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  1. Difficult to say when we had so much of the game with a man off. Pulis has certainly got his work cut out here!
  2. Does anyone have the questions that Chansiri asked us in that survey? wasn’t it something around keeping expensive ticket prices so we can keep the best players and compete at the top of the league? chansiri, can I have an update on this please? Did we choose the option to have expensive tickets and merchandise so that we can compete at the bottom of the league?
  3. Pleased to see Westwood back in goal. That will help out the defence big time. hope whatever it is he does that upsets the managers doesn’t happen this time
  4. I think if the structure and foundations of a club are very solid, then you might have more capacity and (from a fan’s perspective) desire for a younger, more progressive managerial team. But the truth it, I don’t think we can say our structure and foundations as a club are competitive with the likes of Brentford, so I think it makes sense to have a managerial team with experience and contacts. I hope they can bring professionalism to the players but also to our owner and the rest of the club. As always - not really a fan of the Pulis appointment but looking for the pos
  5. yeah I get your point on affordability. But people are generally earning less at the moment, have less job security or might be finding it hard to get work. The lack of crowd and atmosphere de-values the offer. So whilst people might physically have £15, they clearly aren’t that happy parting with it for what’s being offered
  6. The reaction of clubs and the media to this shows how out of touch they are with people. I am sure that to the people criticising fans are on salaries where £15 is very affordable. I think they’d perhaps be better off comparing it to things like Netflix, Prime Video and Spotify, where people pay a similar fee but for a monthly service. My final point - I don’t really trust the club with my money. I don’t trust Chansiri to spend it in a responsible way. There are times where I’d be happy to put more money into the club but the current climate isn’t that
  7. I didn’t want Pulis, but I’m realistic enough to realise that people like Howe are going to get better opportunities than us. Pulis certainly isn’t the most exciting appointment, but here’s why I’m relieved: 1. We’ve avoided the oddball appointment like Luhukay etc 2. We’ve avoided the merry go round types like Maclaren, Rowett, Pardew 3. Not the most exciting but he has a much higher pedigree than Monk, who doesn’t seem to last long ever. We’ve got a manager who was Premier League Manager of the Season. That’s huge I’d have preferred
  8. I would pay £4.99 regularly, even if we’re playing particularly terribly/boring. but £10, I know it’s not that much more but I wouldn’t ever pay that unless it was a really high profile game. Do they count each viewer of an illegal stream as lost income? Because I would guess that the vast majority of people watching an illegal stream wouldn’t consider paying the £10. It’s not like most of those people who are watching the illegal stream would pay the £10 if their illegal stream was unavailable. I think this needs a re-think. £4.99 a game Or £15 a month for
  9. Considered paying for iFollow but will donate it to a food bank charity instead. Chansiri doesn’t need my money anyway, didn’t he said our money didn’t do anything?
  10. I don’t know what the problem with Westwood is, but when he plays, it’s not just his goalkeeping ability, his organisation of the defence makes a huge difference and they all seem more confident too.
  11. I think if he offered something along the lines of - the players need more time to gel together, or, we’re working on a new system and it’s taking time to adjust, I might have a (little bit) more sympathy. But he isn’t offering anything practical or outlining what he’ll do differently to change things. He almost sounds like he’s trying to convince himself he ‘can win points in this league ‘ please get rid of him now (but please also pick someone competent to replace him)
  12. What the hell is going on with our throw ins? Every single one, we don’t seem to have any options at all. It’s like we’ve never taken any before, or the players are scared of the ball. Is this a one off thing for the Rotherham game or has it been happening in the other matches? It embarrassing
  13. No he probably wasn’t. But back then, we owned our biggest asset in the stadium and were close to getting promoted...now neither of those things could be further from the truth so it’s probably fair to change your mind
  14. I’m not a fan of Monk and would much rather we had a different manager. But we need to be more patient, despite how frustrated we all feel. He has brought in a lot of new players (and we haven’t been able to bring in amazing quality) so we need to give them time to work. If Monk goes, part of me would be happy but then nobody else seemed to want to come. At least nobody better. We need to give them more time. I appreciate its difficult when they look so awful though
  15. I agree that looks bad and I personally get hugely frustrated with this. I am always expecting it now. with any stat like this, I’d find it useful to know what the average is. If the other clubs average 17, then it’s not that bad, but if it’s 10, then it really is as bad as it seems
  16. I bought the home shirt, it’s good quality. We have a huge amount of work to do on our online store though. Firstly, it looks like it was designed by an 8 year old (one lacking talent). Whilst making the payment, I had to manually enter how much I wanted to pay into a small box which said N/A. I did try to process it with £0 but apparently they wanted more money than that. I got an email with confirmation of my order, but no tracking details, doesn’t even say who the courier is. Took two weeks to arrive. I was close to cancelling the order as it
  17. Is there an app for this on smart TVs? Or can you cast it to your tv from your phone?
  18. Chansiri, you have taken the stadium away from the club, and what have you given us in return? Minus 12 points down to your complete incompetence and a useless squad. Please leave, we don’t want you at our club. You don’t have a clue what you’re doing, you’re arrogant and have no self-awareness
  19. What was that survey Chansiri asked us to fill in? ‘would you rather keep the current (expensive) prices and keep all of our best players, competing at the top of the championship for promotion...’ something like that. He is completely incompetent. What was he got us? A 12 point deduction, a useless squad and manager. What do we have to show for that? That we’ve lost our stadium for this!
  20. With us having a lot of games in a short space of time, Monk was always going to struggle with the team when he has to rotate. we won’t be able to put our line ups like this and charge people £49 a ticket though (when we can actually go!)
  21. Whether we escape a points deduction, or get our pants pulled down and end up relegated...please Chansiri put some sensible and professional people and structures in place so we start moving forward properly!
  22. I like Wickham as a player. In his previous spell with us, he looked too good for the Championship in my opinion. He has the potential to be brilliant in this league. But I think we’ve been burnt too many times with giving out high wages to very talented, but injury prone players. I don’t think it’s a good strategy for us. I think it would be different if we had endless money to spare and didn’t have to rely on him week in, week out.
  23. I hope this isn’t true. Any employer, regardless of how well paid their employees are, must be run pretty unprofessionally to not pay their staff on time. Completely unacceptable. I’ll not get too angry until it’s confirmed as true or false!
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