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  1. I don't buy the 'good intentions' bit anymore. 


    His arrogance and lack of self-awareness means he uses the club's (I know he's the owner) money completely irresponsibly. 


    What do we think this 'good intent' is about? Because he absolutely loves Sheffield and wants the city to prosper? Because he was a fan of Sheff Wed since he was 5? Or is it arrogance, and wanting to show off that CHANSIRI, owns a premier league club.


    Perhaps his intentions were good, in that he was genuinely trying to get us promoted. I would argue that 'good intent' should be defined by wanting the best for the club in the long term, looking after and communicating with supports, not changing our badge/kit and using the fans' money in a sustainable way.


    He is very naive and too stubborn to admit help. It is quite tragic to see. I do appreciate that things would be different if we'd won 1 match, in the play off final. But then I genuinely worry about how he'd have used the premier league money - I have no confidence he'd have used it to build for a medium or long term future. 

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  2. 1. Sell the club and let us start again 


    2. Admit that he has gambled, it has not paid off and that he is very much out of his depth. If he is to stay, he needs to do a complete review of the structure of the club, bring in experience, experts and skills from other football clubs. 


    At the moment, I feel like Brentford are the equivalent of Netflix and we’re the equivalent of Blockbuster video - completely out of touch with our competitors and the external environment. 


    I would like to see a coherent voice from us as fans, where we demand that Chansiri either leaves, or recognises his mistakes and agrees to re-structure the club in the professional manner that both Sheffield Wednesday and us as fans deserve.


    I don’t think Monk is a particularly great manager, but I find it hard to judge him when the rest of the club is so toxic. I don’t have confidence in him to save our season but I really worry about who would be willing to take it on instead of him. 


    I wonder how we could make this position (if people agree) known to the club, apart from just staying away. 


    I hate to criticise the club but I hate seeing us in this state more. 


  3. I think Chansiri is too focused on his attempts to get us into the Premier League, because he sees that as the ultimate success.


    I would prefer an owner who is focused on the long term - building a club and identity that the fans can be proud of. 


    If we had got promoted, I don’t have any confidence Chansiri would have used the money sensibly and could imagine us ending up in a Sunderland scenario. 


    Imagine going to Thailand and buying a Thai boxing company, trying to run it without any advisors that know the culture , language and industry. You just wouldn’t do it. But Chansiri seems to think he can with football. 


    If he is to stay as chairman, he needs to take a step back from being involved and build a modern structure at the club. Go and use the money to hire Brentford’s backroom staff, then perhaps we could attract a better manager. 


    Chansiri doesn’t deserve our money as fans because he doesn’t use it sensibly at all

  4. I’m not Monk’s biggest fan. But after Jos, we didn’t seem to be able to attract anyone better.


    I think our priority should be sorting out the structure and foundations of the club. Perhaps then we could attract a manager of more quality than Monk. 


    Until we sort the rest of the club out, if a manager like Bruce comes in and papers over the cracks, we are not operating  to a long term sustainable plan. 


    Personally, I think that if we can find someone we are very confident is a step up from Monk, then I wouldn’t be against him going but I worry we’d swap him for someone of similar or worse quality, who would have similar problems and struggles to Monk.


    I find it hard to judge Monk’s quality given all of the problems our squad and club seems to be facing - but the performance against Luton shouldn’t be happening. 

  5. I used to travel up for home games a few times a year from London but have stopped in the last 2 years and just go go away games.


    The additional costs of travel etc combined with high prices, means I just can’t justify it. 


    I don’t really even consider going anymore. It’s often cheaper to get tickets to a club like West Ham for premier league football.  

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  6. I don’t doubt Pulis would get us results and we’d have a chance of promotion under him.


    But he’s not so fantastic that you’d be 90% confident of going up at some point and I have absolutely no interest in watching his brand of football.


    I would much rather someone modern and watch some entertaining football. 

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  7. Bullen hasn’t ever been a good choice for me. I think he’s happy and had some success following the Bruce blueprint but struggles when that doesn’t work.


    In fairness to him though, Chansiri or us as fans haven’t had the opportunity to assess a fully backed Bullen. He hasn’t been able to bring in his own team and he has to deal with all of the uncertainty. 


    So as much as I don’t think Bullen is up to it, he either needs to be backed or someone else appointed, otherwise he isn’t being given a fair chance.


    Hopefully goes without saying but I love Bullen and want him at the club for a long time to come, just not as manager. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

    Murphy’s stats as a Championship right-winger really impressive.


    47 matches

    11 goals

    10 assists


    The only odd thing is having Reach who we assume will play 40/42 games, leaving Harris, Forestieri and Murphy to share the other wing?


    With the amount of games we have, Reach won’t always be at full fitness. We regularly have to play on a Saturday and then again on a Tuesday, so it helps to rotate. 


  9. Whilst he wouldn’t be close to my first choice (sounds obvious), I would much rather we went for an unknown who could turn out to be great, than a journeyman who we know is crap.


    That’s where my head is at (although I am terrified it’ll be Jos Part 2)

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  10. 50 minutes ago, Womble Owl said:

    What you have to realise is that we're essentially a small family run business, not amazon shipping out in excess of a million orders an hour. 


    Already realise that mate, even tiny businesses run by a couple people offer better value for delivery. That’s what you fail to realise 

  11. 1 hour ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

    I ordered the new home shirt online at about eight on Thursday evening and it's arrived in the post this morning.


    By anybody's standards, that's impressive; well played Wednesday.


    It seems our retail department are pulling out all the stops right now, so credit to them.


    Well they charge £6 for delivery so that’s what I’d expect really. Don’t think it’s a positive! They don’t offer any cheaper

    options or options to collect from anywhere apart from the megastore.


    I’m all for being positive about the club but not on this one! 

  12. If DC is choosing from the usual inspiring list of Pulis and Coleman - as much as it pains me to say it, Allardyce would be the most likely to take us up in my opinion.


    If we really are resigning ourself to crap football, then I would be confident he’d get is up. Can’t say I like the man but he has a better record than Pulis etc

  13. He was pretty inconsistent with us but I saw some potential.


    I like the idea of us signing younger and more athletic players.


    I don’t think we should judge him too much on last season. It can take even world class players a season to settle, he played a lot of it under a poor manager and he might look a better player with a different type of team around him.


    I get that he had a fair few awful games but then a lot of our players did.

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  14. 13 hours ago, robowl4life said:


    :Sid: As if that’s going to happen...

    I love our old simple, iconic badge but I can’t see it making a come back any time soon. This new/old badge has grown on me, but it’s just not the same.


    I agree .


    I actually think it was quite on trend too and looked fairly modern. I don’t mind the new one but it just doesn’t seem as good to me. I doubt many people would recognise it outside of our fans

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