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  1. Views of a Neutral

    Bet she was as delighted as you were to see Joao get a run out though eh! Made all the difference.....
  2. Bad Language in family stand

    Bit harsh that, plenty of Labrador's do have control, restraint and composure.
  3. Bad Language in family stand

    There are occasions where one could pontificate by using 20 words but 1 or 2 will suffice in getting straight to the point!
  4. Is it that bad?

    You'd have to have the patience of a saint not to be disgruntled with what was served up yesterday. If they had stayed out and we were still sat their now I wouldn't bet we would have seen a shot on target. We have played 9 home games so far: QPR - under par performance - draw the right result. Sunderland - played reasonably well, probably deserved more than a draw Forest - played well in patches, deserved the 3 points we got Brentford - Lucky not be be 3 down by half-time having barely been given a kick, improved 2nd half. Utd - Shambolic defensive display Leeds - Really good performance Barnsley - Started well but lost our way Millwall - started well again, did little 2nd half but weren't threatened by a fairly poor side Bristol - stalemate between 2 ultra tactical teams bereft of any spark of individual creativity. It's not really been great considering the players we have at our disposal. When our intricate passing game works it is great to watch at times but when teams are able to shut this down we don't really try anything majorly different. Expectations are high and are not being reach but the expectations are high because we have an expensively assembled squad and the owner has said he wants promotion with a side that is aggressive and attractive to watch. When you see the league table you have to look twice to believe we are still only 2 points off the play-off places but it's also frustrating because we should be doing better.
  5. Bad Language in family stand

    The club do have a clear policy on not tolerating bad language in the family area. https://www.swfc.co.uk/fans/family/ Which block do you sit in? My S/t is outside the family zone, I originally moved up there a few years ago when I was taking my young un. He's stopped going as much now, probably a good thing as he could be put off for life by the snoozefest we produce all too often but I have kept my seat as the view is great and you can get a good kip without being disturbed during some games! I've not found the offensive language to occur that often where I am to be fair but must confess to the odd uncontrollable rant at the ref every now and again. It's difficult to control as even if you sit in the family area and it's cut down or cut out in there, the kids will still hear the f**k of United, if you don't f*****g bounce or the referee's a w****r from the rest of the ground.
  6. Done with it all

    Reminds me of my trips to Lincolnshire to be fair!
  7. I don't know about that but I was fast asleep today until that kerfuffle woke me up, very inconsiderate given that everyone on the pitch had done all they could to ensure I had a peaceful kip for the best part of 90 minutes.
  8. Well our average has gone up recently. I think it's normal for them to be getting bigger crowds now that they have been promoted. They have spent 6 seasons playing the dog and duck, it's no surprise they are turning out in greater numbers to watch in the Championship, especially when they are doing well. When they had their season in the sun in 2006/07 they averaged more than 25k for the next 3 seasons in the Championship and more than us for 5 seasons in a row. Throughout the 70's the also averaged more than us. Unsurprisingly both sets of supporters turn out more during periods of success. Generally our fan base was, is and shall be bigger than theirs.
  9. We are a 2-club city but I doubt many decide which club to go and watch based on price. Some unfortunately might be priced out of watching us but if that was ever the case for me I would never consider paying for myself of my children to watch the blunts. Of course the riches of commerical income, sponsorship etc would go to whoever got promoted. They are riding high at the moment due to good management, a belief in what they do and result breeding extra confidence. I don't think they have anywhere near a top 6 squad in terms of technical ability but nor did Huddersfield. If they keep it going fair play to them. I said when during the 2015-16 season, with the way we were spending money on and off the field I thought we would have a 3-year window to get promotion with this approach and if it didn't happen in this time then we might have to suffer for a few seasons. DC was within his rights to increase our prices given the vast improvements he has been funding. The problems stem from us charging above average prices even when we were dire and spending nothing on the team or the stadium. Even at that time we were still bleeding money which highlights the poor management of the club for many years.
  10. We have been above the average prices in most categories since the last time we got promoted and probably before that as well and our economic profile as a demographic won't have changed significantly in that time. So basically before DC took over we were paying above average prices for poor quality kits, poor catering, poor facilities like the pitch, scoreboard etc and most importantly an underfunded playing squad which resulted in relegation battles more often than not. Since DC took over prices as you say are now in the top quartile but at least we are now paying for a product capable of competing in the top quartile. I think we have reached a limit though, if we are still a Championship side next season I reckon a fair few won't stomach another rise in ticket prices.
  11. It is difficult to argue with DC being justified in raising the prices since he took over given the money he has spent on the team and also off the pitch - vast improvements have been made. It is worth noting that this survey shows that in the 3 seasons before Chansiri came in, when we had just been promoted, had a team budget in the bottom 6 in the division and spent 2 of those 3 seasons in a relegation battle, our ticket prices were still above the division average.
  12. Or as I like to spell it s-h-i-t-h-o-l-e!
  13. New Sheffield Wednesday shirts

    No one is paying that at the moment.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting - The Minutes

    If that was the case then Wednesday would not have anything to worry about for a long time in terms of FFP!
  15. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting - The Minutes

    I wanted Messi as a priority too. If the club are putting some of the signings at the door of the supporters then regardless of how successful they have been, surely we should be getting some sort of finders fee for sourcing these signings like the previous transfer committee and linked agencies have received for their contributions?!