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  1. 33 minutes ago, bobowl said:

    I will probably get a few negs, but i like Chansiri. He came across well and made me want to help him, (if i had 100million i would help out). I really do think if he could just blow tons of money on getting us to the premiership he would.


    I agree, he would. But that’s exactly what got us into this mess in the first place.


    The problem isn’t his willingness to spend money, the problem is how naieve and out of his depth he is.


    Combine his willingness to spend with professionals who know what they’re doing and have experience of football would be a great combination, but he isn’t that person.


    He needs to go as soon as possible because if he stays, I really don’t see any evidence that things will change.

  2. I really can’t buy into Chansiri’s claim that he ‘loves the club’. Based on what? 


    We don’t really know what his motivation is but i’m pretty sure there isn’t a single person from Thailand that loves Sheffield Wednesday without some sort of real connection.


    I am absolutely appalled that such an amateur individual was allowed to take I over such a huge football club.


    If he was a real man, he’d admit defeat and ask for more help. Unfortunately for us, he is a worn lacking an ounce of self awareness. 


    Chansiri, go away and play with some other form of business but not our proud club which means the world to all of us. You’ll never understand what it means to us. 


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  3. I can’t help but think Jos has to go and I am really worried about the direction we’re going in.


    If I play devil’s advocate though, he has only brought in 1(?) permanent signing of his own, inherited a squad that was in decline under our previous manager and there are clearly problems we’re not aware of with contracts etc.


    He does have a good track record of promotions in Germany and if he can bring in a few players in January, perhaps it would look different.


    In short, I really do want him gone but part of me questions if I’m being too fickle.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, nevthelodgemoorowl said:


    Not offended in any way. You do have to understand thought that in my 60+ years of watching Wednesday I have had to change. I started of watching a football team which changed  into a business around football that is now an entertainment business. The business neither creates or retains any profits all the money, ALL, goes into the pockets of players, agents and staff. If successful the initial benefit will be to the owner. As an entertainment business (OK the entertainment is poor at the moment) our prices compare favourably with shows and concert venues. They are reasonably priced for those investing in ST's.


    The choice is the fans entirely attendance is not compulsory. We all knew the price of going for it 3 years ago we can not should not whinge now we have run into a brick wall. The problems can and will be sorted. Information is put out there much of it misinformation, This is all part of the game. 


    I know where you’re coming from and appreciate we have the choice to pay or not.


    But we also have a voice and can express our concerns when we think the club isn’t going in the right direction, which is what is happening right now 

  5. 14 hours ago, Hougoumont said:

    whinge whinge...it's not fair...I don't want to pay as much as that...Westwood spends it all and he doesn't even play...it's not fair...I'm a fan, I have a right to know...I pay my money so I have a right to express my opinion...whinge whinge....I'm really upset by the way the club treats me...I want to have a say in it...it's terrible the way the club keeps things from me...I have rights you know...I only hear rumours...and I think all the bad ones must be true...because Chansiri won't tell me what's happening...I think he's a big bully and I don't like him...I think I'm going to cry.:sad:


    This naive type of response is exactly what I expect from the club and the slightly thick (no offence) and ignorant fans.


    i don’t expect anything from the club, all of my suggestions  are aimed at helping us move forward and compete in a really competitive industry 

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  6. 12 hours ago, nevthelodgemoorowl said:


    Like Manchester City for instance, who continually rotate Walker, Silva, Silva, Sterling, Jesus, Ageuro et al with very few updates on De Bruyn. I would call this being a professional attitude; Or would you prefer team sheets being submitted three days ahead of a game ?


    They made it pretty clear what type of injury he had and how long they estimated he’d be out. 


    I don’t expect constant updates on injured  players. I do expect to know if our most expensive players (the justification for us being charged the highest prices in the league)  are being left out for footballing or behavioural issue. 


    I don’t aim to bed rude, but if we accept anything less then we should all have a long and hard think about whether a football club deserve our money, or our own families or a charity do. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Morepork said:

    Amazing how some of us survived for years without having to know stuff like that.


    I was one of those people too. Football and society have moved on. 


    Running a football club means operating in an incredibly competitive industry. So I completely disagree that the communication style of the 90s is sufficient in 2018.


    Have a look at the quality of the comms from other football clubs and then see if you have the same opinion as you do now.

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  8. 9 hours ago, WalthamOwl said:

    Imo people thinking DC is going to have some big announcement or positive news at this forum are going to be very disappointed. Would not surprise me one bit if Jos is still in charge and DC says Jos is here until at least the end of the season. There is nothing positive about this club on or off the field imo. 


