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  1. The frustrating thing for me is whenever we come up against a team on a winless run you just know they will break their bad run against us!!!! It happens time and again why????
  2. I hate been negative about my beloved SWFC but this has concerned me for a while We all know that if Wednesday face a team that are on a winless run and they face us, then we joke that they will end that run against us and they often do I.e Blackburn plus loads of others in recent seasons and then add the amount of times we boss games and fail to win or games we are winning like today and lose a goal in the final minutes why???? wrong mentality not fit enoufh poor game management bad luck ???? we all mention it jokingly but it’s killing us and no chance of promotion while it’s occurring
  3. I think it’s a mentality thing with Rhodes, and it probably stems from when he refused (bottled it) to take a penalty against Huddersfield Probably a massive regret for him and wishes he could turn the clocks back.
  4. we need a playmaker to cover/challenge Bannan or when not fit like against Blackburn (we missed him big time)
  5. Apart from a couple of sloppy passes/ bad choices I thought Reach was excellent He was everywhere and often put in a last ditch tackle put in 110% Just because he hasn’t scored a screamer for a while doesn’t mean he’s playing poorly, yes he could do a bit better especially with his final ball but he is still a first name on the team sheet for me
  6. Terrible substitutions Terrible referring Guuted
  7. 6 points from these 2 games and we will be top 4 if not maybe top 2 with a big game against leeds on the horizon, that COULD be a game for top spot wow just realised I’m been positive, WAWAW
  8. We need to do whatever Barnsley did, Fulham looked poor and Barnsley totally bossed it!
  9. Good all round performance apart from Murphy who looks lightweight and too casual, got into some great positions but final ball was awful, We do need to get Harris on he ball more Does Lees come back in for Lorfa that’s the quandary for GM Good day!!!
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