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  1. Mate is a Celtic ST holder. Bates came through at Rangers (RIP) so it was with a heavy heart he told me he thinks this laddie is quality and a great acquisition.
  2. Thanks. But if he knows Rowett 'aint the new manager', why wouldn't he offer 100/1? Or does he mean he wouldn't back him at 100/1?
  3. Define 'significant money'? Good luck getting much more than a £25 single on any selection.
  4. Hughton odds still SUSPENDED on SkyBet. Has been for 10 minutes or so now.
  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned as I've skipped ahead in the thread, but has anyone actually had a look at their website? https://www.uk-k8.com/home?btag=790252_48635
  6. Sorry to be mr boring but it's pretty straight forward. Someone due at the meeting in London has told Casbah this in good faith but has simply got a minor detail wrong. I'm sure that whoever it is was sincere in saying DC is flying in from SF - what that does is actually confirm that DC WAS in SF. The fact that he's moved on and is in Boston is immaterial. Much better flight - will be fresher than a haul from SF.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt the meeting if you say it's happening. What constitutes our 'senior management team' these days?
  8. If he's been in San Fran but is now in Boston, why would he fly into Heathrow from San Fran?
  9. I got 8-1 at BetVic yesterday on Rowett. Wanted a ton on but they would only take £25.
  10. The missus can order dresses online on a Saturday afternoon and get them delivered before 7pm so she can wear one ('and send the rest back') that night.
  11. it does have WAWAW inside the rear neck area. Heard that we might have a none Chansiri sponsor
  12. they are small. ridiculously so. even worse than last year. which is why they go up to 6xl.
  13. Good numbers at the megastore. Sizes appear even even smaller than last year - brought the sons xl from last year and it’s a fraction (1/2 inch?) bigger than this years 2xl
  14. Can anyone confirm that they are at the Penina resort just north west of Portimāo?
  15. It's 35 degrees out here today and we have them training in black.
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