    I agree. I think it’s going to be DC making a statement that 


    1) Jos is still his first choice as manager and is the right person to get us back on track


    2) tells the fans to stop using social media to be critical 





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  9. Given how much the club makes us pay for such a low quality team, they should be doing everything they can to improve the ‘experience’ of being a fan.


    So why are we always in the dark about where lots of the players are? Why can’t they give us simple, quick updates via social media to say that Winnall or whoever is injured? 


    The prices are so high for us because we are paying players such as Westwood such high wages, but we rely on rumours as to why they don’t feature.


    Can you imagine any of the Premier League clubs being so unprofessional? 


    It feels like we’re being run by an out of date dictatorship and it makes me really sad.


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  10. I don’t mean it overly seriously, but Jos’ management style has isolated key players and left us plummeting down the table.


    Perhaps he needs to step back and consider a different approach because this squad should not be this low down the table.


    I do think he’s in a really difficult position as he hasn’t been able to bring in players but I just don’t think he’s getting this right.


  11. 1 hour ago, SallyCinnamon said:

    DC has backed himself into such a corner. We’re paying Jos more than we did Carlos. We can’t afford to get rid.


    I actually feel a bit sorry for DC after tonight. We’re in a such a mess due to his terrible decisions. The stress of it all must be a living nightmare. I don’t understand how someone can have messed it up so much as he has. That side out there today is destined for relegation, no fight or plan. Players just going through the motions and relying on wonder strikes to offer a glimmer of hope, which is soon crushed by our inability to defend.


    At the start of the season mid table was a fair reflection for me. This squad isn’t that special, lacks pace and leaders. A few good individuals. If we get them organised and fit we could finish top half and that for me would be a good season.


    But what is unfolding is absolutely unacceptable. It has quickly become apparent how screwed we are. The manager is clearly out of his depth and his style or whatever he’s trying to achieve, does not work in the Championship. We are going down playing the way we are.  The lack of plan coupled with the lack of passion and fight the players are now showing, it really is flipping worrying. 


    I’d also like to highlight what I think is a real lack of discipline at the club. It’s only a small thing, but our warm up before the game is rubbish. It’s been the same poo for years. Nothing new, nothing different just going through the motions and it screams poor management throughout. Then Atdhe and his mates will do their little cross bar challenge, they genuinely put more effort into that then they do the warm up. Then at half time a half hearted jog across the pitch from the subs (Fernando didn’t even bother to warm up at half time before his introduction by the way, injury was his own fault). This is followed by just kicking the ball to one another from 30 yards. 


    Compare that to Blackburn. At half time their coach was barking instructions at their subs and putting them through their paces. It might not make a difference, but to me it shows the complete lack of professionalism and discipline the club has shown the past 18 months.


    It reflects it the performances clearly. The club is in free fall and it needs a strong leader to come in and give every single department in the club a MASSIVE wake up call. 


    I do think you have a point.


    I’ve regularly wondered why our subs spend half time or before the game just passing long balls back and forth, yet other clubs all seem to be far more organised and drilled.


    Its as if our club is completely out of date.

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  12. 9 hours ago, Hack-Abusi said:

    terrible financial forecasting going sh*t or bust on getting to the premiership .. definitely not what an proven business man would carry out!!


    needs to fecking sort it out because this stubborn behaviour is a detriment to the club




    Agreed. If Chansiri had even took a casual look at what happens to other clubs when they’ve taken a similar approach, he’d have immediately seen how immature and unprofessional it is.


    It’s an incredibly high risk to take and other clubs have taken much smaller risks but have achieved his same ambition of getting promoted.


    If we’d been promoted, I dread to think how quickly the premier league agents would have fleeced him for fees.


    Chansiri strikes me as being quite naive and lacking self-awareness. He needs to bring new, experienced people in around him as quickly as possible. But I’m not sure he thinks he needs that? 


    That’s my biggest worry. 

  13. The thing I’ve learnt from Chansiri’s reign, is that whilst it seems great having a chairman with a lot of money behind him, it isn’t really worth very much when he doesn’t know how to use that money.


    Despite our spending, we are far behind other clubs with much smaller budgets, both on and off the field. 


    We desparately need a more professional approach to taking this club forward.


    I don’t think anyone doubt’s Chansiri’s intent, in that he wants us to progress and be successful but it seems very clear that he really is completely out of his depth.


    Perhaps he could not completely step aside, but stay a part of the club whilst some others come in to help. I don’t think we can survive under him.


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  14. If Luhukay is confirmed as our Head Coach, rather than a manager, who do we have in place to take on the responsibilities that a manager would usually take care of? 


    If if we had an established backroom of staff, I could understand having a coach as opposed to a manager, but I don’t think that’s the case.



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