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Community Answers

  1. Yes, and plenty of clubs at this level would happily have Bannan, BPF, Hunt, Wing, Gregory, Iorfa, Palmer, Paterson in their sides, so despite getting relegated we had a decent base of players for this level. Adeniran would start if available, Shodipo and Corbeanu not getting games is more a reflection of the manager not knowing what formation or side to go with rather than them not being good enough - Shodipo proved to be plenty good enough for top 6 for a full season at this level last season.
  2. Agree with this, don't think it's just us though, it seems to be the case at many teams at this level, you only have to look at the amount of signings just about every League One club made this summer and plenty of them were loans and short term deals.
  3. So 7 of the 11 that started in the Championship last season is a bad thing? Yes we were relegated but a big proportion of the blame for that was put on the fact that we were deducted 6 points - enough to keep us up, and we kept failing to pay our players and had poor managers. Most teams in this division, if not all, would have Bannan and Iorfa in their team. Palmer has played many seasons above this level, Dunkley was a star man for a promoted team at this level a couple of seasons ago. Paterson is a strange player but if available on a free he would get a Championship club easily. As for the signings, yes hunt was released by Bristol City, he was probably on a decent contract with them, he had lower end Championship opportunities. Likewise Johnson. Gregory is scoring at a good rate, on target for a decent tally despite us playing players in positions that don't suit them around him and so disrupt our attacking play. Shodipo is developing as a player with his best years to come but he had a really good season in helping a team into the top 6 at this level. To compare him with Odubajo at QPR when the two play in completely different positions is not reflective of anything. Adeniran had a good second half of the season in the Championship with Wycombe, pretty sure they would have taken him back. Wing likewise, was one of Rotherham's better players last season. Byers had decent Championship pedigree. Peacock-Farrell did OK at Leeds in the Championship, he wouldn't entertain a move to a run of the mill League One team on loan. I don't expect us to run away with this league, most don't but I do think those that think play-offs would be a remarkable season and see us a bottom half team are setting the bar too low. We are still in touch but the performances have been poor. Points gained on the pitch we were better than the likes of Rotherham & Wycombe last season and we have taken players that were regular starters in their teams yet they look like they have a way of playing and have started better than we have. Did anyone really expect us to be 7 points behind Wycombe & Plymouth after 12 games, a team with no budget to speak of who got less Championship points on the pitch than us last season and a team that finished 18th in League One last season? Do you think Wigan have better players than us? They looked distinctly average against us but have a settled side in terms of formation and starting 11.
  4. He got his team promoted in his first season in charge of them.
  5. I don't want him sacked now, I agree it is wrong to do so when we are well placed. It is fair to question a fair few things though. Our performances in month one were better than they have been since. We are playing formations and players to combat the opposition rather than finding an approach that suits our strengths. Moore's substitutions rarely effect positive change for us. We were good for around half an hour against Wigan, the first half was a poor game of football all round, the last 15 minutes were hanging on. The Mansfield game doesn't hold much sway, we were terrible for 70 minutes against one of the worst performing teams in the football league, winning in the last minute of the game papered over many cracks in that display. We were as good as we have been for a long time on Saturday for an hour, then conceded a goal, made a very debatable substitution and blew 2 points.
  6. I was replying to your comments about the Rotherham manager. My apologies!
  7. If we stay in touch and improve that's fine, if we continue to lack cohesion and fall away then giving him the season would be wasting time in my opinion. Turner laid the foundations, built the walls etc. He was given too long at this level and season 2 was rescued just in time by parting company.
  8. Got anything to back up this 'lighting it up' he is doing?
  9. Perhaps we should have picked a better replacement. Yet to see any evidence of him 'lighting it up' at Ipswich. Seen them concede plenty of goals with him at left-back.
  10. Chelsea had a transfer ban and needed to integrate some young players that Lampard had worked with previously. As you say it was an ideal stop gap transition move for them. it's not the same for Solskjaer, United have spent vast amounts of money, including plenty this summer, added strength at the back as was needed and brought in big names to the attack. They have no divine right to win anything with the competition around them but too many times they seem to come up short in games they should win. Ole seems tactically naive at the top level and they are more likely to fall short than win big with him in charge.
  11. Pulis had a reputation for authority........ The attention Lowe gets is probably based on his successful record in the lower leagues.
  12. Maybe Rotherham struggle when they get promoted because their budget and resource is way smaller than most teams at Championship level. Their budget is standard League One so really Warne has them punching above their weight at that level. What type of manager do you suggest Rotherham should look at in terms of planning for the future, or us for that matter?
  13. We are not changing to rotate the squad, we are changing to accommodate the opposition, rather than play to our strengths and we are changing formation most games, most teams don't do that. Is playing multiple players out of position each week beneficial? Are we playing well with any consistency?
  14. A full season? Chris Turner got a full season and more after taking us down. Alan Irvine got too much of the next season after taking us down. If we are off the pace come Christmas with no sign of Moore knowing what is his best formation or team then it will be worth considering a change.
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