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  1. zakswfc

    Hector’s carpet slippers

    Thought Thorniley struggled on Saturday. Still a solid prospect once he has some more experience however Lees and Hector are well in front of him atm.
  2. zakswfc

    Barry Bannan

    Very talented player and i am a big fan of his but he cannot be allowed to saunter around doing absolutely nothing, as he did on Saturday. For the quality he has, we regularly 'cut him some slack'. I know I do anyway. Needs to put a real shift in on Tuesday.
  3. zakswfc

    £20 just the ticket

    Mate, my name alone gets me negative rep nowadays lol. All I can do is pay my way, turn up and cheer them on, which I have done for near 2 decades and will continue to do so regardless. And I agree, a half full stadium is frustrating considering where the numbers have been, even in recent years. My point is that the chairman must do this the correct way - Slash the extortionate prices throughout, but at the start of a term.
  4. zakswfc

    £20 just the ticket

    I wouldn't be very happy, having paid near 600 for a season ticket.
  5. zakswfc

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    Westwood Is by far the best keeper at the club, it is criminal that he isn't in the net. As fans we are well within out right to express this and there is no better way than chanting his name. Daswon as a professional footballer should be well aware that throuout his career, he will have to take the rough with the smooth. Take it on the chin and use it as motivation to improve and eventually be the genuine number one. The situation with fox, I cannot defend. He isn't good enough which isn't his fault and nor do we currently have a option head and shoulders above him. Booing won't solve this.
  6. zakswfc

    Tonight's player ratings

    Dawson 6 Baker 2 Lees 6 Hector 5 Thorniley 7 Matias 5 Pelupessy 6 Bannan 6 Penny 3 Fletch 4 Nuhiu 3 FF 5
  7. zakswfc

    Bounce back

    I am truly amazed that anyone can suggest we remain with 3 at the back. It simply hasn't worked for us.
  8. zakswfc

    Martin O'Neill

    I'll take anyone over Jos
  9. zakswfc


    Needs to start. Simple as that.
  10. zakswfc

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    What's that? Sack the gaffer when times aren't so great! Yes please.
  11. Couldn't care less. I am so disengaged with the club currently - We are an overpriced shambles. Well done Chansiri, great job.
  12. zakswfc

    5-4-1 for United?

    Four four flipping two
  13. zakswfc

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    I'm quite confident that the story would be somewhat different should Westwood have been in the net from the go.
  14. zakswfc

    Season tickets

    This woukdnt have come as a shick though would it. Those in charge if finance would clearly know that we were the wrong side of the rules.
  15. zakswfc

    Season tickets

    If the survey actually meant something then yes.