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  1. Danny Halls musings in the Star today include this gem about Wilder: He revitalised it on and off the pitch with two promotions in three seasons, and only this season – with a lack of investment and injuries hitting hard – has the remarkable journey hit a speedbump. A lack of investment? Seriously? No wonder they get a free ride from the local media. Also, 21 defeats in 26 league games is possibly a speed bump.
  2. To be honest mate it was that long ago I can't remember, sorry.
  3. Just gone through the process to test it, my credit is showing as teamcard points with an option to use these as payment when checking out.
  4. It must be incredibly frustrating to watch. I can understand that approach against the big teams but they have long since gone past the stage of draws being OK, they might as well go for it. Against teams they need to take points off they have just sat back as you say, barely laid a glove on Palace and didn't have a shot on target against Fulham until they went behind. It has been incredibly frustrating watching us at times, especially under Pulis, but we haven't got 3 strikers that cost a combined £40M+ to turn to and we have been on the slide for 3 or 4 seasons, they finish
  5. What plan has he stuck to this season after spending more money than over half of the teams in the division in the summer?
  6. How dense do you have to be to direct vile abuse at a Twitter account and then complain when said Twitter account blocks you? Must be a sad existence to get a kick out of posting abuse.
  7. Never experienced anything like you have reported mate sorry, and I've signed up for most home games in the same way as you but don't bother with the ones on Sky. Perhaps with the new manager and it being a local game they have had an increase in requests for passes today and are having to queue the ID numbers? Also, I might have missed it but I haven't seen the 'season ticket holders can apply for a match pass' advertised on the official site for this game which is strange.
  8. When Moore took over at West Brom they had lost 8 in a row. He ended the season with 3 wins, 2 draws and a defeat, hardly his fault he couldn't keep them up. Doncaster are doing very well to be in the play offs never mind contending for automatic. He has done well in each of his jobs and has been widely praised for his approach. Not sure who some expected us to be able to attract at this stage. I certainly didn;t expect an up and coming manager to step out of a comfortable job in which he was doing well to try and rescue us.
  9. Finally appointing a manager who has earned plenty of praise for his work so far and one who seems to have a fresh approach compared to previous appointments, rather than letting things drift under a caretaker who had been given no assurances also has to be a positive.
  10. I am hoping it is something to do with this: Though that makes a complete mockery of the philosophy in terms of appointing Jos, Monk and Pulis.
  11. Falling away? They've had a bad spell, name a manager who hasn't. They are in 6th with games in hand on all around them, he has done well to get them anywhere near that with the comparative resources at that level. Who were you expecting or hoping for?
  12. Well despite not being able to keep West Brom up, he took over a team that had lost 8 Premier League games in a row and picked up 11 points from his first 6 games in management. He then took them to 4th place in the Championship next season before they sacked him in a panic and failed to get promoted. He had a good season at Donny last season and was improving on that this season, to have them in the play-off places in that division is good work. I'm happy with this appointment. We should have acted much sooner but I am glad we have finally acted and also glad it is not some
  13. The notion that a free kick shouldn't be taken until the defence has everyone in place is wrong in my opinion. The advantage is supposed to be to the attacking team having been infringed upon, not for the defending team to be able to foul a player and then have the opposition wait until they are ready. Once the wall is back 10 yards and the attacking team want to take the set piece they should be allowed to do so. Mason should never have blown the whistle a second time. You had 7 points from 13 under Bilic and it has taken Big Sam until the past week to improve on that rate sligh
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