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  1. Manwithastick

    Can Hector play against Chelsea?

    He played tonight
  2. Manwithastick

    Madine the Pig

    Goes from being merely a cûñt to a gold plated çüñt.
  3. Manwithastick

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    I like Pulp. I like Jarvis. But he’s always refused to confirm if he’s Wednesday or United - a bit like Palin - and I’ve actually asked him twice.
  4. Manwithastick

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    He's innocent until proven guilty. But will everyone be so quick as to dismiss his comments if it turns out he DID say what is alleged? Not turning up to court is a stupid thing to do - especially if you are innocent.
  5. Manwithastick

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    I don't understand the Jarvis Cocker link...
  6. Manwithastick

    Fans Forum Wednesday at 1867 suite

    Any spare for the 1867 please PM me. Thanks.
  7. Manwithastick


    soft as poo .
  8. Manwithastick


    Typical response.
  9. Manwithastick


    get a fresh poll up
  10. Manwithastick

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    I'm so bored I'm browsing ceiling lighting
  11. Manwithastick

    Match day announcement

    Hang on...we charge to put a birthday message on the scoreboard?