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  1. With the amount of games we have, Reach won’t always be at full fitness. We regularly have to play on a Saturday and then again on a Tuesday, so it helps to rotate.
  2. Whilst he wouldn’t be close to my first choice (sounds obvious), I would much rather we went for an unknown who could turn out to be great, than a journeyman who we know is crap. That’s where my head is at (although I am terrified it’ll be Jos Part 2)
  3. Already realise that mate, even tiny businesses run by a couple people offer better value for delivery. That’s what you fail to realise
  4. Well they charge £6 for delivery so that’s what I’d expect really. Don’t think it’s a positive! They don’t offer any cheaper options or options to collect from anywhere apart from the megastore. I’m all for being positive about the club but not on this one!
  5. If DC is choosing from the usual inspiring list of Pulis and Coleman - as much as it pains me to say it, Allardyce would be the most likely to take us up in my opinion. If we really are resigning ourself to crap football, then I would be confident he’d get is up. Can’t say I like the man but he has a better record than Pulis etc
  6. Anyone know when these will be on sale?
  7. He was pretty inconsistent with us but I saw some potential. I like the idea of us signing younger and more athletic players. I don’t think we should judge him too much on last season. It can take even world class players a season to settle, he played a lot of it under a poor manager and he might look a better player with a different type of team around him. I get that he had a fair few awful games but then a lot of our players did.
  8. I agree . I actually think it was quite on trend too and looked fairly modern. I don’t mind the new one but it just doesn’t seem as good to me. I doubt many people would recognise it outside of our fans
  9. am about to order the home shirt but can anyone give me a steer on what the sizes are like? If I’m normally a medium, is that going to be like buying a small?
  10. What really worries me about this is that we have been financially mis-managed under Chansiri. Selling a ground would always be a risk but I’d feel like it was a much smaller risk if we hadn’t wasted so much money in recent years.
  11. The way Bruce is so open, honest and clear is so refreshing and exactly what we needed. Even with FFP restrictions, he is making me excited to be a fan again. Thank you for summarising!
  12. I think any decent accountant would have no problem juggling things around to get around a rule like that.
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