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  1. 1cardiff ticket WANTED

    yep have a spare if you'd like it have PM'd you
  2. 2 Cardiff tickets available

    Have PM you.
  3. Bristol owl after Cardiff ticket

    yep got one spare and will be meet up with the swswswsc in walkabout today will try to figure out how to PM
  4. 2 Cardiff tickets available

    PM you
  5. 2 Cardiff tickets available

    Ps. Happy to sell them singly
  6. Spare Cardiff ticket available

    hi Devon Owl If it has gone give me a shout as I've a spare ticket.
  7. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    If anyone knows anyone who wants to go but haven't got a ticket I have a couple of tickets going spare.
  8. I have a couple of tickets (not together) available at face value if anyone would like them. Will be going to the game so can meet up in Cardiff before the game.
  9. Time to replicate Brighton would be a great way to celebrate our 150th
  10. Spare South Grandstand ticket available

    can you message me?
  11. Spare South Grandstand ticket available

    ok it's yours
  12. I have a spare south Grandstand ticket available for face value if anyone would like it
  13. Home Leg Ticket Wanted

    Sorry heppers I'll need to open it up to one and all as need to sort it out today
  14. Home Leg Ticket Wanted

    I have two tickets spare in the south stand but not together any good?
  15. As per title huge blunder booking holiday in May but done now. Has anyone any thoughts on which Bar would be a good place to catch the action whilst I'm in Benidorm