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  1. Big man act. Probably in his 30's and lives with his mum. Plays Minecraft and Fortnite when not posting about LADSLADSLADS and knocking everyone else down.
  2. He thinks he's edgy. Actually just a bit thick. See?
  3. I'm in Albufeira 29 June - 6 July. Not sure if this is a good thing. Supposed to be a family holiday.
  4. Based on actual performance at Hillsborough? Michael Owen.
  5. Epic OP fail. Tom LEES was not replaced by Hutchinson. Kieran LEE was.
  6. There's no way Bristol City are only taking 6 points from a possible 18 on current form, or Villa 5 from 15? We'd have to pass one of them and they play each other. Either one of them gets 3 points (meaning only 2 more points if Villa or 3 for Bristol) or they draw and Villa need only 4 points from Bolton, Millwall, Leeds and Norwich or Bristol only need 5 points from Reading, Us (it then becomes moot anyway), Derby, Millwall, Hull. We could win all 5 remaining games and I don't think it'd be enough. We're done.
  7. I'm in Lanzarote on my jolly. The villa has some sort of tv box thingy with a million channels including a load called premier league 1, 2 etc. and, more to the point, EFL 1, EFL2 etc. There's nowt showing on them at the moment. Does anyone on here know if they are likely or where I should look?
  8. There's no way Jordan Rhodes is at Norwich next season. If they go up - no way does he play for them in the Premier League, since - and if they don't go up - he isn't playing for them currently in the championship. If the manager doesn't see him as good enough this season, why would he see him as good enough next? Possibly if they don't go up and the likes of Puki etc leave but I just don't see it.
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