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  1. Think the club's just terrible at extracting money from the fans altogether. Absolutely hate the web store so just don't bother using it.
  2. Mix of 1st team, fringe who has potential and/or youth with potential. Far as I'm aware finishing position doesn't influence prize money like in the premiership.
  3. The only bit I'm having difficulty with.
  4. There was a time we didn't whinge. Look back at then and thers ya answer
  5. I know he's on a big wage. I know we can't afford him. I'd rather the honesty of I don't think he's worth the wages Sunderland are asking than the "tried to get hold of Sunderland" - just don't buy it. My impression is he's evading giving the answer of cost and giving one that wouldn't invite get ya wallet out comments. Maybe I'm just too naive with the club though.
  6. Be honest then Statement Mandaric comes out with comes out as treating us like idiots.
  7. “Yes, we were interested in Connor, We tried to get hold of the people at Sunderland to see what was happening with him; then we heard from his agent that the club had done a deal with Leeds. “It’s very disappointing. He helped us and we appreciate it, but we kept winning games after he was gone. It would be totally wrong if we based all our team on one player.” Wow so there wasn't all that time before he went to Leeds to chat to Sunderland/his agent and confirm it was a no go/yes?
  8. What am I seeing. Great stats though!
  9. Didn't even bite. Swum around the hook and laughed
  10. No. At the time thought he was treated harshly by the club and wrong to let go of him. Now. No need to bring back imo. Let's push for better
  11. You're looking at the raw facts though. Not the background behind these facts that are relevant which Reading is. imo.
  12. Neither. Just believed if our fan base could get past the fact he was a pig fan he could (maybe) serve us well for 6 months. Wasn't ever going to work though clearly. Now lets get back on topic.
  13. No one was thrilled with the idea of Gray at the start. complete non point
  14. Good topic and worthy of discussion. Stop ya thread whining those that are against it.
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