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  1. @Ian you make being a twåt look easy
  2. In a quandary now. Didn't renew ST's because I was working away when the (January?) deadline went and the club refused to do it when I rang them the next day (I was genuinely shocked). Opted for credit to my account which I planned to put against 20-21 ST's when they went back on sale. But they're not going back on sale. So now I want a straight refund (adjusted for 2028 inflation assuming that's when it will be paid). But the stupid account system is giving me untold grief - my login has always been my ST ID. But now it won't recognise that and
  3. Question: If the competition rules had the result of a DRAW after 90 minutes decided by the throw of a coin, would you argue we WON the game if we won a coin throw?
  4. Finally, the 'point' of the thread. Err, wrong. In. the historical list of Wednesday results it's logged as a draw.
  5. And this is a real problem, particularly if like me you've chose option 7 - refund as a ticket voucher value. I didn't manage to renew during the early bird and they refused to allow me 12 hours after the deadline when I realised I'd missed it (was busy with New Year or pancake day or summat equally stupidly early in the year). I will want to renew as soon as they allow but if they don't issue the voucher value before then then option 7 will have been useless (could have taken option 8 but wanted to leave the value in the club).
  6. Nope But I did it having seen the tweet last week. And now I see no options.
  7. The white thin stripes on the sleeves look very Adidas. Which clashes with Umbro. Not for me.
  8. I moved into a new house 2 days before lockdown. No wifi, just a 4G mifi device. Sky have cancelled 2 install appointments. iFollow or any streaming service is useless to me.
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