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  1. Should have all bought in at phase 1 shouldn't you lads and lasses. Muggins Or just pick and choose your games now. 1 or 2 less games a season.
  2. And they are rewarded with cheaper tickets Don't see the problem with it
  3. Snookered himself into a corner with that argument
  4. Higher category for the first game because .. Well its the first game. I don't believe the Reading price is reactionary at all
  5. I think they'll stay silent and judge the revenues after the first few games. Personally think they could be here to stay if the drop off isn't too large. A few thousand potentially may be an acceptable drop off It isn't in terms of atmosphere But less stewards less policing etc. All adds up
  6. Think the anti megson cult are more obsessed with the cult of megson. Than the cult of megson is with megson. Lotta megsons there
  7. More interested in this than the new signings
  8. Bit seedy that last video Is that something the club should be putting out
  9. His brother (Leon) currently plays for NK Vodice
  10. Chansiri is the one with the money Be rude not to give this new guy a chance. Welcome to Sheffield Carlos!
  11. I've heard of the expression of parking the bus in front of goal but surely this is the wrong end
  12. Would not worry or go into the reasons why they take a loan. Companies do it all the time. My place has just done it to fund construction of our new office building even though we could pay for it in cash. Apple do it for tax reasons Bla bla bla
  13. 11 wins 9 losses or 9 wins 6 draws 5 losses Oof... doable
  14. It's getting near to the end of the transfer window. I expect another takeover update in the last few days before it closes
  15. I'd hate to see all the money spaffed on transfers and wages. And would hope a decent portion is saved to renovate the stadium/rebuild/build if needed. To increase revenue. Whether that's adding to the back of the north to make the concourse bigger for fans and facilities and adding boxes etc.
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