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  1. Chansiri thinks he can make Sheffield Wednesday better than the other teams in the league, by having the equivalent of a car boot sale level structure in place. How does he think that his structure of In charge: Random No football experience Thai Man Deputies: shady characters that have brought us some of the worst signings in the club’s history for huge money I would like Chansiri to explain how this structure is going to beat the structures that other clubs have?
  2. Think their wage demands were probably a bit lower than this chap
  3. that’s exactly what I’m getting at - he was able to score at a good level in the prem for 2 seasons, not a lot of strikers can do that so he clearly had ability but something has gone horribly wrong and there’s nothing to say he can ever be a player like that again
  4. I dread to think what crackpot schemes Chansiri is thinking up to improve our finances
  5. I think the second season stats are ok, for a striker playing for Swansea. Not far off a goal every 2 games...
  6. A 32 year old striker, who was able to score consistently in the premier league...but he’s available for free and nobody in the world seems to want him. I don’t need to know anymore. Either his body or his mind can’t do it anymore, or both. Given the scarcity of proven goal scorers, if he were still up to it, people would be clambering to sign up. This is the opposite. please can we invest in youth with future potential, not the complete opposite who only cost a lost more anyway
  7. Even if we did this, Chansiri is so deluded, he wouldn’t come to a logical conclusion that the fans are unhappy with him and something needs to change. He’d come to any other possible solution, to avoid having to think he himself has done anything wrong, or is out of his depth
  8. I’ve already come to terms with the fact that Chansiri will appoint a completely unheard of foreigner ‘who has loved the club since they were in their mother’s womb’ just like our loyal dictator...sorry I mean chairman. I look forward to this journeyman manager getting sacked in 5 months, Chansiri blaming the fans and the manager, and then repeating this cycle. thank you Chansiri for your brave leadership
  9. Very disappointing. I love how honest and open Cook has been. It’s exactly what we need more of at our club
  10. If we’re signing a winger, please can we, also, you know, sign a striker? Someone for him to cross or pass to? let me tell you fellow owlstalkers, I sure am glad that when Chansiri gave us that survey, I ticked the box saying I wanted to keep high prices so we’d sign the finest talent in the league! I did tick that box...didn’t I? PS am actually happy with this signing despite the above
  11. Does he mind waiting until 1st February? Absolutely nothing to do with the transfer window closing and promising the fans our expensive prices were enabling us to sign the top talent/compete at the top of the league
  12. The only reason we’d appoint Coleman is if Chansiri has lumped on for us to get relegated. *Chansiri, if you have, please make sure you run this through the accounts to reflect it was this season . Might be difficult to claim the winnings came from a different season where we didn’t actually get relegated
  13. I honestly read your name as Blades Shater the first time around! Blades Hater is much better
  14. When will the financial constraints on us ease? It feels like the 3 year cycle is never ending.
  15. I think that last paragraph articulates the point I was trying to make with this topic (in a clearer way than I did!). I can see Monk may not have wanted a left back (even if 99% of clubs do use full backs), but going from Monk, to Pulis to... whoever. How can we have a strategy that keeps shifting which type of player we need, in such. A short space of time. And I get the point about the constraints we were under, but Monk’s system was almost entirely useless without a target man, so what the hell were the club doing? it’s painful watching us because this team
  16. But what was Monk’s system that didn’t really need a striker? I know that was supposed to be Reach for a while. I don’t believe Monk wanted to play without a recognised left back or centre forward
  17. what’s our plan for doing that? Lump it up to a central defender and hope? The point here is that if we are building a squad which is defensively strong but not very attacking or speedy, perhaps we should have kept some of our strikers that were target men, and not just signed small, wide forwards to replace them. On the same point, why did we sign so many central defenders, no left back but then let our left back leave?
  18. It’ll never happen again. Almost as bad as the time I asked my mate to ‘action’ something
  19. agreed. One striker who wasn’t able to play as a lone striker (or score goals). Watching the Crawley game and was listening to their ‘technical director’...at a small club like this they seem to have more of a plan, strategy and direction than us
  20. If you look at a club like Burnley or Brentford, they sign certain players to suit their approach and systems. I didn’t want a formal document outlining it! Would be nice though
  21. I miss the players all getting along and not having a good old fashioned scrap
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