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  1. I thought his comments were pretty scathing for Westwood and Hutchinson in particular i wouldn’t be surprised if KW and Hutch took to social media to defend themselves Clearly major issues in the dressing room Not good if we end up in a relegation battle after a points reduction
  2. This is truly horrendous I’m starting to think Monk has lost the dressing room to be this bad!!!!
  3. Would’ve love to Wickham Windass and FF all start today, has a real goal threat feel to it
  4. Once Bowen is confirmed for Palace, Wickham will be with us soon after
  5. He’s been a big disappointment to be fair Good decision
  6. By the way, I promise I didn’t type the word poo! as I am not 4yrs old
  7. Blackpool have probably paid less than £250k which I think is good business for them, he will do well and be a fans favourite with his work ethic and never die attitude I reckon, Would rather have sold Van Allen first but if I’m honest if we are to be top 6 and potentially promotion candidates then I think Thorniley wouldn’t have quite made the grade Good luck Jordan
  8. We get an early goal and I think it will be a comfortable win, Not winning at half time and it’s the sort of game we used to lose, but I do feel a bitt more confident with monk
  9. I think it will boil down to this, yes the EFL said we could sell Hillsborough in the way that we did but they didn’t authorise the transaction to be back dated therefore showing a profit to avoid the profit and sustainability rules
  10. I’ve done a little man wee but I don’t care!!!!!!!!!
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