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  1. I'm not quite sure a 52 year old would improve our starting 11
  2. Only imagine where we would be with a decent man in charge.
  3. Some thought has definitely gone in to the club that you have no interest in.
  4. Shocking isn't it! Almost as bad as you repeating what other have already made clear. I suggest you need to do the same as the OP.
  5. Big difference between being ready at 16 and being ready at 21. Like a year 5 advantage. RS at 21, you would expect to be twice the player he was at 16. And Brooks spent 10 years at Manchester City before signing for Utd who themselves have a great reputation for developing young players. We on the other hand....
  6. The guy has a lot of potentrial, just as others have done in the past. Let us not get carried a way just yet and let him learn his trade without anything on his shoulders.
  7. Big Sam would have this set of lads in the top 6, quite easily.
  8. What? I refuse to give him credit for managing 1 decent game followIng a dozen or more poor ones. I expect more than this. WE should expect more than this.
  9. Blame the man in charge. We we aren’t world beaters but we are better than this. His negative tactics and team selection is laughable at times. Even his substitutions are comedy. Change needed and fast, if we want any hope of claiming the sixth spot.
  10. Absolute dog poo. Complete donkey. Get rid.
  11. Why does it make it any less worth the debate? Being honest, if it was clearly a mistake, we would have less to debate?
  12. So the next centre back we recruit must have eyes in the back of their head??? Anyway, Let us say that Lees should have known that their player was offside but is he also to know that the linesman will also see it and therefore flag? Since Lees cannot first see the attacker is offside but also know that official will spot the offside, he must attempt to block it!!!!!!
  13. I think that many are arguing that the rule is rather silly as opposed to suggesting that the goal was fairly given. Also, that the rule(s) are far from being objective too. Imo, the goal shouldn't stand, Not because it's against the rules but because it is a situation you can't defend against. The ball is heading towards an opposing player leaving Lees no choice but to attempt to block it! Now tell me how this isn't interfering with play? Is it not the same as a player obstructing the keepers view in a shot?
  14. 90 minutes is a long time considering the time he has had out, even if it with the u23s. Surely a few more 45s would make sense but possibly with the first team? Better for him and the first team of cause.
  15. I can't help but feel that a third game with the u23s is overkill. Hooper is probably 10 games away from being injured again and i would rather him play these 10 games with the first team.
  16. Lees has no way of knowing if he is on or offside therefore has to attempt to block the pass. By forcing Lees to block the pass he is there for interfering with play, though indirectly. Offside for me. Rule book is a joke.
  17. Not only is he no Westwood but he certain isn't no Wildsmith. We currently have our (imo) third choice keeper In the net.
  18. Yeah - his reaction to scoring was rather odd. Almost as though he left us on bad terms??? I remember is as neither good nor bad really.
  19. Maybe because he is absolutely dog shyte. Just a thought mind.
  20. Personally, I would much rather be called all the names under the sun than take a fist to the face.
  21. Shocking views on Lees and Thorniley. Lees was a shambles, worse game in a Wednesday shirt yet he scored. Complete lack of confidence and an accident waiting to happen. Thorniley however was outstanding, looked like a seasoned pro. Swap these two around and I would agree.
  22. Oh dear. You cannot judge a footballer on the back of 10 games. Nor a single goal scored in a cup game, no matter the opponent. And you certainly cannot claim stardom for scoring one international goal. In his forst two season he played near 90 games and managed what 11 goals? He's awful just accept it. Or find better ways to justify otherwise.
  23. A 'fair proportion' of fans is not all fams, is it? So this itself leaves a fair proportion in agreement with me. And, to make something clear, Nuhiu has my full support when ever he pulls on the shirt as does every other player however I can still give my honest opinion of his a ability, which is that he has none, zero. Be is not a top 6 player, far from it. We seem to confuse criticism or negative opinions with support or he lack of, which isn't the case.
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