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  1. iFollow

    Not sure. Could just be a matter of timing until they catch out the server ip or something. Guess I will see.
  2. iFollow

    Incorrect - I used a VPN to place some bets when I was in tenerife last month. Windscribe i use.
  3. iFollow

    I used my UK debit card with no problems on Friday night? Watched the game using a vpn with no issues (well a bit of stuttering at times in the second half).
  4. iFollow

    does anyone have a solution to the requirement of an overseas bank account if they are to put this in place? be a real shame.
  5. Westwood

    Time for a new keeper me thinks. Fantastic shot stopper but i reckon bettwr distribution and commanding of the area would benefit us more.
  6. iFollow

    Worth a go for a fiver. just bought my match pass a few minutes ago.
  7. iFollow

    I had the same issue when i was in Tenerife for the few week of the season. similarly, i checked my IP location and it had me somewhere in Ireland. had to use a VPN to get around it however my internet was not fast enough to work when using VPN so had to miss out unfortunately. I was on my mobile phone data if this makes any difference, had no wifi where i was staying.
  8. IFollow quality

    If you are out of the country then Nothing, you just need to subscribe when out of the country. Using a laptop it is just on the swfc website. Click fixtures then match centre. This will allow you to buy a match pass for the game you wish to watch. Using a phone or android device you will subscribe as per the above but them use the swfc app to watch the game.
  9. IFollow quality

    Used it to watch the Fulham away game. It was excellent. £5 to watch a game I wouldn't have normally got to see is an absolute steel. Will be using it this saturday too (assuming the game is being shown).

    Proved all the doubters right tonight. Got out of jail yet again.
  11. Joost van Aken

    Great debut for him as an individual although the defence as a whole still found itself being torn in two far too often and far too easy. They should have probably seen them selves 2 or 3-1 up (that being said we should have capitalised on the first 15 and put the game out of reach) Hopefully, with time to bed in we might have a gem here and we can look forward to much more reassured defending.
  12. iFollow

    Why is that? thought it was only Sky games which weren't being shown? Cheers
  13. iFollow

    Anyone know if this game is available on Ifollow? i currently do not have the option to buy a match pass? it is there on future games though. Cheers
  14. Dear Mr Chansiri and Family

    Rather OTT. I don't condone abuse of any nature to anyone full stop but it is very early to be blowing kisses like that. Remember, this guy is a business man who's earning a nice helathy wage at our expense. Get us to the promise land and then we can think about being thankful.