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  1. That 1/7 is very recent (like this evening recent), isn’t it? 1/7 is done deal odds. Didn’t think he was that short at about 6pm.
  2. Imagine trying this hard to still finish comfortably second best to The Dodgers
  3. Might get both. Would love to see The Mets push Atlanta next year.
  4. Surprised The Mets aren't in for Realmuto instead of McCann. Wonder if Dombrowski ever got my package
  5. Please tell me you didn't copy/paste that? There are so many grammatical and spelling errors it's shameful. Even worse so if it is supposed to be public communication from the club.
  6. Breaks down and is subbed in first 20 minutes.
  7. Here's a crazy (and none racist) solution; perhaps ask the individual concerned their name?
  8. By what measure? Better possession? Nope. More goals? Nope. More shots on target? Nope. More clean sheets? Nope. More points per game? Nope. Better discipline? Nope. More successful in finding a teammate? Nope. Better league position? Nope. I’m at a complete loss as to how Pulis’ first 5 games are being seen as a success.
  9. I'm not saying you are, but what are the chances of a bar owner in Lanzarote paying staff in cash and not necessarily through official accounting? Back here in Blighty you'll find that pro football players have to be paid via official methods with NI being accounted for.
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