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  1. Good all round performance apart from Murphy who looks lightweight and too casual, got into some great positions but final ball was awful, We do need to get Harris on he ball more Does Lees come back in for Lorfa that’s the quandary for GM Good day!!!
  2. Sky confirming it’s Monk to be announced today
  3. Where are all the itk ers that were on here a few days ago? what are they hearing / seeing now?
  4. Can some explain to me (and I’m been deadly serious here) How a court of law can find FF NOT GUILTY and yet the FA can go against the same charge and find him guilty ?!???!?!!!!
  5. Interesting better option than Pulis and Rowett for me, young, fresh and energetic Gamble yes
  6. Wouldn't have to break the bank, it’d take a quarter of what Bruce was on
  7. Lee is a great player to bring on for Hutch if it’s tight
  8. Get what your saying but we won’t know unless we try it, If we aren’t going to use FF then we need to get him off the wage bill
  9. But FF hasn’t had a player like Harris in the team with him before at SWFC, I think that could give the space FF can shine in as Harris pulls players all over with his pace and direct style FF is a quality player
  10. Would like to see this given a go, could rip teams apart, or it could leave us too open, perfect day to try it at home against an average side WAWAW
  11. Let’s have some decent pricing for this £20 maybe £25 max full price £10 concessions
  12. That is way to balanced and well explained. No place for it on owlstalk!!’nn
  13. Probably as near to a bogie team as we have (especially away) I’d love to win but I’d take a draw now! WAWAW
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