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  1. Manwithastick

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Füçk me. I had no idea Wednesday fans were so small time and bitter. SWFC have done a miserable job of managing this situation, starting with the offer of 4 years @ 4k with no contract clauses whilst simultaneously pimping him to Notts County for 5K per week. And they then had the temerity to be shocked when he said no thanks. So instead they've cut their own nose off to spite their face by effectively stunting his career by a year. I hope he goes on to lead the line for England and that we learn sufficient lessons to have made it back to a level where we can persuade him back to score goals for us at the top of the premier league. Neg away.
  2. Manwithastick

    Sunday Morning Coffee and the papers

  3. Manwithastick

    New shirt thread

    Plain back. Striped front, but plain back. Chevrons everywhere.
  4. Manwithastick

    New Kit

  5. Manwithastick

    Anyone disagreeing?

    Lonely night at the end of season dinner for our POTY - he has no shirt sponsor (along with a number of others)
  6. Manwithastick

    New number plates, who can beat it...

    OW15 GAY available from DVLA for cheap.
  7. Manwithastick

    On Jos...

    Respectfully I disagree. This squad is a middle third squad - 9th to 16th. And that's where we'll finish the season. If Lee, Hutchinson, Bannan, Hooper, Forestieri all get and stay fit fo0r 40+ games each next season then we might be 5th - 9th. That's far from likely and far from the promotion certainties that so many think we will be. This season has been awful - both under Carvalhal and Luhukay. I don't see next being much different.
  8. Manwithastick

    On Jos...

    Sure. I believe he will have a transfer budget of zero pounds. That means free transfers only. And not (thankfully!) the high earner, come to the end of a lucrative deal elsewhere kind. We will not be able to move forwards in terms of meaningful squad refreshment until the likes of Mathias, Abdi, Fletcher, Jones, Boyd et al are gone. And that won't be next season. They'll have to continue to be carried as passengers. Now add in that Hutchinson, Lee, Hooper will still be at the club but will make little contribution based on fitness history of the past 1-2 seasons. This will force Luhukay's hand in playing Fox, Jones, Nuhiu who aren't good enough. As it stands I see the following as likely to be fit and good enough to be top 4: GK - Westwood/Wildsmith/Dawson R(W)B - nope. 2 short. We'll go with Palmer and Hunt who weren't good enough this season CB - Lees. Pudil will be back up. Van Aken doesn't look ready. Vanancio won't be signing for a fee. We are way short here. This will be where free signing wages are spent. L(W)B - nope. Fox not good enough. Boyd not good enough. Pudil too old. Reach wasted here. But we'll go will Fox/Boyd. Midfield - Bannan is capable but needs to regain full fitness. Lee, Hutch - not fit enough. Jones, Pelupessy not good enough (but will be what we have). Reach. Up front - Joao could be anything. Foristieri - a lot is on his shoulders. Hooper - never fit. Fletcher - never fit. Not getting any younger. Nuhiu - not good enough. We are paper thin and I don't see that changing. We'll get by with largely the same squad as this year. Which logically sees us have a similar season to this year.
  9. Mirror. Lunch well before kick off. Conspiracy averted.
  10. Manwithastick

    On Jos...

    My point is that in Owlstalkland the current prevailing sentiment is that Jos is the second coming and we'll be right in the mix if not promoted by xmas. And anyone who doesn't subscribe to this narrative is instantly shot down and negged to hell. I've seen absolutely nothing to back up this level of optimism coupled with hounding those that don't subscribe. If/when we fail to be 20 points clear by 2019 as some on here seem so sure we will be, then you can be assured that those same daydreamers will be lighting the torches and demanding his head. Personally, if we are to be the next Ipswich (i.e. mid table fixture for the next 5 years), which I think we will be, I'd rather it were much less grey and dull than it will be with Luhukay in charge.
  11. Quality picture
  12. Manwithastick

    On Jos...

    Interested to know why you think he will get us promoted? I get we have had injuries, every team has injuries. We'll net spend zero or less this summer. We have a worrying number of still contracted ageing crocks and no longer got the skills players that will continue to bloat the squad for some time yet. With all that set aside I see nothing in Luhukay's make up that makes me think he'll do anything more than mid table mediocrity followed by the sack, possibly by Christmas. But that's not the current Owlstalk way, is it?
  13. Manwithastick


    New teeth pal?