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  1. If you think paying players or your employees on time (or even refunding customers) is important, then you don’t know anything about football or business
  2. Couldn’t blame any player for walking away. Chansiri has made is an awful club
  3. If we sell him for £700K, our transfer policy means we’re guaranteed to get 2x incredible players for £350k each. There’s never any reason to bid more than £350k. I look forward to our announcement that we’ve looked at 300 replacements for Windass, and have settled for a 1 legged camel with lepresy
  4. Official Update: new offer available; season tickets for your sperm. if you pick an individual sperm, then you can put their name down for a 50 year season ticket for just £400 per season. Think of all of the cheap premier league seasons they’ll get. *if the sperm does not make it to the ovary, you are entitled to nothing and if you complain, you’re a bad customer
  5. Official Update: would you prefer either A: we keep the current £24.99, but the quality of updates is very amateur, written in poor English and behind other news sources or B: we increase the subscription to £50 per month, enabling news updates to be reasonably on time, written in a luxury font and the spelling to nearly always be correct?
  6. I’m sure this kid has bags of talent, but that is only one aspect of becoming a good footballer who can deliver consistently. Footballers with much less talent, but a more rounded set of skills, including integral things like determination and work rate, will go on to be much more successful than him
  7. In 2021, Sheffield Wednesday offering you a contract where you get paid a weekly wage, seems higher risk than a Nigerian Prince telling me I’ve won the Nigerian lottery which I didn’t enter, but need to pay £1000 to claim my millions
  8. Chansiri listens and understands you concerns. He counters by saying, would you instead be prepared to pay £28.99 for such updates instead?
  9. For only £24.99 per month, you can sign up to daily updates of exclusively bad news related to SWFC. Its genius. Chansiri needs money asap, what’s the one thing the club can offer consistently... terrible news on a daily basis, so why not monetise this? Any fan that doesn’t like the idea is simply a bad customer. And anyone else that thinks this is a bad idea, doesn’t know anything about football
  10. Anyone that thinks accounts are important doesn’t know anything about finance
  11. I’m expecting Moore to walk out any day really
  12. Cheers for answering a question that nobody asked!
  13. Sod the football updates. Tell us about the ladyboys!
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