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  1. Tickets for Albion’s trip to Sheffield Wednesday will not go on sale on Monday owing to matters out of the club’s control. Stay tuned to all Baggies media channels for further updates.
  2. I forgot. Had family stuff happening and it just never occurred to me the deadline was 10th of fuckingfebruaryforfuckssake.
  3. Are you hard of thinking or just being deliberately obtuse? 8 of 11 who started the 5th test v Australia were public (paid private) schooled. 7 of 11 who started the World Cup final v New Zealand were public (paid private) schooled. By DEFINITION, either England team IS MOSTLY made up of ex public school players.
  4. So let's add (test players): Rory Burns - City of London Freemans and Whitgift. Private Keaton Jennings - King Edward VII, Jo'berg S.A. Private Sam Curran - Springvale House, Zimbabwe. Private Stuart Broad - Oakham. Private Jack Leach - Richard Huish College (mixed funded/scolarship. Renowned cricket college) You can tap out any time you like...
  5. You said the above. 8 of the 14 were educated at fee paying schools. That's more than half (57% actually). Id say that your statement of 'Drivel. ...which of England's cricket World Cup team went to public school...' is miles off. I'd bet if you look at the test squad it's an even higher percentage.
  6. Well, you're miles off. Eoin Morgan - Catholic University School, Dublin . Private Josh Buttler - Kings College. Private Moeen Ali - state educated Jofra Archer - Christ Church Foundation School, Barbados. Paid students benefit. Jonny Bairstow - St Peters. Private Tom Curran - Springvale House. Private Liam Dawson - state educated Liam Plunkett - state educated Adil Rashid - state educated Joe Root - Worksop College. Private Jason Roy - Hawthorns & Whitgift. Both private. Whitgift is c40k per year. Ben Stokes - state educated James Vince - Warminster. Private Chris Woakes - state educated
  7. Almost drowning out here in the (old) Wednesdayite car park. Anyone in the ground yet who can report on the state of the pitch? There must be standing water? Wonder if we’ll manage 90 minutes?
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