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  1. Thanks Orlando, that's helpful, I'll leave it then as don't want to fork out £100 for two (whoever else accompanies me isn't an owl!)
  2. I managed to go to quite a few last season without the membership, they usually make general sale.
  3. I live down South and want to get the Owls Membership so it's easier for me to get away tickets. If I'm a member, will this allow me to buy two tickets before general sale, or just one?
  4. If I get a membership, does that allow me to get 2 tickets for away game before they go on general sale? Or just one?
  5. I've been to wembey a few times and i would say the view from any of the seats is brilliant
  6. ah ok thanks. WEll i guess i'll have to wait for general sale too as otherwise we won't be sat together
  7. argh! But thanks for letting me know. Is it too late to get him a membership?
  8. As an owls member, i just went to buy 2 tickets, one for me and one for my dad but See Tickets keeps saying that it doesn't recognise his client id. Is it because as only I'm a member, i'm the only one that can buy a ticket? It's onyl 1 per perosn?
  9. Has anyone managed to get tickets the phone this morning? I've tried so many times but no answer. Was number 7 online for 30 mins, it went up to number 8 (!) and now i'm up to 6. i can'timagine it working even if I ge to number 1
  10. As someone who has only been to away games (and less than 10) I'll probably have to buy from a re-seller. Or I guess I could sign up to be an owls member and I might have a better chance.
  11. Is there anyone who is eligible to buy tickets not using their allocation? I really want to get 2 or 3 tickets but suspect they'll be sold out before they are on general sale.
  12. I'm in Ottawa...Happy Canada Day all by the way!
  13. Anyone else in Canada? I'm on the East side
  14. Hi, I'm coming back to the UK for Christmas and wanted to watch the owls vs Charlton but can't see anything about tickets on our website. Does anyone know when or if they're going on se? Thanks
  15. Anyone know if any Canadian channels in Ontario show any Sheff Wed matches?
  16. What's Chichester like to go out in? We are thinking of going there for a random night out...
  17. Thanks mate. I rang the ticket office, they almost let me have tickets since I have been to other games. They advised me to send them a letter as I might get them then.
  18. I'm from Hertfordshire but living in Portsmouth for a year
  19. I'm originally from Hertfordshire but I'm doing a placement year in Portsmouth. Was hoping to travel up to sheffield with the mrs for a weekend since its a few days after valentines day. Can anyone help me out with tickets?
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