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  1. Would have been worth his expensive wages if he could have stayed fit. Must be so frustrating to be a talented player who can’t avoid injury. 


    As good as he is when he’s on the pitch, we can’t rely on him and we need him off the wage bill to fund more critical signings. 

  2. I think we miss FF whenever he’s not in the team. We need that creativity in the final third.


    Sadly, as much as I rate him, he doesn’t deliver consistently for whatever reason, he in injuries, suspensions or commitment.


    We need an alternative and another similar player on the bench for when we’re struggling to make it through a defence.

  3. 20 minutes ago, yeadonowl said:

    IPTV is Internet Protocol Television.


    Basically when you subscribe to one of these services you get access to more stable and better quality streams of tv channels


    most services like these will provide you with all satellite channels along with a load of other content for a fraction of the cost


    ypu can’t run these on normal sky boxes but they can be run on android boxes or something like a fire stick 


    average cost is about £30 for 6 months plus your hardware, think a fire stick is £35


    however you need to be aware that it’s not 100% legal and the service you subscribe to can be taken down at any point so you therefore loose your cash but if you pick the right service you should be ok




    How do people choose one of these services given there are so many? 

  4. I wasn’t a fan of Jos. I was however a fan of his push for us to look at players around 23, particularly younger players who haven’t quite made the cut yet in the premiership.


    That way, if we don’t get promoted in line with planning, the players still have their best to come. 


    We have  too many players at the end of their careers but demanding our highest wages. 


    Considering how many youth players the top clubs have, there must be so many players worth looking at. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, bobness said:


    Cash was spunked on players who didn't improve the squad or even feature in the starting lineup.


    I'm not suggesting we chuck a load of money in again, but I don't believe we ever really gave it a go.


    How would ‘really’ giving it a go differ to what we have already done? We spent more money than the rules allow.


    You might not like what you got from Chansiri giving it a go and you would have a right to expect more. But hitting a transfer embargo has to mean that the chairman was ‘really’ giving it a go in his mind.

  6. It’s noticeable how many pros have come out to say what a fantastic appointment he is. You can immediately see the impact and he hasn’t even started. I expect us to get more media exposure now too.


    Without meaning any disrespect to Jos (I’m sure some of you would like me too!), he was such an unknown that it would have felt like more of a gamble for any player taking their career to Sheff Wed under him.

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  7. 1 minute ago, jonnyowl said:

    Forget a 3 year plan, we should be aiming for promotion next season.


    What's the point in being in this division if the aim is not have a good crack at the play offs?


    There will only be a few teams like Rotherham who will be happy with staying up!


    I don’t think having a 3 year plan excludes us from trying for the play offs earlier than that.


    My point is that it is irresponsible to throw money at one or two seasons, then being broke when it doesn’t work, which takes years to fix.

  8. 10 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

    Personally not over the moon with this. I think he’s on the managerial slide. But realistically who else could we get? I think he’ll steady the ship for a bit, but not expecting miracles. 


    Will be fully behind him nevertheless


    Who would you have preferred? That we realistically could have got?


    British manager with 4 promotions from the league we’re in...I honestly couldn’t be happier with the appointment.


    I also think it shows that Chansiri is changing his approach, which is great. Lastly, I don’t think Bruce would risk his reputation if things weren’t being sorted out behind the scenes at the club.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Blue and white said:

    Have we thrown cash at it, I don't think we have, throwing cash about is doing what Wolves did and we have spent about just enough to be competitive.

    What money that has been thrown at it has been thrown in the wrong areas sadly and hopefully this will be something Bruce gets address.


    I’d be worried if we hadn’t thrown cash at it and were under a transfer embargo! 

  10. I’d like to see Chansiri and Bruce work to a 3 year plan to get promoted.


    Throwing cash at a quick promotion hasn’t worked.


    We should be more planful, organised and structured in building for the medium and long term.


    If we get promoted sooner than that, then great. Promotions at a lot of teams took time and I hope Chansiri is realising that. 


    What do people think? 


    There’s a tension at the moment because Chansiri is charging such high prices, that he probably feels pressured into getting promotion as quickly as possible. Perhaps he could lower the prices and communicate a new plan, learning from our mistakes.

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  11. 41 minutes ago, Carbone said:

    We need two new full backs, a centre back, a defensive midfielder (sorry Hutch can't be relied on to stay fit), a winger with pace and a fast striker.

    Depressingly, I could also identify this is what we were lacking after Wembley, and we've not brought in what we need in any of these positions over two and a half years later.


    Edit: If Westwood is leaving then we certainly need a new keeper also.


    I agree.


    I think we do need a striker but it’s probably the lowest priority for me.


    Top of my list (especially if Westwood is off) is 2 new full backs, then a centre back, defensive midfielder and also more creativity for when FF isn’t playing.


    If we are only playing one striker, Fletcher, Winnall and then Joao are all good options until the above are addressed.

  12. If Chansiri is aiming to get promoted this season, then I hope he realises that even with 3 new signings, the chances of that happening are incredibly slim.


    It would be difficult to see us getting in a play off spot and then we all know what a lottery they are.


    I would much rather he use this window to lay foundations for next season and beyond. The fans aren’t expecting promotion this season.


    I don’t want any more gambles on trying to get promoted too quickly by over spending.


    It would be a real positive if we have the ability to get players in and out in January though.

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  13. 1 hour ago, squonk said:

    What was ambiguous about both JL and DC saying that the decision not to play the "frozen few" was the Coaches alone and no monetary considerations came into it as they both did several times ?


    People on here chose to believe Michael Brown over the Wednesday Manager and Chairman 


    Because some didn't like the answer they were getting or didn't believe it doesn't make it "ambiguous"


    Westwood was the third choice keeper. I think that needed more of an explanation than we were given.


    A one liner to say he’s third choice isn’t enough because it didn’t add up to the fans (their customers!).


    Be clear and open about the reasons, if there is huge amounts of speculation, come out and say it’s not true.


    Or maybe you’re think they’re 100% in the right and we should make a similar appointment, whilst not changing anything.

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  14. Just now, darra said:

    There have been many conspiracy theories doing the rounds about who picks the team. Many said it was the chairman because of contract payments and extensions due to players. Others said it was the manager who didn't want them to play for various reason which could have been due to poor discipline. Others reckoned it was because Chansisri wanted to sell off a load of players and play the younguns. Well in the last week we've been told that pretty much all of the out of contract players won't be offered a new contract and the frozen out players were due to the manager not playing them. Funny old game football.


    I don’t think either the chairman or the manager did themselves any favours by keeping it ambiguous.

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