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  1. zakswfc

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    What's that? Sack the gaffer when times aren't so great! Yes please.
  2. Couldn't care less. I am so disengaged with the club currently - We are an overpriced shambles. Well done Chansiri, great job.
  3. zakswfc

    5-4-1 for United?

    Four four flipping two
  4. zakswfc

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    I'm quite confident that the story would be somewhat different should Westwood have been in the net from the go.
  5. zakswfc

    Season tickets

    This woukdnt have come as a shick though would it. Those in charge if finance would clearly know that we were the wrong side of the rules.
  6. zakswfc

    Season tickets

    If the survey actually meant something then yes.
  7. zakswfc

    Season tickets

    Can I get a refund on mine still?
  8. zakswfc


    Four four f*cking two
  9. Cannot see how this belongs in the Sheffield Wednesday Matchday section.
  10. zakswfc

    Steve Bruce out of work

    Get him in, now!
  11. zakswfc


    If I was walking around waving a 'i hate Nuhiu' banner then fair enough but I ain't, just simply saying that he is awful.
  12. zakswfc


    But stayed long enough to post...
  13. zakswfc

    Jos To Blame

    The man is a joke. Was obvious from the start.
  14. zakswfc


    Nuhui gets my full supoort, i will sing and i will chant but he us effing awful... We are just facing the facts and it is about time the rest of us do. And finally, you can be critical whilst being supportive.
  15. zakswfc

    Gary Hooper

    If you don't bounce...