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  1. Gossip

    New teeth pal?
  2. Fundraising signed shirt auction

    Let's make it £200
  3. Odds Tonight

    This plus Mr Paint Dry picking the team = zzzzzzzero - zzzzzzzero

    Yup. Your comment, despite only being 3 words, CONFIRMS a lot about you.
  5. In view of the hostility towards Langley, the Sunderland executive thought it wise if the crowd didn’t see him again after the match. Unruly elements had gathered around the main entrance shouting “Where is he – the poopydoo.” Langley left by the back door with a police escort.
  6. Anyone who left early

    We left at 2.45pm. The kids were being littleshits and I had a meltdown. Decided to take them straight home to try an d make them see how angry I was with them.
  7. It's the same people every time having a pop at fans for having a legitimate concern. Or perhaps only those that live within a certain radius are TrueFans? You, Ash, Bigthinrob and a few others seem to live to shout down anyone who dares to question anything the club does.
  8. less than 2 miles. So you're alright jack and balls to those who live in Sheffield (my address says so) but whose schools fall under Rotherham (or Barnsley or Chesterfield etc.)? Selfish two hat. What would you be saying if it were next Wednesday, 28th March?
  9. I live in Anston. 2 season ticket holders (well, 3 including me). Good enough for you? Just out of interest, where do you live?
  10. More nonsense from you. I wouldn't expect them to check London, no. Or Cornwall, Scotland, Norfolk etc. Rotherham, Chesterfield and Barnsley? Yes, absolutely.
  11. Utter fuckup. I've spoken to the club and it's as clear as day that they didn't even check. There was deathly shocked silence when I told them followed by 'no sir, schools don't goo back until Monday 16th'. Check the Rotherham schools I told them. I still don't think they believed me but they said 'well it's not just for kids and there'll still be stuff happening after 4.30, bring them after school'. Seriously, what kind of morons do we employ? It's absolutely obvious someone (maybe) checked Sheffield schools and that was that. Well fuckus out in Anston, Todwick, Dinno, Wickersley etc.
  12. Rotherham schools (so include Wales, Dinnington, Aston etc) go back on Monday 9th. Brilliant planning Wednesday.
  13. What tune? We've won 2 in 12.
  14. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    You know when you're sat shaking your head at the state someone is turning this site into, and then this...