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  1. Jumped up Ran around the room shouting get in!!!! Kids now pointing and laughing at me Bloody sky!!!!
  2. You couldn’t make this poo up could you!
  3. I always email them and ask for a call back which they do within a few hours from my experience
  4. Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    I just want me stripes back!
  5. George Hirst

  6. Wow!!! feel for those making the trip, what a dull game it looks likely to be!!!
  7. Young George Hirst

    No sell on clause if it goes to a tribunal I believe, that could be a right kick in the nuts for us in a few years, could make the 2M rejected look like nothing!!!!
  8. Awful defending absolutely awful!!!!
  9. Wow!!!!!! talk about bare bones, Do well to get a point today
  10. God I hope not, that looks an incredibly dull line up!
  11. I honestly wouldn’t spend another penny now, let the new management team get to really understand the squad, where are our strengths and weaknesses and be ready with a plan and targets come next transfer window use the next next few months wisely with the focus been on next season
  12. I reckon Tango would best Rhodes in a sprint
  13. 1.5M seems a right bargain for CJ