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  1. Pudil

    He's had a good game most weeks under Jos, probably been our most consistent performer in 2018. I thought he was done as a full-back and pre-season didn't bode well for him playing centre-back but he did OK when he had to come in under Carlos in that position and has looked well-suited to playing in a back 3.
  2. That Noise

    Has it stopped yet? Credit to some of our fans though, having become so accustomed to booing this season they managed this time to turn on the dodgy tannoy system and it worked - as soon as the boos started the noise stopped!
  3. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Don't let the truth get in the way of your argument will you, the highlighted bit is the most laughable of a hilarious post. Carlton Palmer was a great player for us but not sure he is the oracle on all things football, his managerial record certainly suggests otherwise.
  4. Thorniley watching Accrington

    Richard Wood had a decent career at Wednesday and had decent support until he declined a new contract and moved to high-flying Coventry to advance his career prospects (not money-based move at all.....) glad it worked out well for him. Beevers did OK for us, nowt special, lower end Championship reliable player but we had options that were better at the time. can't recall him being hounded out. Neither went on to achieve anything more than they had with us which suggests that moving them on wasn't a bad decision in either case.
  5. Under 23s Title Defence

    Interesting maybe but not sure I agree with him on some of the things he said. Butt mentioned that letting Pogba go for nothing wasn't a huge mistake, stating that had he stayed at Utd he might have stagnated and never become a footballer! In the next sentence he states he went to become one of the best midfielders in the world at Juventus. Surely their system is at fault for letting him go or thinking that they might not have nurtured him into a footballer if he had stayed? Pogba wanted more 1st team football but surely they could have loaned him out if they knew what he could become. It's also interesting that he gives his views on the lack of importance of Under 23's football know his team have been relegated, not so sure he would have said the same had they been top of the league. His comments also indirectly suggest his job lacks importance - he thinks that most players in the Under 23's aren't going to make it at that level as they would have been picked by the first team at a younger age = job of managing the under 23's is largely pointless!
  6. Politicians in pandering to public opinion to try and garner support, who'd have thunk it! Half the politicians are effectively spending most of their time trying to get the other half sacked!
  7. Yeah terrible aren't they! What do you get paid to do? Have you never uttered anything about football during work time?
  8. Jeremy helan

    God found him, I dare say Jeremy's still trying to work out what to do with it though!
  9. Jeremy helan

    We'd be better off with some of his powers of prayer!
  10. 60 yard goal from ex-owl

    Not up to Championship level but might be able to do a job for Rangers judging by their performance again today!
  11. Venancio & Lees

    I've always thought that in a back 4 Venancio looks liable to make a costly mistake too often but he looks comfortable in a 3 and would make a useful squad player. Ridiculous that he never got a look in under Carlos.
  12. Barry Bannan

    Yep, Bannan was getting stick on here only last week for too many hollywood balls against Fulham. No coincidence that our run of good results recently has coincided with his return.
  13. What a day!

    What about the other part of his username?
  14. Told you it wouldn't be 0-0! Great clean sheet considering the respective form of their attack and our defence going into the game. Well done all involved, bring on next season.