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  1. Talk about making assumptions I don't give a monkies who owns the club so long as it's being run well To me and many others it isn't at the moment And I was referencing those earlier in the thread suggesting someone was buying the stadium and going ahead and making all those things possible now without charging the cost on to us until (if) we were to reach the prem So jog on
  2. Jesus wept Yes someones going to take the Stadium and invest millions in upgrading it, absorb all the running costs and do it all at a loss for little old Wednesday Do you hear yourselves?
  3. No if it worked My big concern is if it doesn't work (which is highly likely) As we've seen countless times clubs gamble on getting to the Prem and failing
  4. I've just chosen not to engage I cba
  5. You really think someones going to buy it and then not recoup the huge running costs somehow from us through rent of the stadium etc? It'll still be a cost on our books but with no asset value
  6. To learn for the future It’s a completely daft idea but obv you just want to see us spend money on players in the hope it works and we get to the prem
  7. What have we spent in the last 3 years and what position do we find ourselves in now
  8. By selling an asset of the club? What are we selling next to sustain it?
  9. That makes zero sense in context of what we're discussing How is it further developing SWFC if in 5 years time We end up with 0 physical assets on the books due to a sold stadium And a squad struggling to stay in the Championship Developing is adding sustainable value and growth potential to the club Not potentially splunking 30mil up the wall for nothing
  10. You are kidding right - you do know how financial statements work don't you?
  11. There's a gamble though and then there's this I think this is too big a gamble personally
  12. It's a short term gamble with potential long term repercussions The mortgage scenario is completely different. I'm not gambling my entire house value on some fanciful dream
  13. If true I'd be fuming Lets hope it's false
  14. I'm not overly fussed if he departs But neither am I overly fussed that he stays There was so many frustrating things about the running of the club prior to him joining and still is I'm thankful none the less though
  15. Why did he sign off Rhodes then. He wasn’t a position that required strengthening at the time
  16. Had it from the start as he was left with a shower of crap
  17. We’ve won 3 on the trot without him If we keep winning he can stay on the bench for all I care
  18. The cracks have been there for long before Jos. I find it hard to pin anything on him at the moment when he's basically come into a giant mess
  19. Mid - Lower table Expectations are low due to mismanagement over the last two years sapping any enthusiasm out of me
  20. The management has been running things badly for yonks on and off the field decision wise. Maybe if we’d strengthened in other areas that needed it rather than buying Rhodes we’d have got promoted Maybe if we’d recruited younger players and built towards promotion as potential resaleable assets / providing a foundation for the premiership instead of older proven but expensive players which would have either milked us dry or achieved there goal but still cost us in having to reinvest in a premiership squad. actually no maybe about it - it should have happened
  21. I was dead set against the signing of him when he first joined - especially with the rumoured value He wasn't what we were crying out for at the time
  22. I’ll feel sorry for Swansea next year when it all slowly starts falling apart at the seams for them
  23. Let the players recover and get a full pre-season of proper fitness training I can't judge Jos yet
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