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  1. I promise this isn’t sour grapes, I think their signings so far have been very meh!!! In fact, I would say it’s like they are signing players for 20/21 season in the championship
  2. I’d rather have David Brent, but I can honestly see this happening.
  3. I hope we can still crack on and appoint another manager while all this is going on
  4. Doesn’t sound like we’ve had a bean reading that?
  5. Even Carlton says “you just don’t mess with Big Nige” makes me think its it’s a risky appointment and could quickly destabilise a dressing room.
  6. He would be fantastic Never gunna happen though
  7. I’m thinking it’s either Pearson or Moyes
  8. I have a feeling this could actually happen Lets hope so anyway
  9. I honestly don’t think Ashley would authorise 5M for Bruce, I can see a fall out between us and SB
  10. The way Sam was speaking he has definitely spoken to Bruce unfortunately
  11. From what I can see we are no further forward than 24hrs ago, and all this is doing is impacting on SWFC preseason!!! Big Sam said on talksport that he know SB really well and he says he will take the job!!!! We can’t afford to drag it out, we tell Mike Ashley this is what we want in compensation if you want SB, take it or leave That’s what they would do
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