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  1. I know where you’re coming from and appreciate we have the choice to pay or not. But we also have a voice and can express our concerns when we think the club isn’t going in the right direction, which is what is happening right now
  2. This naive type of response is exactly what I expect from the club and the slightly thick (no offence) and ignorant fans. i don’t expect anything from the club, all of my suggestions are aimed at helping us move forward and compete in a really competitive industry
  3. They made it pretty clear what type of injury he had and how long they estimated he’d be out. I don’t expect constant updates on injured players. I do expect to know if our most expensive players (the justification for us being charged the highest prices in the league) are being left out for footballing or behavioural issue. I don’t aim to bed rude, but if we accept anything less then we should all have a long and hard think about whether a football club deserve our money, or our own families or a charity do.
  4. I’m pretty sure most or all of the premier league clubs tell you what injuries their players have. Happens every week in press conferences. Or they give a reason why players aren’t featuring, eg Fred, Keita, Loftus-Cheek...
  5. I was one of those people too. Football and society have moved on. Running a football club means operating in an incredibly competitive industry. So I completely disagree that the communication style of the 90s is sufficient in 2018. Have a look at the quality of the comms from other football clubs and then see if you have the same opinion as you do now.
  6. I agree. I think it’s going to be DC making a statement that 1) Jos is still his first choice as manager and is the right person to get us back on track 2) tells the fans to stop using social media to be critical
  7. Given how much the club makes us pay for such a low quality team, they should be doing everything they can to improve the ‘experience’ of being a fan. So why are we always in the dark about where lots of the players are? Why can’t they give us simple, quick updates via social media to say that Winnall or whoever is injured? The prices are so high for us because we are paying players such as Westwood such high wages, but we rely on rumours as to why they don’t feature. Can you imagine any of the Premier League clubs being so unprofessional? It feels like we’re being run by an out of date dictatorship and it makes me really sad.
  8. gbear05

    Bring Back the Fry Ups

    No but Jos can criticise all he likes but it feels a bit off when the team is performing so poorly and in a relegation battle
  9. I don’t mean it overly seriously, but Jos’ management style has isolated key players and left us plummeting down the table. Perhaps he needs to step back and consider a different approach because this squad should not be this low down the table. I do think he’s in a really difficult position as he hasn’t been able to bring in players but I just don’t think he’s getting this right.
  10. I do think you have a point. I’ve regularly wondered why our subs spend half time or before the game just passing long balls back and forth, yet other clubs all seem to be far more organised and drilled. Its as if our club is completely out of date.
  11. Agreed. If Chansiri had even took a casual look at what happens to other clubs when they’ve taken a similar approach, he’d have immediately seen how immature and unprofessional it is. It’s an incredibly high risk to take and other clubs have taken much smaller risks but have achieved his same ambition of getting promoted. If we’d been promoted, I dread to think how quickly the premier league agents would have fleeced him for fees. Chansiri strikes me as being quite naive and lacking self-awareness. He needs to bring new, experienced people in around him as quickly as possible. But I’m not sure he thinks he needs that? That’s my biggest worry.
  12. The thing I’ve learnt from Chansiri’s reign, is that whilst it seems great having a chairman with a lot of money behind him, it isn’t really worth very much when he doesn’t know how to use that money. Despite our spending, we are far behind other clubs with much smaller budgets, both on and off the field. We desparately need a more professional approach to taking this club forward. I don’t think anyone doubt’s Chansiri’s intent, in that he wants us to progress and be successful but it seems very clear that he really is completely out of his depth. Perhaps he could not completely step aside, but stay a part of the club whilst some others come in to help. I don’t think we can survive under him.
  13. If Luhukay is confirmed as our Head Coach, rather than a manager, who do we have in place to take on the responsibilities that a manager would usually take care of? If if we had an established backroom of staff, I could understand having a coach as opposed to a manager, but I don’t think that’s the case.
  14. i've got kodi on my laptop but can only find fairly crappy streams on Sports devil. Anyone recommend one that is close to HD with english commentary?