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  1. He’s so irritatingly incompetent. The club’s finance are a complete disgrace. That was our position pre-Covid. Chansiri is the sole person with responsibility and accountability for all of the club’s finances so he should act like a leader and accept he’s got it wrong and he’s out of his depth. Is that likely? I’m sure he’d sooner blame bad customers, sorry fans, or a turd he saw on the street before accepting he is the one to blame
  2. Is it not available on virgin? Can’t find it on the red button. No idea why I’m trying antway given the s...show that will unfold
  3. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/contract-talks-on-the-back-burner-at-sheffield-wednesday-at-all-levels-3206523
  4. Their contracts are all up in the summer. Why would they risk getting injured and then having £0 income every month from June onwards? Or even never getting income from football again because of a serious injury? there’s nothing in it for them. This is all the fault of Chansiri. How can you go into a season battling relegation when none of the players have anything in the fight? There are no fans there to encourage them. The players are human beings. The club haven’t motivated them. Blame Chansiri, not the players
  5. Can’t wait for this match, thank you Chansiri for building us such an exciting, dynamic and high potential squad! You truly are a fantastic chairman
  6. The extent of Chansiri’s ‘plan’ is to get a couple of dodgy advisors, let them pick the squad and transfers, and then presume that will create a stronger team than all of the other Championship squads, with their years of building, professional structures, scouting networks, experienced people across the club. Calling Chansiri naive/heart is the in the right place doesn’t do justice to how incompetent this man is. He is blind to his failings and even if by a miracle he gets us out of League One, his approach to running a football club will never make as a premier league te
  7. If Chansiri ever wondered if he was a good chairman, the fans considering Mike Ashley an upgrade should tell him everything he needs to know
  8. Not exaggerating when I say I’d genuinely rather a dog turd took over the keys to Sheffield Wednesday rather than them stay with Chansiri
  9. We really do deserve to go down. We’ve been absolutely awful this season, have employed 3 different managers, unprofessionally tried to cheat the finances and have done nothing to say we deserve to stay up, other than have fantastic fans
  10. Chansiri gambled to get to the Prem and it went horribly wrong. But can you imagine if we’d actually made it to the up? We’d have had the same type of bizarre player recruitment but this time spanking even more obscene money. To the people that support Chansiri’s gamble...do you honestly think he’d have made us a competitive premier league team, capable of staying up and pushing on?
  11. I find it hard to engage in this sort of discussion with Chansiri still in charge. He’s really put me in a place where I feel like I just don’t care. Whatever our plan should be, you can be confident that isn’t what Chansiri will do. The plan should start with removing him from any decisions whatsoever
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