to learn from this. A liability though? A semi-final and a final in two tournaments - which English manager has managed that? We have had better, more experienced squads in the past and done less. So easy to point at the apparent easy routes too. We beat the Germans, the much fabled Capello couldn't get near to doing that with a good squad, before Southgate, Iceland knocked us out of our last tournament. In my lifetime Bobby Robson was probably the best England manager - for guiding England past Poland, Paraguay, Egypt, Belgium and Cameroon.
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