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  1. They're paid enough If they struggle with it I'm sure they can afford to see a therapist
  2. Would it be possible to remove some of the actual seating capacity to add more corporate facilities? We don't need the 40,000 capacity so removing say 5,000+ to add some plush boxes? An option? I don't know
  3. Too young to remember my first game I went to - I had no choice in the matter. The first game I remember though is Owls v Liverpool 3-3. Mr Owen
  4. When I was in Malaysia snook into Bukit Jalil (I think that's what its called.)There national stadium anyway. Got lucky with the timing and followed the bin men in. Didn't have long though.
  5. Always love a tour of a stadium - even when passing other stadiums I try to sneak a look/tour in.
  6. Ahhhh rounduns Moan we haven't had any luck in the cup for ages... draw fekin City TWICE
  7. Although I have to say - I'm seriously tempted by the Christmas Jumpers What puts me off though is No actual decent picture No information confirming what material it's made of (I expect 100% acrylic but confirmation would be ace) You'd assume baggy fit - though no confirmation etc Compare this http://shop.sheffieldwednesday.co.uk/retail-product.aspx?deptId=270&prodId=3681 To this https://www.scfcdirect.com/retail-product.aspx?deptId=0&prodId=5186 http://nottinghamforestdirect.com/stores/forest/products/product_details.aspx?pid=151198
  8. You could argue that tat's been sold for so long That people who have come in with wads of cash to spend on quality yet seen everything but - have given up looking I know I'm one. Went online for the first time in ages other week and was surprised to finally see a search function. Didn't go much further though
  9. Without the cup games 1.4 points a game in last 10 Still of the belief despite that - Megson was sacked too early
  10. I actually opt to pick and choose to attend games at different stadiums around the country from the Premiership to League 2 Much more preferable for me
  11. Was considering putting it in the Non-SWFC section... but thought nah because of the potential
  12. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/oct/17/labour-board-membership-minority-stakes-supporters
  13. I've never had a reply to emails. Good luck with that one
  14. If I lived in England i just wouldn't get a Season Ticket I'd pick and choose my games - while using other weekends to have weekends away throughout England and experiencing other stadiums I wouldn't ordinarily get the chance to visit supporting the Owls. E.g. York, etc
  15. Quite happy to eat humble pie - thought it was a flash in the pan. Seems like he's got a good slow roast going
  16. Might have to buy Football Manager this year
  17. My favourite bit was getting a christmas catalogue in the post once. Highlighting everything I'd buy for all the relatives Half the stuff wasn't on the online store so I just chucked it away and spent my money elsewhere
  18. Been grumbling about our web store for ages. Absolute pile of rubbish. So don't bother using it
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