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  1. Nevermind 3rd kit - I still can't order the first kit
  2. It’s ok - he can make up for it for the 200th anniversary 150th has been a total and complete utter shambles oh and Carlos out
  3. Christ - I thought it can't be that bad can it Went and looked over the information given. Yup - it is.
  4. Big rons sovereign clearly not happy with me saying I’d eat my 7 day worn sock if proved wrong
  5. Still not convinced he can take us up But I’ll gladly eat my 7 day used sock if he does
  6. 27,096 mugs. I’m not counting my dad who’s over watching. He’s not over often
  7. If you just praise someone for there mistakes all the time they never learn and improve Sometimes you have to have your eyes and ears open. Listen and see Learn And improve If we just happy clap all day then it just sends the message that we're happy with how things are being done. We're not That's not to say DC is useless We just want him to do better Him doing better = club doing better
  8. Ha - if I remember the topic rightly I wasn't the only one questioning the clamour for Rhodes
  9. We didn't need Rhodes Before he'd even kicked the ball I was saying it was a colossal waste of money considering what we already had at the club Why no one at the club could see that and or/did chose to ignore it because of a fan want beggars belief
  10. Not bad Shirt sales start before the season start doesn't it? So do we get a season restart?
  11. Season must be starting soon then. were all these recent games just friendlies?
  12. While not free - I'd heartily recommend this for any Owls fan https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flying-Over-Olive-Grove-Remarkable-ebook/dp/B071G4K814
  13. Still not convinced of Carlos capability to deliver us promotion. So yes very much papering over the cracks
  14. No I used to Brood Just fed up of the man now and would happily see him gone
  15. I lost faith in that last play off set of games vs Huddersfield
  16. Well if anyones flogging two keep me posted...but postage is no longer an option I'd bet
  17. So still needing two tickets Travelling from Isle of Man so...yeah No one offering to sell but then not wanting to sell next time - you had my hopes up
  18. Actually think the drive might be a bit much. Happy to do PayPal plus a bit for fast recorded delivery
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