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  1. When was Jarvis ever a pirate?
  2. Manwithastick

    Anyone consider this 'their' squad?

    3 of them played for my father as school boys. Pat Heard in Hull, Mel and Charlie Williamson (plus Carl Shutt) at Waltheof.
  3. Manwithastick

    Clare joins Swansea

    @BIG D @bigthinroband the rest ( @casbahowl doing the usual): Q: will you be going to the Big Ron evening?
  4. Manwithastick

    Clare joins Swansea

    What a fuckinlobber
  5. Manwithastick

    Your definitive team for Wigan

    THAT is how predictable Jos is.
  6. Manwithastick

    Set your expectations now

    Preston pretty much defined last season
  7. Manwithastick

    Love for Jos.

  8. Manwithastick

    Can't wait

    And if we get spanked?
  9. But now we can see that the penalty isn't exactly tough. I have a nasty suspicion that the reason we haven't made signings is exactly because the money has dried up.
  10. Manwithastick

    Your definitive team for Wigan

    mine (3-1-3-3) - we don't have the wingbacks to play 3-5-2 Westwood Lees JVA Pudil Hutch Bannan Reach Pelupessy (would be Lee) Forrestieri Joao Fletcher His: Dawson Palmer Lees JVA Pudil Reach Bannan Hutch Pelupessy Forrestieri Nuhiu Will be conservative, slow, frustrating, ponderous, dull and safe(fish) all season. Finish 17th.
  11. Where as ... is a positive riot in a sweetie shop
  12. We have black posters along side you on here but I'm pretty certain of your proudly displayed feelings. You're not edgy or funny Steve, you're just a bore.
  13. I hope to goodness he didn't say anything, including the Spanish word negra. What is sickening however is that I have to share support of SWFC with fucktardmorons who think that 'even if he did say it, it's just name calling and adults shouldn't be going to the police'. The levels of racism on here make me sick.
  14. Manwithastick

    First 5 Fixtures