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  1. The white thin stripes on the sleeves look very Adidas. Which clashes with Umbro. Not for me.
  2. I moved into a new house 2 days before lockdown. No wifi, just a 4G mifi device. Sky have cancelled 2 install appointments. iFollow or any streaming service is useless to me.
  3. Yeah. Out of a cannon hopefully.
  4. When games are inevitably either postponed or played behind closed doors, will season ticket holders get a pro-rata refund for those games?
  5. Tickets for Albion’s trip to Sheffield Wednesday will not go on sale on Monday owing to matters out of the club’s control. Stay tuned to all Baggies media channels for further updates.
  6. I forgot. Had family stuff happening and it just never occurred to me the deadline was 10th of fuckingfebruaryforfuckssake.
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