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  1. why hes crap..said all along no tattoos and short hair and he wudnt be a footballer..sayin that i wont boo him satday cus i cant fault his effort at s6 👍
  2. sounds like a doggin calendar 😲...and how come theres 16 month in their year ? 😕
  3. i cud imagine him bein the dundee manager or summat and mentioning us every satday on radio dundee
  4. Scored 2 yday...dg wudnt score in a 50 baht bangkok brothel
  5. No better than what weev got...rather give bus a go
  6. theres a sign on stocksbridge bypass saying sheffield 21...then 100 yards away city of sheffield Stocksbridge
  7. how can dronfield be in sheffield?dont want it anyway..orrible pig infested town
  8. he dint tho...they might have had a chat but he was never formally offered the job
  9. Mark batty wednesday legend Appearances 0 Goals 0 Good look in the future mark batty
  10. different world these days.. but living in cornwall you mite not av noticed
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