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  1. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Nobody mentions Adam Bolder's double at their place! To be fair I was there and can't remember much about either of them other than disbelief when he scored to make it 2-0. Of course it was too good to be true and they came back at us.
  2. Why are we concerned how many tickets Leeds are selling in their 1-club city for a team who are top of the league and have tickets at £15 less than ours for this game for a match which is not televised? Due to the reduced away allocation there will probably be more Wednesday fans attending this derby than have done the most recent ones. 4 of the last 7 Hillsborough Sheffield derbies have attracted less than 31,000 and that was with larger away allocations.
  3. Colin's Comments

    This sums much of him up for me. I'm sure I would have said a few derogatory things about the S2 ot if I had been a manager for as long as he has. You've got to be able to dish it out and take it as long as it doesn't cross a line. There have however been few that blame defeats on anyone but himself and his own team so often though and he has brought the game into disrepute more than once.
  4. David Garrido

    I'm sure you've got something in mind in that regard. Sadly, but unsurprisingly my old chap has never been referred to as a mallet!
  5. David Garrido

    I'll be honest, I'm not really listening that intently when she is presenting.
  6. A year ago today

  7. A year ago today

    Twin tubs, them were the days! My mum was a slave to that thing and the water stank. I only walked about 20 yards in that downpour and it looked like I'd been in the shower fully clothed for 20 minutes.
  8. Was going to say! The bonsai kop is in S2.
  9. Advertising hoardings

    As long as they are not on the same delivery note as the new kits.
  10. Added time tonight

    He then gave a handball against us a couple of minutes later that was very harsh. Would have been a harsh penalty but he shouldn't have then gave the handball against us but its easier to give a decision against the attacking team in the opposition half than it is to make a call in the penalty area. It's either a handball or it isn't different decisions can't be made based on where on the pitch they occur.
  11. Westwood though

    Not sure about the weight thing but he has been below his best. I wouldn't swap him for any other keeper in the Championship but I think he will be disappointed with every goal he has conceded bar the Preston penalty. They haven't all been his fault by any means but I think a keeper of his ability would back himself to save them.
  12. Positives and negatives

    I could make the Forest players' names out on the board on Saturday but couldn't read the Brentford ones tonight, even before they brought on the subs with unpronounceable names.
  13. Positives and negatives

    DC Taxi's are coming soon! Heard that before from taxi companies, they are always on their way.
  14. Positives and negatives

    Our back 4 have a new CB so it will take time to foster a partnership, 2 goals conceded in 2 games not bad given that 1 was Westwood's fault. We were too easy to open up in the 1st half but that was down to the midfield being too easy to pass through at times. I thought Lee was caught out positionally a few times. Give Brentford credit though, they have developed a good style of play under Smith despite selling players on and as a thread on here before the match pointed out, they have created more chances than anyone in the Championship this season.
  15. Added time tonight

    Forgot about that one! It's one thing to block the line of the attackers run and make him go round, it's another to blatantly run into him.