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  1. Was looking at the new Guardian article on the 60 top talented members of the "Next Generation" of big name players, and was surprised to spot a Wednesday player, but one I'd never heard of https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/oct/11/next-generation-2018-60-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football Who is Iyad Hamud? Is it worthy of a place on the Guardian list?
  2. Won't be buying that. David Conn and Alan Biggs both like it - https://mobile.twitter.com/david_conn/status/797743744732844032?p=v https://mobile.twitter.com/AlanBiggs1/status/799221167596904448?p=v . Good for the club to get some good press.
  3. Been reading it. Cardiff 2005 really covered in detail. Brought back a lot of details. Memories of Con Blatsis also :P
  4. Getting my copy today. The Pink Paper article gives a good impression. And hey, there were some great days in the past 15 years. Just ask Lee Bullen!
  5. With the Wednesday defense leaking goals, it was no surprise that David Pleat paid £1.6 million to bring Jon Newsome back to Hillsborough in February 1996 for his second spell at Wednesday.
  6. Can't believe Grant Holt hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet! Was it 15 goals he scored in the Premier League that year?
  7. If not, then it seems that many of the fans last night believed that unless we become the first, then the season is a disaster.
  8. Having not played a single game in Watford's first campaign back in the Second Division, Wilf Rostron joined Sheffield Wednesday on a free transfer in January 1989.
  9. I read that book. Megson had nothing to do with it. It was culled from newspaper archives.
  10. He's actually writen two books. One looks to be a biography.
  11. We came closer to winning the title under Buckingham than under Catterick
  12. Carlton's reputation as an England player is entirely judged on that Graham Taylor documentary.
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