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  1. Don't try and fight the system mate, believe me, you can't win!
  2. Generally the case with women! no chance I will be repeating this within earshot of the mrs.
  3. The Cowleys allegedly chose Huddersfield over us due to board level control with aspects such as transfers. They thought they were a better prospect mid-to-long-term and if we get into big issue with the EFL case they may still be right in that. However, they will have expected to be able to get Huddersfield away from relegation trouble by now when they took over, it is tight and they may still stay up but i think they haven't done as well as they expected to do. Relegation certainly won't have been part of their plan as they have seen how clubs can struggle to bounce straight back from the 3rd division.
  4. Agree with that but only if you appoint the right man in the first place. Most of our fans say Carlos stayed too long, few cried any tears for Jos and Bullen was never going to be the man long-term so what would you have done differently?
  5. During Jos Luhuky's time he spent next to no money and his hands were actually tied by transfer a transfer embargo for a spell. Do you think we should have given him more time? Not always as black and white as that.
  6. Arsenal were in decline under Wenger in his final few seasons but even then could still turn it on, always at least challenged for top 4 and invariably won a cup playing attractive football on their day. Since he left they have got continually worse and now have no identity, no clear direction and a lot of work to do to get anywhere near top 4 nowadays.
  7. South Yorkshire seemingly a specific scouting area for St Pauli as far as managers are concerned. Took on Jos after he got the boot here and now going for former Barnsley boss Stendel.
  8. St Pauli only won 9 league games this season and Penney played some part in 7 of them. He only played 18 games in total which seems a bit strange given how many times he featured in a winning side and the fact that Jos decided to take him to Germany in the first place but then this is Jos Luhukay we are talking about! I thought he looked good when he broke into the side but then Jos started using him in too many different roles. I don't think the Bundlesliga 2 is a standard we can look too much into as it isn't regarded to be as highly competitive as the Championship but I am glad we will have him back next season, wing-back could be a role he is suited to if we continue to play this way and it at least gives us another genuine left-sided option which we need.
  9. Matt Penney came on after 72 minutes with the score at 5-2, so much improved once he got on at least!
  10. I'd let it go if I were you mate. As the clash once said, 'I fought the law......"
  11. Newsome only just secured the 10 appearances in a 42-game league season to warrant getting a medal and Wetherall made 1 sub appearance that season so didn't even get a medal, Newsome did however feature a lot more the following season when they finished 17th.They might have featured more for Wednesday had they stayed, or they might just have not been good enough for regular first team football at that level.
  12. Sadly it looks that way but anyone saying he has done nothing for us is clearly taking a polarised viewpoint that others have been accused of and is ignoring some very consistent, excellent seasons that he has had for us at this level.
  13. Bit harsh on Westwood, how many times our player of the season, rsated best keeper in the Championship by neutrals for a good while and our best player without doubt in the ply-off final. Also did save a penalty in the soot-out. His attitude may have been questionable in more recent times but don't try and re-write history and say he has been no good for us.
  14. I know Moses has made some costly errors but that was just a slip and then a clear dive looking for a foul that didn't exist. I thought Da Cruz did well today, kept the ball nicely a few times as we were looking for control and to run down the clock then carried the ball a long way at the end and had a good shot on target the meant we kept the ball with the corner and ran down the clock. Lees has been very poor this season and has no composure on the ball, it is a worry from his perspective that a full-back is getting picked in front of him but so far it has worked.
  15. It was a risky one from Bannan but although Weimann fell in the box the push was outside the area, probably helped make the ref's mind up that he was trying it on a bit.
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