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  1. Well, he had our only shot on target...
  2. Is it because you live in a house of mirrors?
  3. Manwithastick

    To the Jos out brigade

    Jos out. Pitiful. Looked like men against boys most of the time. Replay those 90 minutes, same performance levels from each side, we lose 49/50 games. The next 6 games are huge for our season. Nothing tonight suggests Jos is likely to instill enough confidence, organisation and desire to turn this around.
  4. Manwithastick

    Contract it is.......

    Talk last week was 2 more appearances = automatic 18 months @ +25%
  5. In Lanzarote for me. Playa Blanca though. And we’re doing a day long multi vineyards tour all day Friday. I’ll be more fûçkèd than our defence by the time we kick off.
  6. Manwithastick

    This time next week...

    Do you want a bet?
  7. Interestingly* many travellers don't learn to read as they believe it robs them of their SIGHT. I think you mean site? *not interesting
  8. Manwithastick

    SWFC name unchanged line up

    For transparency there were actually no changes between Ipswich and Reading if you ignore the Wolves match (I don't think it should be ignored by the way). So, ignoring the changes involving Wolves he's had 13 chances to name a league team since Wigan and has made 36 changes for an average of 2.76 changes per match.
  9. Manwithastick

    SWFC name unchanged line up

    I decided to go and check, this season anyway. Opposition then number of changes from last match: Wigan N/A Hull 3 Brentford 2 Millwall 4 Ipswich 2 Wolves 11 Reading 11 Stoke 1 NottsF 4 Villa 4 Leeds 2 WestBrom 4 BristolC 3 Boro 2 QPR 5 15 games this season. Not once have we gone from one game to the next unchanged. Only once was it only 1 change. No coincidence that we don't have a single clean sheet. I'm not a fan. I've never been a fan of JL. I'm sure he doesn't care that I'm not. And most of you would support that view. I do think he's digging his own grave though.
  10. I asked in another thread but I'll ask it here: Has Jos Luhukay ever named an unchanged line up in his time at SWFC?
  11. Manwithastick

    Team for Birmingham

    Q: Has Jos ever named an unchanged starting 11 at SWFC?
  12. Manwithastick

    A different take

    Back of the hands save
  13. Manwithastick

    A different take

    Just the usual batshit rubbish from Nev
  14. Manwithastick

    We all need to admit it

    are/our negged