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  1. They might be better off just doing nothing to us to be fair. Anything they do try to do might actually result in lifting us out of our lethargy!
  2. But what difference will that make to the club? What will they do about this other than to literally 'take note' of it and move on?
  3. A sorry incident that was to do with the first team, not the academy, and you have no idea of the detail or whether the club investigated the matter. Plenty from various backgrounds do send their kids to our academy.
  4. Has the training ground expanded in size over the years? What did it used to be before? I do think we seem to get more non-contact injuries and niggles in training that last longer than they should do and have always wondered whether some of the ground that the pitches were developed on was too hard.
  5. Reach might sign a new deal if he can learns he can take his effort to another level by having a lay down on a mattress-like surface during training!
  6. Yep, looks like Francis is in a jumper in that one, which I remember more from around that time than any training jackets. The one the coaches have on in your picture looks more like this: which is similar to the one in the OP but far better quality.
  7. Danny Wilson is probably stuck in your mind from that clip with his groin in full view as he is getting a massage. He had a similar style training top on but he was off to the Dingles by the time Puma started doing our kits.
  8. I can't see anything in his background that points towards him providing beneficial advice on any aspect of the sport to a Championship club.
  9. I would imagine so. I can't see any reason as to why they would be put into admin this season. The takeover hasn't gone through yet (if it will at all) so Mel Morris won't want to do that.
  10. All of them then? Or do you not want to say which players you think have done remarkably well this season? Yes they have had a lot to contend with but if you think they have stood up consistently on match days and have done remarkably well then you have set your standards pretty low.
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