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  1. Knowing Fletcher's injury issues over the past couple of years and having a Wednesday bias I would say he made the correct decision. However, had it been an England striker from a random Premier League club who pulled out of the England squad but played in the domestic games before and after the international break I would probably have looked at it a bit differently. Fletcher played a key roll in Scotland's success in the last round of international matches and judging by his comments at that time he was clearly proud to be back playing in the Scotland squad. Having only just got back into the reckoning he took a big risk in deciding not to take part this time around, especially as Scotland had 2 very winnable games in which a striker could have laid down a marker by bagging a few goals and making the shirt their own for future internationals. As it turned out...........
  2. Fair enough, like a breath of fresh air on here that! Back on the subject, I wouldn't go as far as watching Kosovo live every game just because Nuhiu is in the squad but will be taking an interest in whether he plays and want him to do well. It would surely boost his confidence and possibly put him in the shop window a bit more when Kosovo are playing in the same group as England.
  3. Don't think this is a thread you need to keep posting in then to be honest!
  4. Must be the strength in depth you possess at centre-half! Great to see your right-back today against the mighty San Marino create less chances than Palmer did the other day as you romped to a 2-0 win against the worst international team in world football.
  5. Maybe so but you would have thought it would be a clean slate with a new manager following a very disappointing UEFA Nations League campaign. However, they only conceded 1 goal in their last two matches prior to today so as you say big Mick probably just went with some form of continuity of selection at the back for his first game. As has been said, disappointed for Westwood but not too concerned from our perspective that he hasn't played.
  6. All the article has done is said what we have been saying for a couple of years - that P&S sanctions are likely due to our accounts. They have seized on the opportunity to make a sensationalist click-bait article thanks to the fact that Birmingham have been deducted points. It seems that Birmingham did nothing to appease the EFL and show they were trying to address issues, thus losing nearly the permitted 3-year figure in one year. If our upcoming accounts show similar then points sanctions could come our way but maybe we have done more to try and address it than Birmingham - letting our highest earner go out on loan, selling our 1st choice right-back and trying to introduce new forms of revenue.
  7. Not sure it will be an automatic points deduction but yes, that is how it will work, so they will have another 2 seasons of the £33.86M losses being included in their quest to stay under what currently stands at £39M allowable losses over 3 seasons. What chance is their realistically at this level, of a club turning a £34M loss into a £7M profit in 1 year? What valuable saleable assets do they have others than Adams? How can they significantly reduce the wage bill if they have players under contracts that no one else wants or if they are not willing to move? I suppose the EFL can recognise that the club are trying to reduce the losses if they work towards this and so if they breach again next year and the year after they might only get embargo's or fines (counter-productive?) rather than another points deduction. Also, I am at a bit of a loss to understand why they will not be under an embargo this summer given they are more than likely to breach again. How are they going to be allowed to spend when their next P&S figures currently stand at the 16/17 + 17/18 losses (£47M) plus whatever has happened this year, which considering they have seemingly done little to date to address ongoing losses, will also be a loss?
  8. He was awful at CB but did a very good job for us at left-back, was key to our promotion and did a job at this level. The reason he is playing non-league football is more as a result of his persistent injury issues than his ability.
  9. The programme stated that they are in the 2nd division - of which they are currently next to bottom, but don't let the facts get in the way of the point you are trying to make,
  10. How is the 3rd goal solely the fault of the right-back? Palmer has allowed him to cross the ball from deep - about 15-20 yards shy of even reaching level with the penalty area. 95% of the time players, fans, managers would say let him cross from that deep, we should be able to deal with that. 2 on 2 in the penalty area, the keeper is completely rooted to the spot and McKenna's pathetic jump makes Nuhiu look like he leaps like a salmon when challenging for headers. One of your best chances came from a Palmer cross but Forrest chose to pass the ball back to the keeper from 8 yards rather than beat him. I am sure your'e hurting but don't put the blame on our Liam!
  11. Is that how you reacted when you drove past the ground this evening and saw the crowds for the Varsity match? Good job you didn't have to walk through the rioutous bunch of the unwashed!
  12. Bloody hell, turn the advertising boards off FFS, wasting some reyt money!
  13. Just a pattern I've noticed. Members have obviously used it is they fit as far as your posts are concerned!
  14. Why do you feel the need to neg just about every post that disagrees with your opinion? Are you incapable of having a debate about something without having to put someone down for having the temerity to have a different perspective to your own? It's not as if everyone is having a go at you personally.
  15. I don't think he will want to change a settled defence. He was reluctant to change it when Fox was doing OK for him before he picked up an injury. Can't fault him on this, we have looked far better defensively since Jos left thanks in part for players knowing their roles and not chopping and changing. I don't think Bruce has got much faith in Pelupessy either though. Hooked him at half-time the only game he has started since he took over and went with Hutchinson against Bolton & Blackburn despite him not being fit.
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