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  1. The Championship figures are fairly insignificant at the side of the PL. Stoke's parachute payments for example help big time though: https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/stoke-city-championship-prize-money-2902109
  2. Over £100M for getting relegated. How much are the parachute payments now, and what do you get for finishing mid-table in the Championship?
  3. It's ridiculous, and the more money it attracts the more it attracts unscrupulous characters.
  4. I have all the vision of a mole with cataracts! I did also state that the organisation would release a statement to say they are purely funding us with a view to making a profit which would then fund the horrible intentions of their organisation, not sure UAE have done that in the case of City!
  5. I don't know to be honest, it can be a very blurred line but like I say there is a difference between the scenario you described and ANY form of investment as was suggested.
  6. In all honesty probably not if they invested the money to develop the local community in a positive way like no one else has done previously, if they are respectful and follow our laws in their investments in our country I doubt there would be major objections. That wasn't quite how I phrased it though was it, the UAE are not an overtly terrorist organisation looking to make money to fund terrorist acts and while they have laws that we wouldn't allow here many westerners now seem happy enough to invest their holiday money over there.
  7. For the sake of argument, say DC next week sold us to some organisation that are overtly terrorist or have views and an agenda that the majority of right-thinking people would have a problem with. Said organisation issues a statement saying they have invested in us as they believe they can get us to the PL and then sell us for a significant profit that could then be used to fund their organisation. You wouldn't have a problem with that?
  8. That wasn't the original question was it. Your question also asked who cares where it comes from? I simply answered that a fair few will do. I guess you are implying that Abromovich's wealth is not all legitimate? No doubt big business in the newly commercial Soviet Union at that time was somewhat murky but there is a difference between that and an overtly criminally funded organisation.
  9. They lost £13.5M in 2011 and £13M in 2012 at a time when spending was much lower than it is now but there was no FFP or P&S so no problem.
  10. Again, you point out all that is wrong with our club and only offer Bruce as a good decision. I would say that is a major factor in being successful on the pitch - how many managers did McCabe appoint before he got it right with Wilder. They spent 6 seasons in division 3 - plenty of mistakes in that before the last 3 seasons, maybe it won't take DC as long to get it right or have to stoop so low before doing so? You are aware that the club you are praising have been paying rent to their owner for it for years?
  11. Fair enough the money they got for Tevez was closer to £20M, hardly an insignificant figure at that time on top of parachute payments. So you admit their board made mistakes but you are still giving them a pat on the back after their 12 years of efforts and berating DC after his 4 years so far, none of which have been spent in division 3 unlike the owners of the club you now praise. It took them far more going backwards to get where they are now than we have experienced under DC. As for alienating fans due to prices, I agree matchday prices are far too high. However, attendances under DC have reached a level not achieved in the previous 20 years which must be worthy of praise?
  12. It has been run by an owner who has been attempting to get into the PL for 12 years since the last time they got relegated with him in charge after he said they would become a PL mainstay. That's 12 years, countless managers, 6 seasons in division 3 and all that achieved having received more money than many at Championship level in the same period due to player sales, sell-on fees received, parachute payments and the small mater of £50M Tevez saga money. Not to mention the fact the ground has been owned under a different umbrella to the club and rent has been paid on this. So yes, the last 3 years have been a success for them but it has taken McCabe 12 years, which has included half of that time in division 3. I take it you will allow Chansiri the same amount of time to get it right if you are full of praise for the way they are run?
  13. It's a shocker that one, ill-fitting and poorly designed.
  14. Hmmm, if you look back through the 56 pages I reckon there will be less on the discussion of a concept than there is of those thinking they know what has happened and what will happen based on this coming to light.
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