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  1. Poor finisher, but hard worker and does cause problems for opposition defenders the way he runs at them and makes space for others. Decent squad player in our current position
  2. From what I’ve seen over the years, Bullen doesn’t deserve any criticism in all his time at the club, from a player to coach to caretaker manager all he has done is his best for the club and at times been put in some awkward positions but he has shone as a dedicated, reliable and honest bloke throughout his time. Bullen is an asset to SWFC!!!!!
  3. Tuna sales went up during lockdown, we can do better!
  4. That’s a team heading for league 1 without a points reduction!!!!
  5. I was never a big fan tbh but he did improve as time went on to eventually been one of our more reliable players Good luck to him but we need to move on
  6. One of the most over rated footballers of all time!!! NO!!!!
  7. To stay up next season with the minus 12 point starting point, pretty much means we will have to achieve more points next season than we did this season. So to do that probably means we need a better squad /players for the coming season Can anyone see that? I just can’t unfortunately Also I honestly don’t believe we have a good enough keeper too, take Westy out of it and I think our keepers just make too many mistakes, all keepers make mistakes of course but we seem to average far more keeper mistakes than most. so I think after about 10-15 games we will be wishing we had been hit earlier with the point reduction and gone down meaning we should be in lg1 now and fighting for a chance of promotion Instead we will have just wasted a season which is going to be horrendous to watch!!! Sorry to be negative before the season even starts but there you go
  8. The attitude and comradeship in the dressing room will be key in overcoming the 12 points!! I believe these 2 are positive influences around the club so it could make sense, Players like Reach need to be 100% on side or forget them!
  9. I have a bed feeling that we are going to get a points deduction in the championship But carried on to next season, maybe us and a few others ie Derby That would instantly kill the enthusiasm for next season before it even starts!!!
  10. Monks not the manager for me, but he’s the least of my concerns!!!!!
  11. Didn’t look anywhere near ready, and can we check his passport? 20???? really?!?!?! 14, 15 max
  12. He must have an offer from elsewhere do we have any idea where?
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