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  1. You seem to know rather a lot about dogging.... just saying... :)
  2. you and me both - if you get offered two i will take the other - also will pay over odds - PM me
  3. I am going to stadium today at 5pm. Would be great if someone is coming down with one extra ticket. I can meet you and pay you cash and I will buy your ticket for you as well, as a thanks. PM me now
  4. I definitely want these tickets it’s just a q of how you get them to me - I can pay you on online banking
  5. If somebody has a friend who cant go and you are bringing a ticket down or you are collecting it in SW6 please PM me as I will buy any spare ticket you can offer. Can meet you anywhere in London tomorrow.
  6. Please PM me I definitely want it please - will pay 50% over face if you want to make charity donation etc.
  7. I haven't heard back to my PM to you Ozzie, are they available as I definetly require one
  8. Hey ref 9 minutes are up, you can blow now you d**k!
  9. It's the agreed transition period. Keeping Bullen is the backstop. What's the issue?
  10. Think you must have missed Len Ashurst then!! Lucky you...
  11. .... not a smart comment just normal employment situation - i expect he's not been offered quite what he wants
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