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  1. Enjoyed tonights episode immensely Not sure if this is a spoiler - just a when we'll see him - but spoilered just in case
  2. Yeah I restarted my city several times because of the highway being so far away from the water and bodging things up because of it. We all went through it (probably) And even when I did finally get a profitable city off the ground I restarted it because I hated the initial plan
  3. Start smaller & closer to water Simples If you can't start close to water make a really long pipe (or choose a different starting scenario) If it's any help in how to think of your city I demolished what I started with to make way for new and improved planning later on
  4. There was in 1& 2 so I'm sure there is in this. Decided to give this game a miss for now Been watching a stream or two What I didn't like about the first two is still in this. Still enjoyed them - just not full price enjoyed
  5. Gerinako

    PS Vita

    Love the patience shown here
  6. I actually realised I had a problem with my web browsers recently. Thought it was the computer and after persistent trying I was ready to give up. Went on my office computer upstairs that hadn't been switched on in a month as I needed to buy something and should have been malware free. Got the same pop ups. At that point I realised it was the router. Swapped it over; problem fixed. If you can't swap it over. Make sure you've got all your log in credentials saved and how to set it up for your ISP. And do a factory reset.
  7. I think arming those religious nuts is going to backfire quite spectacularly on Cerseii Still as good as ever to me as well for the critics
  8. Ex-Machina Loved it Has some pretty gaping flaws. But yeah - would recommend
  9. Can't wait to see a storm trooper hitting its target
  10. I found out the Druffalo was invincible after checking out my parties gear and potions. Changing tactics a little and thinking. Despite the level difference. I can have you.... Never had to run away from a cow before
  11. These games I shouldn't have gone back and replayed them! My memories are ruined
  12. I'm toying with this or Dirt: Rally Can't decide
  13. You don't really need to know about DA 1 & 2 in this. Different part of the world so the ruling factions and there methods are completely different. Think the only key thing is the main bad guy Wizards hate Templars Templars oppress Wizards Dwarves trust no-one
  14. Total Refurb job or all nicely decorated? Mine needs gutting, re-wiring and every room re-decorating. What the hell have I got myself in for
  15. I'll be in a debt of 6 figures in two weeks, not sure I can afford it
  16. I don't think I'll ever stop gaming But as I get older I've noticed I'm getting increasingly picky about the games that I invest my time in.
  17. Could never get into the series. The idea of it was great to me. But with ME1 got to the big base twice after a few hours play. And had to quit both times I've heard people say if you didn't get along with 1 just jump in on 2. Good idea?
  18. https://www.humblebundle.com/?button&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_campaign=1164addada-Humble_Might_and_Magic_Bundle&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_990b1b6399-1164addada-94120669 No idea about you lot but the Heroes Series particuarly 2 & 3 absorbed so much of my youth that if I hadn't have played it I could probably be achieving a little more with my life right now.... No regrets though!
  19. Absolutely loved it. Got better as the season progressed. And I thoroughly enjoyed the character development of F K & B
  20. Lack of space shizzles is hugely disappointing., Was my most played feature
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