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  1. He was pretty inconsistent with us but I saw some potential.


    I like the idea of us signing younger and more athletic players.


    I don’t think we should judge him too much on last season. It can take even world class players a season to settle, he played a lot of it under a poor manager and he might look a better player with a different type of team around him.


    I get that he had a fair few awful games but then a lot of our players did.

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  2. 13 hours ago, robowl4life said:


    :Sid: As if that’s going to happen...

    I love our old simple, iconic badge but I can’t see it making a come back any time soon. This new/old badge has grown on me, but it’s just not the same.


    I agree .


    I actually think it was quite on trend too and looked fairly modern. I don’t mind the new one but it just doesn’t seem as good to me. I doubt many people would recognise it outside of our fans

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Mycroft said:

    Small is smaller than a medium, a medium is smaller than a large, a large is smaller than an XLarge, then you have a fat poopydoo size which fits anyone.


    Hopes this helps.


    Ah, thank you !

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  4. 9 hours ago, S36 OWL said:


    What the EFL could do is to stop the relegated Prem clubs classing the parachute payments as " income" . That would make the championship a more level playing field .



    I think any decent accountant would have no problem juggling things around to get around a rule like that. 

  5. I thought he showed a lot of potential, but then his confidence slipped when Jos started playing him out of position.


    I remember Jos saying he’d protect the youngsters by not playing them in 2 consecutive games but that policy seemed to go out of the window.


    I think we’ll see a much improved Penney under Bruce. I think it’s also worth a shout that a young defender such as Penney would have benefited hugely from having an experienced keeper in Westwood behind him, which wasn’t the case. 

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  6. Reach has been great in a few games this season but really poor in a lot more.


    I think we’d get the best out of him with much better players around him. He isn’t good enough to drag us up but his goals and assists this season have been really valuable 

  7. I always assume with a new player like him, he isn’t in the squad because either his fitness means he can’t track back enough meaning we’re vulnerable at the back (plus the fans would quickly get on his back in this situation). 


    Or that he doesn’t understand our system quite well enough.


    In either situation, if he doesn’t play well, his confidence will be down and so it just makes sense to gradually get him playing.


    I think my post is essentially saying that I’m sure Bruce has his reasons.

  8. I don’t think us as  fans and the sole customer of the club should have to rely on this mis-information and contradictory statements. 


    It’s like our club is run by Trump at times.


    If it’s financial, tell us and we’ll get over it. If it’s because the manager doesn’t rate him, be clear with us and tell us.


    I think a bit of transparency would go a long way.

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  9. If he could stay fit, Hooper would be one of the best strikers in the league. 


    His goal ratio is great and his link up play transforms our team and is outstanding for the Championship.


    But he just can’t stay fit and can’t be relied upon. I don’t know how much we’re paying him but it can’t be worth it for how little he plays.


    It’s really frustrating for us as fans but I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for him, all that talent but constantly breaking down.

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  10. I think it’s good for us to have a really outside shout at the play offs; it makes the season more exciting and should bring more people and money through the turnstiles.


    Realistically, it’s highly unlikely. I think we can win a lot of games before the end of the season, but I don’t think we are good enough to overcome a 9 point gap.

  11. I loved our old badge - I actually think it looks far more modern than the current one.


    If you look at the big clubs, their marketing departments have clearly had a say in making the badges more simplified and less historic than the old type. We seem to have gone in the opposite direction! 


    I don’t really think it’s appropriate for a foreign owner with no previous connections to the club to come in and change it unless the fans were unhappy. 


    Chansiri has done some great things for the club but I don’t think changing our kit or badge are among those. It makes him slightly more open of criticism when things start going wrong too.


    That said, if people are voting ours the third best, i’m probably completely wrong! 

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  12. The Wednesday fan next to me absolutely hated Reach. 


    Reach was pretty awful but then he did get the crucial assist. He is much more likely to assist or get us a goal than Boyd and he always works hard. He looks quite awkward which I think makes some people think he isn’t as good as he is.


    Honestly though, the guy next to me was screaming ‘Oh Reach!’ at the top of his voice every time he got the ball, and sometimes when he wasn’t even near the ball. 


    It was almost like he was just trying to wind people up.  

  13. 1 minute ago, McRightSide said:

    I like him, much better on the ball than van Aken too.


    Can’t imagine we’ll be able to sign him thougjc


    Me either. But we are the 15th (!) club he’s been loaned to, so maybe he’ll be looking for a home?! 

  14. Really pleased to hear this.


    I think this setup suits us a lot better than what we’ve had in the past.


    I think we were caught between the modern structure of the club’s hierarchy choosing players (albeit not too well) and the manager having some sort of say.


    If Chansiri is handing all the responsibility to Brucey, then brilliant. I bet that was part of the reason he came, because I suspect most chairmen would expect the manager to have much less control.


    Bruce’s experience can go a long way to making up for the lack of experience in our board room. 


    Hopefully we tap into it as much as possible and use it to put things in place for the long term too. 

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  15. I really think the injection of pace is going to hugely help us all over the pitch. 


    It will create more space for us and it should enable us to be more attaching.


    We’ve been crying out for some pace for a long time now and it’s exciting that Bruce clearly agrees, so even if our new signings aren’t for the long term, we can expect replacements if they don’t stay or work out. 

  16. I’ve complained on the BBC website. Our money pays their wages and we shouldn’t let them get away with it. 


    At a time of increased awareness of mental health issues, they were both incredibly ignorant about a man who lost both his parents recently. How ignorant and arrogant they must be.


    If they have any respect, they should issue an apology.


    I for one think Bruce has set a good example with what he’s done. As much as I would like him here sooner, I would much rather he arrives when he feels in the best possible mindset to take us forward. 

  17. My emphasis here is on sustainability. We seem to be pitching the club at the opposite of sustainability.


    How would people feel if all 24 clubs were operating the same scheme as us? We would all be expecting the Football League to do something about it.

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