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  1. You beauty what a fantastic goal
  2. We’re spoilt for choice
  3. It’s live on talksport 2 just use Radioplayer via a mobile or any device via internet
  4. waddleisgod

    Team news

    We seriously lack pace looking at that!! Crying out for Winnall
  5. waddleisgod

    prospective line up v luton

    Winnall has to start tonight, I have a sneaky suspicion that Nando will be on the bench too
  6. waddleisgod

    Morgan Fox

    Look I never boo the guy and always want him to do well, but..... He has far more poor games than good ones and I get really frustrated with the amount of silly mistakes and daft decision making imo he will be one of the first that Bruce will see as a weak link and need to replace asap
  7. waddleisgod

    John Marquis

    I’ve seen him play live a few times and tbh never been that impressed, and don’t think he would be anything special in the championship Not a player we should be going for if serious about pushing on next season
  8. IMO full backs have been our weakness for a number of seasons, Great news if true
  9. This could make the reply with Luton much easier, club and probably players on a downer when we play them, backroom team and the odd player may also end up at Stoke
  10. Cardiff paid 6M for Madine Villa paid 12M for Hogan just based on that Reach has to be valued around 15M
  11. waddleisgod

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Tha needs a letter box pal
  12. waddleisgod

    Team news

    Expected to see Abdi today If fit it must be down to attitude surely?
  13. waddleisgod

    Press Conference

    Cheers pal
  14. waddleisgod

    Press Conference

    Is there a link to watch live anywhere? cheers