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  1. Comparing 8-year-olds to one or two in this thread is very harsh on 8 year-olds!
  2. Hope another player lives nearby otherwise he's had it. Not got a chance of being at work on time if he has to jog from Fulwood on matchday, might as well sleep at the training ground Friday nights until the end of the season.
  3. We had 3 away games near the end of the season and lost them all. I remember going to Blackburn the same night Chezzy played Middlesbrough in the FA Cup semi-final replay at Hillsborough. We got hammered at Ewood Park which was a regular occurrence around that time, Booth was injured and was sat in the away end with us.
  4. I'd been to a couple of games before that but this was the season I started going all the time. Hirsty tore Hull to pieces, 5-1 in the end. I remember most games from the 90's much more vividly than some of the seasons in the early 2000's. Probably has something to do with having all the season review videos and actually wanting to watch the games back as opposed to the thrills of festive 0-0 draws with the likes of Grimsby Town.
  5. It was but for a time they were under review they continued spending regardless and tried to register a player for a significant fee while they were under an embargo.
  6. We would opt for the points deduction and leave Forestieri on the bench for 21 matches!
  7. You said you couldn't care less but have passed more comment on the subject than anyone else. Yet you refer to others as being thick as pudding.......
  8. I know you have, there are a fair few like you as well who have questioned it from the start. But there are also plenty who do change with the wind. When we were going for promotion his aim was promotion within 2 years, if that had been achieved FFP would not have been an issue. A gamble that has paid off for many clubs that significantly overspent to get to the promised land but sadly not for us.
  9. 2 1 2 Reassuringly Straight-laced SINCE 1867 When rock stars want tax advice they don't phone other rock stars. OUR SERVICESMEET THE TEAM GREAT RELATIONSHIPS EQUAL GREAT RESULTS Welcome to BHP, one of the largest independent firms of Chartered Accountants in the North Everyone wants a little rock and roll energy in their lives. But not when they’re sitting down to get advice on their accounts. When you’re discussing corporate finance and tax planning, you want to be talking to an expert who’s friendly, clever and reliable. And at BHP we’ve built our business around people exactly like that. For over 150 years, we’ve been providing informed, accessible, level headed advice that helps companies think strategically and grow their businesses. This is the front page of the website of the company that audited our accounts so I don't think we have got anything to worry about......
  10. To put it into context that was some time ago and for the last couple of years or so he has continually stated P&S will be an issue.
  11. So you met in a sombre environment paying respects to a mutual friend. I'm glad he came across as a decent person in that respect. I would hope in a similar environment Chansiri might act in a similar fashion. You raised a comparison of the two and as this thread is about how football clubs are run I have made comments on both of their records that's all.
  12. So he admitted he had made mistakes that led to his team taking 12 years to get back to the top level despite having a financial advantage and spending 6 years in the 3rd division with the biggest budget? He also oversaw years of dwindling attendances before appointing their current manager, turning fans away from their club. Wonder how you would feel about Chansiri with that kind of record.......
  13. Can't argue with that, also can't argue with the fact that his approach has seen more paying customers through the doors than at any other time since we were in the PL.
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