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  1. The fact Bothroyd had talent made it even worse that he simply walked through games without a care.
  2. I remember Maddix looking really good when we had him on trial and he was playing for a contract. Once he'd signed a contract it looked like we'd signed his twin brother who had his feet attached to the wrong legs.
  3. Yep, what ugly Adamson lacked in ability he made up for by scaring the opposition to death when they went through on goal.
  4. Tidman was abysmal, pretty much got booed off on a stretcher in the LDV north section final or whatever you call it against Blackpool. He couldn't catch and jumped about as high as Nuhiu does, not the best qualities to have in a keeper.
  5. I didn't say it was worse in terms of quality and agree with all the highlighted points. To me it just seemed more fun back then and players and fans had more of a connection and enjoyed it more. The Premier League seems sterile with half the clubs intent on survival purely for financial reasons. I've certainly got no more interest in watching Burnley V Bournemouth in the current PL than I had watching Swindon V Ipswich back in the 90's. Part of the reason Man City and Liverpool are able to set points totals like never before is because of their undoubted quality but it also helps that they are so far and away better than most of the division, it was less predictable back then. Man Utd dominated but the top two weren't getting 90+ points every season.
  6. I remember the name but that's it and only because you mentioned it. I couldn't tell you which position he played in and can't think of a single thing he did of note, good or bad.
  7. Ipswich went for Paul Hurst as an upcoming manager with the prospect of more entertaining football........ If my case isn't good enough for you fair enough, there are some reasons you have put forward which are worthy of debate in whether it would be a worthwhile appointment. I think his record in this division, working with a limited budget and no nonsense style is worthy of considering and could be exactly what we need. What case can you put forward for the current manager doing a better job than him, or alternatively naming another option that we could realistically get that you think would do a better job?
  8. I didn't used to post as much back then but I am fairly sure I had a pop at you for trying to defend it! The stuff about JJ, Clarke & Esajas is hugely disappointing but sadly not a surprise to me. I remember after an away game somewhere we had stayed behind as I used to know a couple of guys who did our coverage for Hallam FM back in the day and occasionally went to games with them. Whike the manager interviews were being conducted and players were filtering back to the coach, I think it was JJ and possibly Wade Small, instead of getting on the coach got into the back of a pimped out car, slapping a young 'lady' on the backside as they got in. Needless to say we had lost the game but it didn't seem to matter to some.
  9. That takes us back to the reason Ipswich changed manager, they currently have a mid-table 3rd division team as a result. No reason why we couldn't push for promotion under Mick, Ipswich did a couple of times at least with a small budget, just don't think it is realistic to expect it as things stand and our current manager is not getting abuse from the home fans by and large for not delivering despite producing more boring football in terms of home goals tan McCarthy has usually managed.
  10. Yep, remember it well. It was a huge relief when the final whistle went in that game and we had at least got the chance to decide our own fate........
  11. You do realise in 16 or 17 home games under Garry Monk we have scored 2 first half goals. You'll do well to find a run as dull as that in McCarthy's long career as a manager at any level. The fans at home haven't really vented at Monk, it has become sadly predictable.
  12. It seemed ill-advised to me. You are going to get positive stuff from primary school kids wishing their heroes well but it was never going to work on here with weather-worn older fans given the way the season had gone on and off the field. Realistically that game gave us a one-off chance but Palace were a better side than us and we were only in touching distance of them due to the points deduction. Saying that, looking back Irvine didn't cover himself in glory. We needed the win and started with an attacking line-up with Clarke, Varney & Tudgay but when Clarke made it 1-1 and stupidly got injured celebrating, Irvine went for Soares from the bench instead of Jeffers. Not saying Jeffers would have won us the game but why choose to bring in a midfielder for a striker when you are in the same position you started the game in but with 45 minutes less to play with?
  13. You seem to be currently accepting of Monk! Mick has a thick skin and it won't bother him. Top 10 would be a vast improvement overall on recent seasons and in our current financial situation I think less fans than you think would be immediately expecting top 6.
  14. Bit harsh that, I would take the 90's over football now as JOC says. Yes partly because it was a great time for us but also in general. The standard at the very top is better in recent times than it was back then, the likes of Barcelona, Man City and more recently Liverpool are great to watch. However to me it seemed more fun in that era, the international tournaments in the 90's were a better watch, even when we didn't qualify in 1994 and at least half of the Premier League these days just seems sterile and survive at all costs.
  15. There were plenty of examples you could have picked from back then against much stronger opposition to make this point though mate. For 4 seasons in a row we were one of the most exciting teams to watch in the country, almost took it for granted.
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