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  1. coreyswfc


  2. coreyswfc


    You rating him says everything about your football knowledge. Stick to taking pictures and watching films .
  3. He takes Joao off . This guy is a nut case.
  4. coreyswfc

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    If we judge someone on 1 tackle god help us.
  5. coreyswfc

    Defence issues

    Palmer isn't good enough to play in a back 4. As a wing back he would get demolished.
  6. coreyswfc

    Adam Reach

    Hes very overrated by many Wednesday fans. Needs to pull his finger out getting worse every game .
  7. coreyswfc

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    He does seem to do a lot of running but having no impact in the game .
  8. He's doing ok but when fessi is back straight swap for me .
  9. coreyswfc

    Clean Sheets

    With a back 4 of Palmer, lees, thorniley and Penney cleans sheets will always be a struggle. Palmer is clearly not good enough. Lees has over ever been good when he had a commanding leader next to him. The other two lads are looking good but are inexperienced.
  10. International football boringgggg
  11. He knew what I was saying.
  12. What is there to investigate. Their word against ours . If the ref had proof ff would already be banned.
  13. I think you're a bit stupid for thinking my my post ment it's ok to racially abuse someone
  14. You just answered your own question .
  15. If Tom lees called Jacob a certain word after getting kicked and punched you could guarantee that he would've been banned for 10 games . Crazy world we live in.