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  1. He's absolutely awful. No two ways about it! And, it is completely mind boggling how anyone can say otherwise!!
  2. Well below par. Kirby on the other hand was excellen. Fitted in so well.
  3. Applaud a child for trying and falling short not a multi millionaire struggleling to make the tickets affordable. And at this stage, there is nothing we as fans can do to change the current status of FFP.
  4. Watching that game you could completely tell that 3 at the back isn't for us. And yes we won a fair few games at the end of last season but in each we looked total dog shyte. 4 at the back is a must.
  5. Wrong. The money that both we and Chansiri have invested is more than enough, it just needed spending better. In fees alone, we have spend in excess of probably £30m on players either not playing regular or just not good enough.
  6. It simply isn't acceptable and he should be punished accordingly. People do make mistakes and If second chances are given out to those who physically abuse people then why not to those who are guilty of verbal abuse. Also, we cannot ignore any prior wrong doing by the fella just because he was racially abused. All those that were guilty of any wrong doing should be punished internally by the club's and we should now move on.
  7. Must hijack this thread, need 2 tickets please. Cheers. Zak.
  8. Twitter @sbrowncoys. Bottom of that picture.
  9. Im really looking forward to his response to this one.
  10. I'm afraid you're the one talking the ball axe mate. Other clubs have achieved much more amd without charging their fans through the roof.
  11. From the outside our club looks a complete joke. I cannot understand how our top man thinks it is acceptable to rip off those making this all possible, the fans. Disgusting.
  12. I cannot understand why we would settle for an average defender simply because he is available for a good price. Must be looking at better if we are looking for top 6 next season.
  13. I don't think setting the lads up to lose is a very good way if protecting them or you, Jos. Disgusting team, tactics and an arrogant unclear post march interview.
  14. He is on my very long list of signings that we didn't need to make.
  15. Good point however running a vpn to the states and back will slow down you internet speed significantly over somewhere in Europe. I think thats hoe it works. I ran speed tests and got varied results. Spain always spits out the best speed for me.
  16. You can support a player/club whilst accepting that they are sh*t. Morgan Fox is absolute garbage yet i will cheer for him and the team come match days. PPretebdinPretending
  17. A few sub appearances isn't exactly proving yourself but yes he has done more than Penney I accept that. However, this point was in response to your comment about young lads sitting confident and then not improving.
  18. I am yet to read any criticism toward the club on this decision. For me, it was about guageing how good this lad is/or viewed since he has signed such a short contract. Proved himself or not, if he was any good, he certainly wouldn't be signing 1 year extension. Hasn't Brooks just signed a four year deal with utd!
  19. Not sure. Could just be a matter of timing until they catch out the server ip or something. Guess I will see.
  20. Incorrect - I used a VPN to place some bets when I was in tenerife last month. Windscribe i use.
  21. I used my UK debit card with no problems on Friday night? Watched the game using a vpn with no issues (well a bit of stuttering at times in the second half).
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