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  1. Would depend on the fee in terms of a permanent as you are buying potential at their age. We should certainly be looking to get one of them out but I would prefer it to be on loan so we can further assess.
  2. As you say he was quality at this level before his serious injury but he has been back a couple of years since then and has not looked like getting back to the same level. Real shame for him but he will be 31 this season and it just looks like the injury has taken its toll.
  3. Managers back themselves in those type of situations though, and they hold the cards. They would command a big bonus for coming in and keeping a relegation threatened team up and would also put into planning the way to get promoted the following season if they did get relegated. They would then have a significantly bigger budget than us with PL income and parachute payments. Although we are 'in the black' currently this is due entirely to selling the ground and there is perhaps always the feeling of 'now or never' with us in terms of if we don't get promoted this season then financial constraints are just around the corner, as the past two summers are evidence of.
  4. Over the last 20 pages, you could have fooled me!
  5. Aside from your support for Newcastle based journalists, without any substance to back this up, what are your reasons?
  6. Just looked up Luke Edwards, the guy that wrote this article on twitter. Basically regarded by Newcastle fans as Mike Ashley's puppet. Nixon meanwhile is sticking to his guns that we already have £4M.
  7. If you are going to talk to yourself you don't need to use Owlstalk as a go between.
  8. It's only a bit of a joke, light-hearted stuff with nobody getting hurt. Just ignore it if it's not amusing you.
  9. £3.5M + loans might well work out more than £4M I doubt very much the loans is anything contractually based regarding Bruce and co but the reports refer to the link to compensation and that they might be a means to putting the issue to bed. I doubt very much we would be getting offered loan players if things had already been sorted regarding the 3 Steve's.
  10. You won't get any negs from me, having a debate is what it is all about on here. Just intrigued as to why you are so strongly in favour of other reports, especially when the most recent report that you refer to is one that states £3.5M + loans, so hardly worth arguing the difference!
  11. What about Rhodes? Take an age to get to climax only to realise it wasn't worth the wait?
  12. The one that states loans as well as £3.5M? Not that far off £4M as to make such a big deal of it not being £4M then?
  13. About time they gave the fans proper recognition but: This guy is going to be devastated. He flew the flag for the injustice served on the traveling pre-season friendly fans and has seemingly missed out on the benefits of his fine work.
  14. Waiting for Dom Howson to return from his annual leave to get a well informed update.
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