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  1. There's no way Jordan Rhodes is at Norwich next season. If they go up - no way does he play for them in the Premier League, since - and if they don't go up - he isn't playing for them currently in the championship. If the manager doesn't see him as good enough this season, why would he see him as good enough next? Possibly if they don't go up and the likes of Puki etc leave but I just don't see it.
  2. Right, I've Googled it. It's North West of the ground? As I've already said, I come from the South East. Can you see the issue? I've never had a need to go there. I've also just learned that the roads I use are Herries Road South and Herries Road. You're correct, there are match day car parks on Herries Road and they are within budget. They will be an option, though I suspect with the Wednesdayite car park gone they'll be full up that much sooner. I've also now discovered where Birley is. I had absolutely no clue. Turns out it's not that far from me - other side of Crystal Peaks. I've never been there, never had the need (Birley that is. I've been to Crystal Peaks so of course know where it is) so you'll have to forgive my further ignorance. Congratulations on being able to get there early by the way. Good for you.
  3. Typical from you. I'm aware that our training facility is at Middlewood Road, but I have no idea where that is - I've never been there. I've never had need to be. Perhaps you can enlighten me? Do you for example know where Lordens Hill is? Assuming you don't live near here and haven't ever needed to there? Don't cheat and google map it. Do you know how to find Parm on Mulberry in New York? I'll bet not without mapping it unless by huge coincidence you've also been there? If not that doesn't make you ignorant, it just means you haven't had the experience of going there. And as for getting a close parking space at 2.40, that's kind of my point. I cannot get there much earlier due to business commitments. The Wednesdayite car par allows me the luxury of being able to manage that. Without that luxury I'm going to struggle. It's a nasty trait of too many on here who seem to look down their noses and sneer at folk if they weren't raised within sight of the ground and only have the temerity to visit for matches.
  4. Well yes, of course I can. The point I'm trying to make is folk saying there's loads of places to park. I wouldn't have the first clue where to start. All I know about the streets near to the stadium are: Penistone Road - no parking The road near the Lexus garage - parked there once. Too far these days on my meds. A road near the Crown pub - parked there with a pal who gave us a lift. He got a ticket. The road that runs down to the kop - looks like double yellows and cones as far up as where we turn left to come back down to the junction (that used to be a roundabout) That road - seems to be all cars on the pavement - I assume these are the ones that folk sometimes complain about getting tickets? Not surprised as there's always folk walking in the road, including old folk, people with buggies etc. They even park in the bus stop. The road the Chinese chippy is on (Vere?) - appears to be residents only? and obviously we wouldn't be able to park this close at 2.30-2.40. Tim mentions The Park Hotel - I recall going in there for a couple of W'ite meetings I think. If I'm correct that's on the Leppings Lane side of the ground? If I recall correctly I was able to park at SWFC for those meetings. In my early 20's I did go to games with some local S6 lads - we drank in a huge pub in Hillsborough and I would park in their carpark. I noticed it has been demolished when I recently visited our store in Hillsborough (parked on the roof of a shopping precinct after following sat nav). Perhaps some decent suggestions for someone coming from the SE of the city via the parkway/penistone road that's within 10 minutes stroll(heart condition means BP is usually 170/120) and available with 30 minutes to k.o?
  5. I have absolutely no clue where Middlewood Road or Wadsley Lane are. I am from Anston. Have lived in Anston or Todwick (or Newcastle for uni) all my life. I know How to get from my house to Sheffield Wednesday via the Parkway, Derek Dooley Way(?) and Penistone Road. I now know how to turn right in front of the top, then left, then left again back to the Wednesdayite carpark. Years ago,pre W'ite, I would park at the greyhound stadium. That ended when fuckface sued our supporters. As a kid we came to the game via the local supporters club bus which dropped us on Penistone. I'm also aware of Niagra sports as we used to use the Wednesdayite family bar, but I've no idea what that road is called. The reality is, many folk live away from S6 (or from Sheffield city centre) and don't know the area very well or at all.
  6. Know a couple of elderly ST holders and one disabled ST holder who have said once the carpark is gone that'll be the end of their ST's It might impact mine and the boys - I cannot get to the ground 90 minutes in advance. We never get there more than 30 minutes before kick off. Without an alternative within a 10 minute walk we'll be struggling. Add that to the number we miss already because of business commitments and this season might have to be our last ST.
  7. That’s right. I literally meant for someone to use a firearm and shoot the OP.
  8. Calm down sweetheart. Turns out Radio Sheffield got it wrong and have taken 30 minutes to correct themselves. YOU’RE welcome to shove my stick anywhere you like. I assume it won’t be a library?
  9. Radio Sheffield say he plays. Someone has fuckedup. It’ll be RS...
  10. You spend so much fuckingtime banging on about SUFC, are you sure you’re not a b***e?
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