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  1. I'll have a look later, winding up at work so don't have the time
  2. Righto Homer.... Anyone on Freebiejeebies? If they are I'm willing to give this a push if anyone can do my gifts one. Or even http://consoles.real-incentives.com ?
  3. http://gifts.kudosnetwork.co.uk/?ref=5944 just signing up to yours Emley & Homer, I'll trade? Send a link?
  4. I'm only on the gifts.kudos site If anyone wants to trade I'm open to any/all sites?
  5. When they get better at drawing there's an infringement. Until then it doesn't look like The Owl
  6. I hear theres an update coming for X360 where Microsoft are going to allow developers to do optional, but not mandatory installs. should be good! PM sent too
  7. Once the ticket stubs home games have passed which can be used to acquire a Shef Utd match ticket why not announce this hot feature.... Buy a club shirt and we'll sell you a Owls v Blades match ticket too! Why after? Well if you can get fans going to the games instead it'll generate more revenue through Food & Drink sales etc etc. But once the related home fixtures have passed announce this idea.....and generate a bit of extra dosh again for those that couldnt attend the home games! ...In theory
  8. We have had the top team in Yorkshire over...Barnsley! Great eh! Andy....never heard of him over here....although found another one today....there all coming out of the woodwork to er....do something to do with wednesday.
  9. Boom! I found a third would you believe!?!? 3 Owls and counting on the Isle of Man!
  10. Digging this up as I found another Owl yesterday while in the pub!!!! I'm not alone!And yes it is big enough cheeky! We're bigger than Jersey and Guernsey!
  11. Come on, I can't be the only one over here!!!
  12. I WAS from Penistone....Now I'm somewhere very far away
  13. , excellent!!!Next time theres a good bit of football on in the pub wanna get a few pints in somewhere then?
  14. In Swansea, at University, but im the only owls fan here as i've been wearing the wednesday shirt near consistently since i got here and not had a single comment....except for the odd sarcy one :/I tend to go to "The White Rose" a lot in Mumbles too, mainly as there the only pub that seems to show all the matches that arent in the Premiershipedit : Thought i'd quickly comment that i'm not the horrible, loud boisterous student either, I prefer to sit in the pub with a few pints, watch the footie and have a few games of pool.I know what some peoplethink of students after all so thought i'd say.
  15. Hi there, just wondering if theres any owls in the Glamorgan area?would be cool to know so that we could go to a pub and have a few pints, watch the game...if we're on again??also to go to any games that may be near by, cheers.
  16. Paying £1:40 for a pint of Stella in Swansea...but for what I usually Drink, which is Guiness £2...and it aint watered down either! WOO!!!
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