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  1. waddleisgod


    I DID NOT see it, but it I was extremely offended!
  2. waddleisgod


    Waghorn is very similar to Billy Sharp, and Billy Sharp is no where near good enough for the championship
  3. waddleisgod


    He’s not fit to lace any of our strikers boots!
  4. waddleisgod

    Chris Waddle - #SWFC LEGEND

    I always thought he was overrated!!!
  5. waddleisgod

    Ricky Moate Update

    That’s great news, well done pal All the best for a speedy recovery WAWAW
  6. England winning the World Cup is far more important than any bullish!t bragging the pigs can do! Really don’t care!!! COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!
  7. waddleisgod

    Liam Palmer

    Or Brian Barry Murphy
  8. Hunt might not be the best full back in the world but he’s probably the best one we’ve got at the minute!! IMO he’s much better than Fox and Palmer,
  9. Would much rather see the higher earners go likes of Abdi, Rhodes, Jones and Fletcher go before low value players like Hunt that actually have a purpose still
  10. waddleisgod

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    Lazy article!
  11. waddleisgod

    Westwood Going

    Great keeper when fit, good bloke to have around the squad but his first he is starting to suffer more and more with injuries
  12. waddleisgod

    Fernando Forestieri

    If a premier league club shows serious interest in FF then he will go, end of imo 1. He will double his wages 2. It could be his last chance to play in PL at 28 3. If we stand in his way we already know how FF can spit his dummy out if the pram which in turn effects the squad. If we get an approach in today’s market I think we accept 15M and no less!!
  13. waddleisgod

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sorry for your loss Tinks RIP WAWAW
  14. Jumped up Ran around the room shouting get in!!!! Kids now pointing and laughing at me Bloody sky!!!!