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  1. Official Update: new offer available; season tickets for your sperm.


    if you pick an individual sperm, then you can put their name down for a 50 year season  ticket for just £400 per season. Think of all of the cheap premier league seasons they’ll get.


    *if the sperm does not make it to the ovary, you are entitled to nothing and if you complain, you’re a bad customer 

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  2. Official Update: would you prefer either 


    A: we keep the current £24.99, but the quality of updates is very amateur, written in poor English and behind other news sources 




    B: we increase the subscription to £50 per month, enabling news updates to be reasonably on time, written in a luxury font and the spelling to nearly always be correct?

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  3. I’m sure this kid has bags of talent, but that is only one aspect of becoming a good footballer who can deliver consistently.


    Footballers with much less talent, but a more rounded set of skills, including integral things like determination and work rate, will go on to be much more successful than him

  4. 5 hours ago, Plonk said:

    Mate I have been in thailand for the past fifteen months. I’ve yet to meet a Thai who has heard of him. They know about Leicester because they play Man U and Liverpool but go out of the premier and they look blank. 

    Sod the football updates. Tell us about the ladyboys!

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  5. 1 hour ago, SiJ said:

    File the accounts, you absolute helmet.

    In Chansiri’s defence, he might not be the one holding them up.


    Perhaps we’re waiting on strategic advice from his teenage son who is busy with school exams 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, 1963owl said:

    I think not putting money in screws the club

    In the short term it does, it increases the likelihood of Chansiri leaving. 

    He has taken the club massively backwards. 

    Withholding money in the short term means he’s more likely to leave. Someone new will then come in, and unless they’re a jar of snot, will do a better job than Chansiri.


    So in the medium and long term, my opinion is that it’s better not to put any money in whilst Chansiri is in charge 

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  7. I think putting my money into the club whilst Chansiri is in charge, will do more damage to the club than not putting any in.


    By putting money into the club, he doesn’t learn his lessons, we give him the ability to prolong his chaotic spell at the club, and delay someone (hopefully) more Competent taking charge.


    So whilst Chansiri is here, I won’t be giving the club any cash at all. That will change as soon as he leaves 

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  8. 1 minute ago, TodwickOwl said:


    None of the above is anything to do with his team selection and tactical decisions though 


    Exactly what has been raised above, tactics during the Bristol, Forest and Derby game were absolutely bonkers at times. 


    That last 15 mins was a complete joke against Derby, bringing on 2 attacking sub with 4 mins to go? Pathetic. 

    I disagree - I assume some of the players were assessed to be more motivated, up for the fight, more likely to potentially sign a new contract and stay...and perhaps that, or other things influenced his decisions.


    no matter what team he picked, our fans would have moaned. The consistent thing is that all of his options were pretty crap

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  9. Moore needs time before we can fairly judge him.


    Are you really going to judge him on a short period of time where he took over a squad 


    -  who had failed under 3 other managers that season

    - were deep in a relegation battle

    - nearly all out of contract

    - horribly unbalanced as a squad 

    - playing under a points deduction and insane chairman


    Lets hope that next season he is given the opportunity to build a squad with the players he wants, and perhaps some harmony and fight in them.


    Judging him now is ridiculous (although I agree his record at Donny wasn’t incredible, it’s not long we had a giant list of world class managers waiting to come here! )

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