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  1. I never feel confident against Boro as I don’t remember many wins against them Come on Wednesday a win tonight will set us up nicely before the next international break coming up!!!! WAWAW
  2. waddleisgod

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Oh sh!t get up Bazza
  3. waddleisgod

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    We have set up as though we are playing Man City, Jos!!!!! We are playing Bristol City ffs!!!! Have a go man!!!!!
  4. waddleisgod

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    The first 1 is the keeper
  5. waddleisgod

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Sorry but it’s crazy playing Dawson when we have Westwood on the books, Dawson cracking shot stopper but worries me big time, our defence must feel the same just isnt commanding enough
  6. waddleisgod

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    I think it’s a 1 9 1
  7. waddleisgod

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Come on Dawson must claim crosses like that!
  8. waddleisgod

    Hayley - Update

    Awful news She put up an unbelievable fight for years right up to the end, my heart goes out to Andy and the children RIP Hayley
  9. Have to disagree big time! Chansiri caused an unnecessary problem for SWFC and his reputation yet again, No way 100% will the BBC be paying us more than any other championship club Sometimes I just think the club make a pointless no win issue and waste hours of meaningless energy and negativity that could be used in far better ways, why?!!!!!! Anyway it’s sorted but it should never have happened, Embarrassing probably the best word to sum up WAWAW
  10. Just too much, poor value for money unfortunately
  11. waddleisgod

    Rob staton

    Where is he going?
  12. I get the club are trying and that’s a good thing i think the idea in general is a good one, but I just don’t see a real incentive to make fans think “I’m going to buy this,” The point is the prices we now charge just aren’t value for money to most fans, but fans been fans they will pay over the odds but only for so long!!!
  13. waddleisgod

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    1st game of season Yorkshire derby Should be an absolute minimum of 25k It shows how the feel good factor since DC takeover is dwindling