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  1. Exactly. Oh, and another couple of points. 5. If you're not going to play the players, don't buy them. Heffernan, Sedgwick, Jones haven't had a consistent (perhaps Sedgwick a bit luckier) run of games and the side has been tinkered with too much. Also signing Madine undermines Mellor, Heffernan and Morrisons' confidence in their own abilities, whilst what does Richard Hinds have to do to be even considered? I'm more than happy with the signing of the 3 defenders but perhaps giving Hinds a run at the expense of Purse earlier on might have reduced the number of required signings if it had clicked. 6. Consistency is key. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is the cliche and for a winning team it works. Bristol Rovers should have been the point where the tide turned in our favour, not a blip in the form pattern. Confidence was sky high after that match and we should have capitalised...
  2. One of assets of a great manager is to learn the lessons from positive or negative outcomes. Mr Irvine has failed in this crucial aspect on numerous occasions this season: 1. The Bristol Rovers game showed that pressing the opposition and playing a high line wins you matches in this division. Pretty much every successful team in this league does this, and we did it against the Gas. Hoskins was our only problem in this game, let in by Purse and Beevers too many times. Thankfully with THE RADIATOR we've got a player who should be able to cover when the rest of the team sits high. However we've seen that Irvine reverted back to cautious play against Huddersfield and Charlton (teams we need to get 3 points from to get promotion/playoffs) and it's bitten us. Leyton Orient was the classic Irvine tactic: 1-0 up and ten men behind the ball. 2. Midfield enforcers win games for their team. Joey Gudjohnsson (at Hillsborough) and Kevin Kilbane (at the Galpharm Stadium) do the job for Huddersfield by winning the ball and playing it square to a more creative lad or wide to the wingers. Even the likes of Kishishev and Semedo have done us over this season. JOC is a hardworking lad but for no result, Miller should be the creator not the enforcer and Potter... well the less said the better. It's clear how desperate we are for Coke to return, unless MM gets out the chequebook and signs a player in this mould (not a popular choice I imagine but Sean Derry would be a perfect candidate - annoying to play against but great to have in your team). 3. There has to be a clear link for midfield and attack. This is either done by pace on the wing (obviously JJ) or a forward with a great first touch who can create options (PAUL HEFFERNAN, MR IRVINE) by holding the ball up properly. My 'properly' I mean keeping the ball for long enough for deep players (which Wednesday have too many have) to get into attacking positions, not allowing the big lad at the back to lump it 70 yards in the hope that Morrison (who is NOT a target man) or Mellor (who wants the ball in front of him, facing goal) to make it stick. 4. Players need to be up for the game. All too often this season we've been a goal/two goals down before we've even got started. One of the advantages of League One compared to the Championship is that you shouldn't get punished so much for making the odd error - but we must be having 10 defensive wee wee tail-ups per match at present. In none of these 4 points does Mr Irvine score highly. Irvine out please, Mr Mandaric.
  3. Awful. Awful. Awful to the power of awful. The daft thing about this game was that for the first 10 minutes, we looked like we were in with a chance. Silly us.
  4. He had chance after chance to keep us up and played negative, at home, against the equally awful Crystal Palace, in our last game of the season, to a packed crowd. I don't mind looking sh#te if we get three points - but too often, at home, we've looked sh#te and not won.
  5. Five goals scored at home. When we've played teams in and around us, we've struggled. We looked crap against Dagenham and Redbridge. He got us relegated in the first place.
  6. Wait a minute, with a squad like ours we should be DESTROYING this league. There's no hiding from this fact. We struggled to get a win over a team in the bottom half of the table in Leyton Orient, at home, playing 11 men behind the ball and in a 4-5-1 formation after going 1-0 up. I've watched Wednesday since 1986 and I can hand on heart say I've not seen a less inspiring team in those 24 years. Results over performance is a Sgt Wilko belief and when he was manager we were a side known not for pure entertainment but for grinding out results with passion and pride for the shirt. Passion and pride are two elements that are lacking in this squad, and that comes from one man - Irvine, fuelled by his cronies - Purse, Tudgay, Potter and JOC and they're poisoning the attitudes of the newer players - Coke, Mellor, Teale, Jones, Sedgewick, etc... If we're playing this badly and we're in fourth then it's a demonstration of the complete lack of quality in this division, and a sign that we should be punishing teams for not punishing us, not letting them have the majority of possession and launching it 60 yards from the back when we do have it, completely bypassing our technically gifted players in the middle of the park. Crap tactics, crap results, crap manager.
