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  1. A higher average salary in South Yorkshire to allow me to consider moving closer
  2. Forgot tickets were on sale today.. oops! Oh well - pub it is
  3. What's to celebrate by securing play-offs. We could still be in this division next year I'd understand if we won the playoff final though
  4. Derby have got two interesting games coming up that could do us a favour. Hull & Cardiff
  5. Can't see that happening. There's a push for Season Ticket Sales as its definite income across the season. I think from what we've seen this season the uptake when cheaper tickets were on sale wasn't all that exceptional either. I expect fewer categories and thats it
  6. In Isle of Man at the minute at one of the big two here Not sure I could trade another island for another smaller island
  7. Just out of interest for future note. I know WillHill are based in Leeds & Bet365 in Stoke. Many other eGaming firms around there?
  8. The consistency of Wednesday Player 2 seasons back convinced me to cancel. Shame that the quality still isn't up to par
  9. I did have a subscription to be honest as I enjoyed the local coverage which I couldn't get online at the time Technology caught up and made that need redundant though
  10. Always look out for T's with k's Not even going to write that out properly
  11. Talking about the hidden potential of our fanbase from games such as Wycombe is flogging a dead horse. People who lived far and wide flocked over for that game. We aren't going to pay that cost that often. I'll still happily hand over my cash when I do go though regardless because I don't get to see us that often
  12. Should have all bought in at phase 1 shouldn't you lads and lasses. Muggins Or just pick and choose your games now. 1 or 2 less games a season.
  13. And they are rewarded with cheaper tickets Don't see the problem with it
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