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  1. coreyswfc

    Well done Nuhiu

    Shame about the other 80 odd games where hes diabolical.
  2. coreyswfc

    Nuhiu... Off off off

    It's like playing with 10 men whenever he's on. I rate Sodje more .
  3. coreyswfc


    Don't worry though you still rate Dave
  4. coreyswfc


    Ill just leave this here.
  5. coreyswfc

    Season tickets

    20m worth of season tickets on top of one's already sold ?
  6. coreyswfc

    Season tickets

    Yep I bet it was a real shock when the FA slapped us with an embargo after going 20m+ over the limit .
  7. coreyswfc

    Season tickets

    That's a very good point.
  8. coreyswfc


    He could bang a couple in tonight . But hes still not good enough.
  9. coreyswfc


    You stayed long enough to make a post. come on tell me why i'm wrong
  10. coreyswfc


    We're in the Championship with teams such as West Brom, Stoke etc. If you're challenging top 6 you need a lot more than a player whose only attribute is working hard.
  11. coreyswfc


    Get a grip. have you not watched that last 45 minutes ans his other 100+ games for us
  12. coreyswfc


    league 2 standard at best. Diabolical player.
  13. coreyswfc

    This is how we line up

    Awful defence. But lees needed dropping so no choice really . I suppose that's what 3 years of poor recruitment does to you. Come on Wednesday 3 points tonight .
  14. coreyswfc

    Lees why...

    He's not good enough for a team aiming for top 6. Without loovens there is no one to carry him .
  15. coreyswfc


    Why do we allow teams to just throw the ball to their cbs, but everytime we get a throwing teams box us in . We're so easy to play against . We just allow teams to play the ball around and only press when it's in our half .