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  1. hirstyboywonder

    Forcing high earners out?

    Who are these wasters and big time charlies and what is the evidence that proves this about them? All we know is that these players have been left out for some reason under the current manager. Westwood has acted a bit stupid on social media which hasn't helped his cause but there is no evidence that they are wasters. Players like Boyd and Jones have had their work rate and professionalism highlighted as positives in their careers but they don't even get considered for our bench anymore and our manager will not use the bench now having turned to young Kirby against West Brom, throwing him into a game that needed experience and game management to see the result through. As I say, whoever is in the team will get my support week in week out but it is frustrating to see wages and ability go to waste when we are struggling financially and for results.
  2. hirstyboywonder

    Forcing high earners out?

    Westwood has been frozen out for nearly a year, Hutchinson and Jones have offered certainly no worse than Pelupessey and either would have given us more chance of securing 2 points more than we have now as alternatives as subs against West Brom to name 1 game. Boyd has been largely poor but has been played out of position most of the time. We have the worst attacking stats in the division and have been propped up by Reach scoring wonder goals, we have relegation stats in terms of clean sheets, goals conceded and chances created against us. We are way closer to a relegation battle than a promotion push and have a manager who has not nailed down his preferred formation, line up or tactical approach in 10 months in charge. I'll continue to support the team at every game as they need to be backed on the pitch but I now go in hope rather than any expectation or belief in us getting a positive result.
  3. hirstyboywonder

    Forcing high earners out?

    But which came first? Did some of the players supposedly start acting like idiots so became cast aside or were they cast aside with no hope of coming back so then started to not turn up for training etc? Not saying by any means it is right to jack it in anyway but if your employer told you to carry on turning up for work as normal but you would no longer be involved in anything meaningful would you accept it, having been an integral part of the operation up to that point? The fact is we don't know for sure what the exact reasons are. It could be different for the different players left out, contractual, poor discipline or manager preference but whatever is the case we as a club are suffering as a result. I find it hard to believe that a handful of players who have previously served the club well and have had little indication of major indiscipline in their careers have all suddenly downed tools for no apparent reason so to be frozen out at the same time. It certainly doesn't help when one day the manager reiterates a player has been left out purely on ability and the next day states he has been injured for some time.
  4. hirstyboywonder

    Forcing high earners out?

    Don't think many fans are suggesting that. From what I have seen most of the high-earners that have seemingly been frozen out can't be accused of not putting the effort in when involved previously and could be contributing to try and improve results now, when we have dire stats in many key indicators and are edging closer to a relegation battle game by game. The new business model that involves integrating younger players would be easier to implement if the young players had a clear direction in terms of tactics, formation and playing in their preferred positions consistently when picked but that's another bone of contention being discussed on here. The plan doesn't seem to be taking much shape on or off the field at the moment.
  5. hirstyboywonder

    Forcing high earners out?

    Think Fletcher's salary is more like £35K but yes there were plenty that questioned the route we were following, certainly fans that had witnessed us fall into the financial mire under previous regimes. From that point it seemed to get a bit out of control as you say, as others seemingly felt entitled to new contracts based on what other players were getting. This has to be down to the club though - they are the ones making the decisions, not the players. I just find it bizarre that the approach could be to force high earners out by not playing them in the latter stages of their contracts. By not playing them any potential sale value decreases significantly or disappears completely and we cut our noses off to spite our face in terms of the options we currently have available. A policy such as this has the potential to detract players from considering signing for us in the future and as we will be paying them their 'basic' salaries anyway all we are saving financially is any bonuses or clauses - aspects of the contracts that we agreed to put in place based on wanting them to play and stay with us!
  6. This is where the big problem exists. Many of us can't believe the wages and fees that are paid these days but at the same time plenty want to see their own club go out and invest in the best players. If the vast amount of the money went towards players and facilities then it wouldn't be so much of an issue but the fact more and more money is lost to the game to agents who have a vested interest in moving players on to generate more income for themselves then fans will understandably become more cynical about the game as a whole. Sky money has helped to develop certain aspects of the sport but the weak governing bodies afford them and other TV companies too much power and influence in terms of dictating kick-off times and which teams are shown, the tail has been wagging the dog in that respect for a long time.
  7. hirstyboywonder

    Forcing high earners out?

    Why do you think they will leave in January? They are not likely to get paid any more by any other club than we are giving them so they might as well see it out and do nothing for another 6 months. Most clubs have players that they allow to leave at the end of their contracts every season but most clubs choose to include the players they have available in their squad if it is benefit to the team during the duration of their contracts. We have a team that has the among the worst stats across the board for many key indicators of performance and a bench with no experience that the manager is clearly reluctant to call upon. We have a bunch of proven players that are not included but we are paying good money for.
  8. hirstyboywonder

    It’s all rubbish

    It's not necessarily the playing time, though the decision to bring Kirby on against West Brom certainly contributed towards 2 lost points, it's the fact that these are the options he puts on the bench and then is reluctant to turn to the bench when what he has put out on the pitch is clearly not working. Other options could be available.
  9. hirstyboywonder

    It’s all rubbish

    I agree, but Jos seems capable of dropping players at the drop of a hat, Hutchinson probably has said something out of turn but we are hardly in a position to cut off our nose to spite our face - he clearly wants to play and would be an asset in the squad. FF has been dropped this season when our creative options are far from expansive and player of the month Hector was somehow left out last week in favour of Pudil who may still be able to do a job in a back 3 but can't be relied upon to perform well in a centre-back pairing. Jones played well in his 1 appearance this season against Wolves, Boyd has been largely rubbish this season but hasn't been tried in his preferred roles and did do a decent job at wing-back last season so could at least be an option from the bench.
  10. hirstyboywonder

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Deep down it hurts him like hell and he can't help but show it, bless. Thankfully there are at least 3 worse teams than us and 3 better teams than them and we will more than likely see them again next season to see if we can extend our recent unbeaten run at their place.
  11. hirstyboywonder

    It’s all rubbish

    Dawson made an outstanding save from the penalty crucial in getting us the point but which other saves would you class as outstanding? Don't think any others were saves that you wouldn't expect a competent Championship keeper to make. Hutchinson was culpable for the opening goal at Brentford but we were at least competitive in the first half. Jos hauled him off at half-time and in the second half we barely got a touch and were fortunate not to concede 4 or 5.
  12. hirstyboywonder

    The City Is Theirs

    You do realise the other teams above us might also pick up points if we do and so a single win from 9th and 2 wins from the top 6 isn't realistic? Since you posted we are now 8 points off a top six place and 6 points behind 10th! If we are 7th in a month's time I will happily admit I may have been too hasty and I hope that is the case but in all honesty I don't believe it will be.
  13. hirstyboywonder

    The City Is Theirs

    You do realise the other teams above us might also pick up points if we do and so a single win from 9th and 2 wins from the top 6 isn't realistic? Since you posted we are now 8 points off a top six place and 6 points behind 10th! If we are 7th in a month's time I will happily admit I may have been too hasty and I hope that is the case but in all honesty I don't believe it will be.
  14. hirstyboywonder

    The City Is Theirs

    I am not expecting miracles but we are better than what we are producing this season. Also, if we aren't good enough then surely the best approach would be to nail down a preferred approach, get all the players singing from the same hymn sheet and knowing that we have a specific plan rather than changing formation players and approach for every game?
  15. hirstyboywonder

    Grow some cajones

    I'd happily settle for knowing what formation suits us best, which line-up of players our manager prefers and what our tactical approach is with the manager having been at the helm for 10 months.