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  1. Do you honestly believe Bostock was number 1 on Megson's creative player list? Try 21
  2. Same reason he signed for 6 months in the summer You really are as stupid as you appear aren't you I agree with the OP with the exception of Bostock, he needs game time as he's off the pace but we can't afford him that
  3. Think you've missed the point Every cloud..
  4. This this and this It's like a joiner working without a f4ckin saw at the moment
  5. The money it would cost to pay him off would be better spent towards some players he actually wants
  6. I thought he might have played last time out. Looks well up for it, very positive when came on I agree with your midfield
  7. Correct, cue somebody coming along and telling you 'it's not the fans fault' It's one big f4ck off merry go round of blame
  8. These are the opinions you come to with your back to the pitch? As already mentioned you love fanning the flames
  9. But he wasn't he was just behind JJ therefore the ball as well Hahaha, brilliant
  10. He didn't have a prayer of getting on the end of it... because he was too busy floating into the f4cking box
  11. 1 - Because it gives me an excuse to abuse you. 2 - Ha, don't give me that poo that you fall into the pessimistic category, you only start these w4nk threads for controversy and to keep people posting Anyone use Owlsonline? Is it any better than here?
  12. No you're a Cnut who always starts the worst ever threads
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