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  1. Are you hard of thinking or just being deliberately obtuse? 8 of 11 who started the 5th test v Australia were public (paid private) schooled. 7 of 11 who started the World Cup final v New Zealand were public (paid private) schooled. By DEFINITION, either England team IS MOSTLY made up of ex public school players.
  2. So let's add (test players): Rory Burns - City of London Freemans and Whitgift. Private Keaton Jennings - King Edward VII, Jo'berg S.A. Private Sam Curran - Springvale House, Zimbabwe. Private Stuart Broad - Oakham. Private Jack Leach - Richard Huish College (mixed funded/scolarship. Renowned cricket college) You can tap out any time you like...
  3. You said the above. 8 of the 14 were educated at fee paying schools. That's more than half (57% actually). Id say that your statement of 'Drivel. ...which of England's cricket World Cup team went to public school...' is miles off. I'd bet if you look at the test squad it's an even higher percentage.
  4. Well, you're miles off. Eoin Morgan - Catholic University School, Dublin . Private Josh Buttler - Kings College. Private Moeen Ali - state educated Jofra Archer - Christ Church Foundation School, Barbados. Paid students benefit. Jonny Bairstow - St Peters. Private Tom Curran - Springvale House. Private Liam Dawson - state educated Liam Plunkett - state educated Adil Rashid - state educated Joe Root - Worksop College. Private Jason Roy - Hawthorns & Whitgift. Both private. Whitgift is c40k per year. Ben Stokes - state educated James Vince - Warminster. Private Chris Woakes - state educated
  5. Almost drowning out here in the (old) Wednesdayite car park. Anyone in the ground yet who can report on the state of the pitch? There must be standing water? Wonder if we’ll manage 90 minutes?
  6. It may be worth noting that the council is proposing a 'Prohibition of Driving' notice, NOT a 'Prohibition of Driving (except access)' notice. There is a significant difference.Think about how many vehicles currently park within the proposed 'red and blue hatch zones' on match days, plus those that park along the proposed 'red line' section on Claywheels; where do we imagine all of those vehicles will be displaced to? You'd hope that the restrictions are kept sensible as far as timings go but I'm not sure 'sensible' is on the council agenda. Why put 10am in? For early ko's? So a 3pm ko might expect these closures from 12pm - 6pm? Or they could (if passed) choose to implement them for the full 12 hours. The closure of the Wednesdayite car park already had us looking for alternatives - I thought we'd found one in Park & Ride at Nunnery or Meadowhall - it worked fairly well for us versus QPR, though we missed the equaliser as I had fears about the potential for delay/crush (my son has terrible crowd anxieties that have meant getting to a stage where he can attend without serious problems has been a big obstacle - this 'change' to our attendance 'routine' is a big set back). Now I see this won't be an option v Leeds (and others in future?) He struggles (loses his sense of 'safety') with long walks from the 'safety' of the car to the ground - I feared Leppings Lane tram stop to the South via the bridge but was very proud of how he handled it - can anyone suggest somewhere not too far outside of the exclusion zones on the south route in (or possibly the north if we come in via M1 Chapletown junction) that we could use for parking?
  7. So we can't drive to the stadium and we can't get there by super tram? Can I land my helicopter anywhere close?
  8. Taken as printed it means all of Penistone Road is closed from Parkside Road to Law Bros for the entirety of a match day, along with local roads such as Vere Road etc. and that it constitutes a 'prohibition of driving' order. This would mean that those residents of those local roads would be prevented from driving to/from their houses on match days. The 'no waiting' restriction on Herries Road, Herries Road South, Rawson Spring Road could well mean a zero parking zone. All of which will make S6 almost unvisitable by car on match days. Disasterous.
  9. well, didn't I get a full house (of pointless unfunnyfucks)?
  10. Great comeback. Thanks for proving just how unfunny you are. Pathetic. Go spam somewhere else.
  11. Hey look everyone, another thread that Owlerton Ghost and Mrs Blenkinsop have managed to derail with their mm.
  12. Not inside the stadium for the next 2 years he won't.
  13. It should look like this... As you can see, that's a double rose. If you (or sadly, SWFC) choose to bastardise it and only use a single rose then as you can see, the 'inner' rose above has the sepal at 12 o'clock and a petal at 6 o'clock. Yours (and SWFC's) is the other way around. Which would be fine for East Riding but Sheffield is in West Riding. Basically, stop using the (wrong) single rose. And those using the single rose can't claim to be using the outer rose only if they choose (as you and SWFC have) to have a centre, since that centre is in the inner rose.
  14. Rose is wrong - should be double heraldic, not single. If single it should be sepal up, petal down. And yes, it's wrong on our latest crest. Which is why you should always check if you're going to go all clever arse historical.
  15. I take it you don't get excited when we score? I've never understood fans getting up in arms when opposing players and/or managers show the same emotions as they often do, or react to abuse directed at them by fans. Silly old man.
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7214509/Middlesbroughs-new-bombshell-accusations-Garry-Monk.html
  17. I'd rather be water-boarded than have Pulis as manager.
  18. Your opinion. But are you so delicate as to be upset about that? As pointed out so eloquently by Buxton just above, there are many reasons why folks choose to want to buy food/drink inside the stadium as opposed to outside. EVERY other sporting club I've ever been to manages this better than my club. Every single one. From non league football to cricket to international rugby to baseball. I feel qualified to make comparisons from hundreds of venues and SWFC is the poorest. That's not having a dig at the club. It's just a crying shame that we can't get something right when others with a hundredth of our budget do it so much better.
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