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  1. He made a cracking job of my drive to be fair,
  2. As long as we don’t spend too much on him, say 2M max then I’d be happy, I reckon there’s a lot more to come from him and if give him a permanent deal I’m confident he will thrive. Although saying that, I did think Boyd was a cracking signing so ignore any football associated comments from me!
  3. As long as he’s fit this makes a lot of sense, the major difference in the teams when we lost to Hull in the final was their team was all about power and pace, Something we have seriously lacked for years!!!!! SB knows this is the way to promotion Bring it on!!!!
  4. I think if we offered 2.5 million up front and then another 2.5 million if we get promoted in the next 3 seasons could work for both clubs, Getting Hector and Westwood on permanent deals is key for next season and needs sorting out quick Hector 4 yr deal Westwood 2yr deal
  5. His post reads as though he already has a local club lined up, probably Dingles a f not maybe Roverum, the new Richard Woods! i wish him well wherever he goes, he always gave 100% for the cause!! Thanks DP and all the best
  6. Don’t think we can take a gamble in both, for me I’d take the risk on Lee, it’s a position we are short in
  7. If only Jos was got rid of earlier like virtually every Wednesday fan could see, who knows where we might be now
  8. I agree to a point but I’m not sure if he will get more than he gets now wherever he goes, I think he enjoys it here so you never know, I still think he should be our No1 next season
  9. I’m pretty sure KW would love to stay and I think he’d accept reduced wages KW is a class keeper, we need to try and keep him
  10. We are probably paying big Dave double what Aarons is on, Which in itself is frightening and shows how we have gone wrong with so many deals under DC, Its good to know that Brucey will be able to get us some quality players in on half the wages we pay some poor players like Jones and big Dave and Abdi
  11. No it’s more that I believe we have much harder games than Stoke to come where I would take a draw now ie Norwich away, I understand that if we lost to Stoke but won every other game then that would do nicely, I just don’t see it
  12. A draw simply won’t be good enough, this is a must win game to have any sort of chance of play offs,
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11688/11564120/every-midweek-sky-bet-championship-match-live-on-the-red-button-with-sky-sports should be available reading this????
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