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  1. Might be worth trying here later...http://www.talksport.co.uk/listenagain
  2. Remember seeing you guys down in Cardiff 'that' long weekend a few years ago - great crowd, good luck, you'll do it! See you in Premiership next year!
  3. Just very chilled and full of praise for the players and staff and stressing they have tried to make it just a normal week - players have worked so hard but need to get the job done tomorrow - Wycombe won't be easy as they are down anyway. Have ignored distractions but has been hard - eg, a champagne bar was opening on Thursday and wanted players to come down - DJ sent the back-kroom staff :-) Keys again apologising for the Freudian slip re: DW and speaking again to him during the playoffs :-)
  4. And Keys said to DW earlier he'd "speak to him again" (DW) "in the play-offs", . Prescient, one hopes. This feels worse than driving down to Cardiff a few years ago... UTO! , ditto
  5. "It's the taking part that matters, lads." I was never very good at the rabble-rousing stuff :-)
  6. If it's good for Sheffield business/employment that's what matters, ultimately, I guess. Will seem odd, mind.
  7. Chris Kamara is doing a great job commentating. Suitably eccentric.
  8. Hoping to get some live feedback via here: https://twitter.com/#!/tommyswfc
  9. I can't recall the last time I felt so confident regarding the season ahead - and that's before we have even concluded all our signings! New season - and a new era for SWFC - starts in just a few hours time - ie, first friendly of pre-season, over in Austria. It's going to be a great season for us. We're all long overdue one! Enjoy. UTO!
  10. Ditto. Chairman/owner will very soon lose interest - already pumped in millions, for no gain. He won't keep pumping money in. Sadly, the manager 'manages' like he played. Thug and about as Corinthian as a banana. Would love to again casually 'like' Hudds (as I did in the Jacko era and before) as it is my local team so loads of good mates support them - but with that manager/ethic (sic) in place, never.
  11. True, but... We didn't really have any quality last season. Same formation, different people. Different results will come. First time in ages am excited by a SWFC season - even in L1.
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