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  1. Reach

    So everything except his ability to play football?
  2. Wildsmith

    Should be our number 1. His kicking made a massive difference today. Flecther didn't have to run 30 yards for every goal kick.
  3. Hooper

    Feel for the guy he was brilliant again tonight. Having to play upfront and midfield tonight because Bannan is awful and is scared to pass the ball forward.
  4. Westwood

    Where in my post am i saying that one of our young keepers should be in for Westwood? He is our best keeper and should keep his place even with the mentioned faults.
  5. Westwood

    You gave me negative 5 minutes after i posted it. I think you're the one struggling pal. I think you may need to get the sock out because you sound a bit frustrated and argumentative.
  6. Westwood

    Obviously i have better things to do than be on owlstalk on a Sunday. You gave me bad reputation a full two hours before quoting me in the above post. Where in my post does it claim i knew he was a bad player. Westwood is a good keep but has many faults.
  7. Westwood

    Shittttt! it took you two hours to think of that.
  8. Westwood

    You obviously don't attend many games or you are Davis Blunkett because his command if the area is terrible. Every cross he flaps for and never comes out to collect crosses. We won't even get started on his distribution.
  9. Westwood

    Totally agree.
  10. Tom Lees

    Decent championship defender. Not good enough for the premier league.
  11. Our options out wide

    We've needed pace for two years. That's the difference between playoffs and auto. It's crazy we haven't addressed it.
  12. Joost van Aken

    He was very much at fault for their goal. Other than that he looked solid. Early days we will see.
  13. Thats wrong. No other team charges as much as we do
  14. Hi everyone

    Ha ok dude.