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  1. it does have WAWAW inside the rear neck area. Heard that we might have a none Chansiri sponsor
  2. they are small. ridiculously so. even worse than last year. which is why they go up to 6xl.
  3. Good numbers at the megastore. Sizes appear even even smaller than last year - brought the sons xl from last year and it’s a fraction (1/2 inch?) bigger than this years 2xl
  4. Can anyone confirm that they are at the Penina resort just north west of Portimāo?
  5. It's 35 degrees out here today and we have them training in black.
  6. My pre-season tour days are over. Had some laughs on a few Holland trips - was it Deventer where we played Go Ahead Eagles and they kicked off after the game? Tommy Spurr was injured and had to play waterboy for the squad. Brian Laws 'interpreter' was straight from Amsterdam's red light district
  7. Changed up? Get in the füç˚king sea
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