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  1. You had me up until the kit too. Was entirely believable
  2. Oh yeah that’s how your supposed to do it Id be willing to place a sizeable bet it hasn’t though
  3. Even if it’s all just water cooler talk it’s all believable We’re a right mess and it’s only one man to blame - Chansiri
  4. That 10 year season ticket was all about front loading your sales to balance the books for ffp Which could also potentiallly hamstring us x years down the line Was a load of rounduns
  5. I still remember Sturrock in the pre-match interview when asked how do you think you'll do "I've never actually won one" Great....add to the nerves
  6. It's the mismanagement of the club that's led to this apathy. The writings been on the wall for a long time and if this isn't a clear sign at the discontent @ the way the clubs being run I don't know what is. You can't blame the fans for not wanting to turn up anymore.
  7. At least Bob knew how to use a calculator
  8. Won’t argue if we get a points deduction. Any other club I’d be saying it should apply so would be a hypocrite to say otherwise
  9. More seeing the light His incompetence is a risk to the future of our club
  10. The player recruitment is to blame and has been from day 0 Far as I’m concerned give monk a transfed window two after this summer to clear out this dead wood Maybe give chansiri a few lessons in club management too
  11. From the player recruitment to the sale of the stadium to balance the books and then this news today. Embarassing
  12. Sympathy for fellow fans at possible punishment Fury at those running it
  13. Did you even have time to eat man! Crazy /s
  14. People just need to get over it. Its football If he stays he has my full support because I still believe he could do a good job for us
  15. While he doesn't get me excited I wouldn't say no Although in fariness blokes in general don't get me excited
  16. Offences committed prior to the change in rules are judged and executed with the old rules
  17. Lol - continue to be happy with the shambles and praise the light shining out of his... if you like if you cant see a problem then that’s on you
  18. If you can be arsed searching through owl stalk posting history there’s continuous critique at how the club has been run on many levels These accounts continue to show he’s running this club badly it doesn’t take a genius to work it out And I’m not wasting any more effort explaining the obvious
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