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  1. relegation season 74? went what seemed like forever without a goal
  2. Watching in a bar in portugal his appearance on the tv created a fair amount of interest and discussion among the other customers who otherwise had no interest in the game. Certainly raise the interest in us if only temporarily. I for one like having a character supporter which we haven't had on since sammy.
  3. Won't be a problem just use the old severn bridge (signpost to chepstow) via m48 though might possibly be a bit of a delay at the tolls.
  4. Yep take your point as every team seems to attract a fair few attendees (won't call them supporters) in the Prem who disappear as soon as they get relegated. Just trying to say that in my neck of the woods get a lot of plastics who so called support teams from all over the country but never come across a Sunderland supporter who wasn't either from the area or related to someone from there.
  5. A well supported club (with no plastic fans) in an overlooked region with annoying neighbours going through a long drawn out decline ending in Div 1. Feel for them, not so long ago it was us.
  6. Carlos has often done well against the better footballing sides (eg Newcastle last year, Villa this year) it's the over respect he has shown to weak sides (eg Bolton, Birmingham & Burton) that has been his Achilles heel in my opinion and if he'd have got us up last year I believe there is a good chance he would have given it a good go in the prem. Be interesting to see how he gets on at Swansea wouldn't be surprised if he does better than a lot of people are suggesting. Whatever happen I wish him the best
  7. Exactly the same restrictions were being applied at the Scotland v Samoa Rugby International last weekend so whether you agree with them or not, it definitely isn't a ruse by the club or a SAG/SYP restriction.
  8. There was an identical situation at 0-0 with Roofe (I think) wrongly getting flagged as offside the difference being Wildsmith made a great save/block but if he'd have score it would have incorrectly got chalked off. That said and I'm certain it's not deliberate but I do think physiologically official are influence by certain factors such as "bigger" team against smaller team, "honest" players (e.g. Lineker never getting a booking in his whole career) against perceived "deceivers" (FF getting sent off at Hull),etc. which means it'll never truly even itself up and the likes of Man U / Liverpool will always have more of the rub of the green against teams like Stoke for example.
  9. I must be too as thought he had a stand out game
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