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  1. I’ll feel sorry for Swansea next year when it all slowly starts falling apart at the seams for them
  2. Let the players recover and get a full pre-season of proper fitness training I can't judge Jos yet
  3. Good start. I will just be happy with staying up this season comfortably. From this it shouldn’t be difficult for him. Roll on next season
  4. Speaking of annoyingly ran I've been requesting help with my account on the web store for 3 weeks Still can't spend a single penny And no I'm not creating another email to create another account
  5. I've not seen any active campaigns at all against the chairman I've seen criticisms at the way the club has been run But that's not anti-chairman That's frustration that the club could and should be doing better Run better More £££ Less FFP worries
  6. If its rumoured 10k a week to be offering That's circa £700k a year after national insurance/tax costs. £2.1million over 3 years Is a prospect striker worth that much Well considering what we've splashed on Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes and pissed up the wall with Winnall Yeah
  7. You know what - the more I read the more I like. This is could be what we need! As as far as I’m concerned this seasons a write off so deliver us safety and forge the Wednesday team you want in the summer boss.
  8. Don’t really like the poll Totally indifferent on him if we get him I’ll back him if we don’t whatevs
  9. I had the same thought to be honest and would have had him here. I knew the majority of fans would never have accepted him though and it would have divided the club massively. Which might have negated any positive he brought
  10. I go 3 times a year if I'm lucky Last year I managed 0 as I decided refurbishing a house was a good idea In the grand scheme of things they get naff all from me Its why I moan about the web shop so much though If I could spend the money I would have spent on going to one game on the club shop instead. The club would be 10x better off from me But its just so....bad
  11. People like me who can only make the odd game per season Even in Dave Allen years I paid £80 for a matchday meal and ticket just because I thought I don't go often so its worth splashing out Especially as its £200 just to get to a game nevermind hotel and food
  12. To be honest even as a business its a complete failure I phoned them asking for help getting access to my account to make an order No answer Emailed No answer Twittered No answer So I kept my money First time in years I'd felt like parting with money for merchandise and they stopped me
  13. Well I gave up and bought the book off argos I'll have to make do without the Top Trumps set for a while. Unless anyone happens to be passing and willing to post to the Isle of Man!?
  14. Now says email address not in registered user database, have you registered? Haaaa And I can't register
  15. Bit of a necro thread bump but didn't believe it warranted a new thread. But wanted to buy the Trumps set today and the "Flying Over an Olive Grove" book Couldn't log in had an account, (which I knew but suspected it might have been deleted) Went to reset password. Sends me a link Follow link Type in new password Hit update Just seems to refresh the page and no confirmation if I've changed password (I haven't because I try logging in again) Haven't used the webstore to make a purchase in over a year so something seems to have got lost in a migration of databases? Anyone else come across this and got a solution?
  16. Didn’t realise I needed permission to go on another clubs forum oh wait I don’t
  17. We’ve been nothing but patient. its insulting to say otherwise Yes I admit after Huddersfield I’d lost faith in CC ability to deliver. But I mostly kept to myself and cheered the team on Gradually I had to break that silence as the season progressed but...Christ we were patient
  18. What was the point of this rant then get rid of CC the very next day
  19. Thanks for the memories - should have gone after Huddersfield me. He had another shot at it but wasn’t to be. also Ducking finally
  20. If DC wanted to go and suddenly started stripping back by the selling of the team. He might begin to understand the tremendous failure recruitment has been for us when no one wants to take them. (except the few Crown Jewels)
  21. Neils bang on I'd stopped looking ages back because the stock just wasn't there to keep my interest to keep going back to keep spending The Top Trumps cards has my interest... So I had a thorough look at the website for the first time in over a year. I added one book. But that's only because it comes recommended to me (Flying over an Olive Grove) There was potential for adding more; but lack of descriptions on products put me off. And navigating the website was still a total pain in the arse.
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