  7. Yes yes, his effort is good. But, as I said earlier... Purse, Beevers, JOC, Potter and Tudgay all put effort in but this 'effort' got us relegated last season, and it's destroying the fans' enthusiasm this season.
  8. Why does he HAVE to be in our team? What does he do as a striker that Mellor can't do? What does he do as a winger that Teale or JJ can't do? What does he do as a link man that Miller or Coke can't do? As for opposing teams marking him out of the game - balls. For a lad of his supposed ability he should be clever enough to adapt to the situation. You don't see Didier Drogba going 'sod this, I can't get anywhere near the ball' - he'll change his game. Work rate is all well and good but it has to be effective. Lads like JOC, Spurr, Tudgay all have excellent work rate in terms of running around and covering the turf - but it has no net benefit most of the time - instead it usually results in a crap pass, a stupid flick on, a bad tackle, whatever. Each position should be filled by the best possible option, not the highest paid player in that role.
  9. Potter's biggest problem is that he sits too deep when playing alongside JOC. JOC seems to be the one let off the leash and running round like a headless chicken in front of Potter. The thing is, Potter never gets the ball in this situation as the play bypasses JOC and the whole of the oppo midfield is bearing down on Potter who has to release the ball far too quickly or is too nervous to do anything effective with it. When Coke plays alongside Potter, they seem to have a better partnership - Coke doing the JOC role much better and giving Potter more time on the ball. Potter also has licence to go forward if Coke gets the ball deep because he probably feels that Coke will do a better job of getting the ball forward - JOC can't pass to save his life, and I think Potter knows this. Mind, having said all that, you should have your most technically gifted players in the middle - hence Miller and Coke being the ideal partnership.
  10. This is the thing though. He shouldn't be doing half of the things he does. If he's asked to play in a striking role, he should do that. Not sit in at corners, drop back and defend, try to play the midfield link role. If he does do those things, then when we're on the attack, he's behind the play. Quite a few times yesterday in the first half it meant JOC was the most forward man because Morrison and Tudgay were too slow to respond to the change from defence to attack - a result of being rooted in the penalty area for defending a corner. I am aware that this is partly a result of Irvine's tactics. However on the flipside on the attack, I think he's even worse. Stupid flick ons to players rather than making sure of a pass, too slow to respond to some excellent crosses by Jones, rarely challenging for headers. The lad thinks he's Premiership class - he can't even trap a ball.
  11. Can we stop making excuses for him? He's simply not bothered. Irvine's tactics or whatever, if he's the supposed Premiership class that he makes himself out to be then he should show it on the pitch and use the games up to New Year as a shop window. He doesn't get forward as a striker. He brings nothing as a winger. He can't play in the hole. He doesn't win the ball in the air as much as he used to. He blames others for his mistakes. Mellor and the Heff up front and everyone's happy.
  12. Bringing Tudgay off actually brought urgency to the side. The lad is not bothered about Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, he's biding his time until January, where hopefully we'll pack him off somewhere. I couldn't believe some fans were giving him a standing ovation when he came off. Awful player today.
  13. Weaver - 8 Buxton - 6 (two errors all game) Purse - 2 (Purse's football technique - get the ball and lump it or crash through a player nearly retiring him) Beevers - 2 (cannot control or pass) Jones - 7 Miller - 6 (injured early on and took the edge off his game) Potter - 1st Half 2, 2nd Half 7 Coke - see Potter Tudgay - 4 (not a striker, and not bothered about this club) Morrison - 3 (see Beevers, but at least held it up a bit) Mellor - 8 Teale - 9 (MOM) Heffernan - 7 (there was a chance where the ball dropped to him in the penalty area and he couldn't get it out of his feet - if he was sharper through more game time, he'd have buried it).
  14. Ah, the Undroppables - Tudgay, Morrison, Potter, JOC, Purse and Beevers, only one player showed any kind of spirit and competency (notice not skill, just the basic footballing ability demanded at this level) and that was Potter in the 2nd half - who with a midfield of Coke, Miller and Teale around him was a completely different player. Surely now players should be picked on merit Mr Irvine? Or do the cronies return for the Charlton game?
  15. Agree totally with the OP. A mate of mine was complaining about the negative attitude of the fans in the first half. He felt that the negativity in the stands bred negativity on the pitch. I told him: B*ll*cks. If the gameplay's negative (eleven men behind the ball at home! MADNESS), if there's no effort or passion to win and use the ball, then the fans will be negative. It's no chicken and egg thing, it's obvious. Good, passionate efforts produce great, passionate crowd.
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