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  1. coreyswfc

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    No one will pay him as much as us so he's staying .
  2. coreyswfc

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    I wonder if he'll use 20s or 50s to wipe his eyes.
  3. coreyswfc

    Team vs Norwich

    That's not very nice is it. A person isn't an idiot because they have a different opinion to yours .
  4. coreyswfc

    Team vs Norwich

  5. coreyswfc

    Team vs Norwich

    More like it.
  6. coreyswfc

    Team vs Norwich

    Dave shouldn't be starting . Not good enough for a team aiming for the playoffs . Please don't give him another contract Wednesday .
  7. coreyswfc

    Dave and Who

    Because of one game. Have a day off. Very limited footballer.
  8. coreyswfc

    Nuhiu’s defensive block

    The guy is awful . Bye.
  9. coreyswfc

    Adam Reach

    Last season he was getting played all over the place . Reach on the right and a pacey winger on the other flank for me next season.
  10. coreyswfc

    Adam Reach

    He didn't have his best game last night but put him in the team when we have our best players back and he will look a lot better.
  11. coreyswfc

    Liam Palmer

    What it is with this scapegoat bs. We can see it with our own eyes. It's not Palmers fault that he's still getting games. It shows our poor recruitment.
  12. coreyswfc

    Liam Palmer

    Not good enough for the championship. Simple as that. You could name 3 from that starting line-up that are good enough.
  13. coreyswfc

    Adthe Nuhiu

    He's awful. Slows everything down we do . Their equalizer came from him not being able to make a 5 yard pass.
  14. coreyswfc

    Joey Pelupessy

    He was chasing shadows the all game .
  15. coreyswfc

    Matt Penney off on loan

    Must be rubbish if he can't dislodge Fox or any of our other fullbacks.