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  1. He helped to generate a lot of positive publicity around the club which certainly has its merits in this media driven age, put bums on seats at Hillsborough too and got those who had bought seats off their seats, especially in the first season. Second season was a little more measured in approach but I turned up confident of getting a positive result. You only have to look through a few of the threads on here past couple of seasons and see how many times the word boring is used in reference to us as a whole.
  2. absolutely mate, be a bit dull if we all had exactly the same opinion. I don't think he's the messiah, nor do I think he was a very naughty boy, somewhere in between, more positive than negative from my point of view the other way for you, both sides of the debate have their merits but I'll argue against anyone who blames him for everything that's wrong with our club, even now.
  3. You get nothing for £3M in this era. Forestieri and Hooper were relatively good value for money, far better than the likes of Rhodes and Abdi who contributed little at a great cost. We did have to find a way of playing that first season, no surprise as it was the managers 1st season in this country and half of our starting 11 had never played together, Once we did settle it was largely enjoyable to watch. Matias and Sougou turned out to be poor signings in that first season but as I said, you could look at every club and list a poor signing or two most years. That first season was decent in that respect.
  4. No guarantee that he has accurately reported this news yet. He will probably retract it in 3 weeks time!
  5. To be fair to Doom it was never his job to report on that lot. You could guarantee he would be all over our bad news though as you say.
  6. He does appear to be still around and while this sort of thing may be more prevalent in modern football is does seem strange that Chansiri is seemingly unwilling to divulge exactly what his role is. Every club makes mistakes in the transfer market, during Carlos' 1st season whoever was making the transfer decisions got a lot right but the fact that two of our clubs most expensive signings ever have been players that we didn't seem to need and never fitted into the first 11 is hugely disappointing and has had a significant negative impact.
  7. Depends what you class as success. Losing two cup finals in the same season was a failure but to get to those finals was a success. Winning a domestic trophy in 1991, finishing 3rd in the country in 92, reaching two cup finals and finishing 7th in 93, finishing 7th and reaching a cup semi-final in 94 and finishing 7th in 97 I would say was sustained success for us comparatively and should have been something to build on or at least look to sustain. Spending 20 years and counting pretty much since then outside the top flight, most of the time below even halfway up the 2nd division was not something many of us would have envisaged at that time.
  8. Ross Wallace, one of the first signings of the Carlos era so must have been a positive acquisition who played well under him, Hooper another player brought in during his time. Loovens, Lee and Westwood played their best football for us under Carlos. Whose fault is it that we haven't adequately replaced these players in the two years plus since Carlos? Yes we have had much less money to spend but the likes of Loovens, Lee and Wallace were brought in for not much up front. For me Carlos should have gone after Huddersfield as he knew he had missed his best chance and we needed a fresh face. I wouldn't want him back in our current position but I would say the same about every manager we have had since I started watching us in the 80's. Managers rarely have a more successful spell if they go back to a former club.
  9. No doubt we wasted money but the outlay in the first season got a decent return, Hunt, Pudil, Hooper, Bannan, Forestieri, there were more positive transfers than negatives in his first season. It started to go downhill transfer wise after Wembley when we were crying out for some pace and a beast of a midfielder. We instead signed an expensive crock in Abdi - a player with a decent record at this level but not what we needed most. Later that second season we then signed two strikers when it barely looked like the manager wanted 1 and neither were able to get into the side regularly at that time or any time since.
  10. They will just tell you he had money to spend. Of course he had a more expensive squad than his predecessors but it need to be looked at with some relativity. Not much more than half a decade ago few clubs at this level were spending million pound sums on players let alone multi millions pound sums. All we did was keep up with everyone else, we still weren't in the top 6 budget wise and the fees we paid for the likes of Forestieri and Hooper were seen as good business at the time.
  11. 81 points in a season at this level, look forward to seeing that again sometime soon......
  12. Yet since he left we have dropped back further than we were at under Gray, so he got a better tune out of the expensive players than the managers we have had since then.
  13. I never said Carlos had the managerial pedigree of the likes of Warnock and few have been seen to do a better job at any level than Wilder in recent years. If we had such good players that anyone could have got us promoted and Carlos is one of the worst we have had, why has it got worse with a similar set of players, most of whom shouldn't be classed as over the hill, since then? We have had better manager and we have certainly had worse. Don't think there is a need for the hatred that seems apparent.
  14. That first season nobody was tipping us to have a squad good enough and balanced enough for promotion, least of all us fans. Indeed new signings like Hooper were being slagged off as a fat waster during his first 2 or 3 months at Hillsborough by many on here. If you think we should have had enough for top 2 that season you are deluded.
  15. Chris Turner could spot a decent player or two but getting them to play as a cohesive team was sadly beyond him.
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