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  1. There were a vocal number of people wanting him gone before a ball had even been kicked.

    I think no matter what he does there's always going to be that element

    Despite Monk not even having had time to bring his own players in or a decent pre-season.

    Poor behaviour from our lot

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  2. With the following season and attendance of fans in doubt.
    All these players going out of contract on 30th June could very well find themselves without a club or on contracts on severely reduced wages.

    So I can understand why those whose contracts expire on the 30th June are reluctant to take a wage cut/deferral. When there future employment and earning power is in jeopardy.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, DeeJayOne said:


    One of the residents' arguments is that direct information was promised in advance of every match (things can change match-by-match).


    I've looked on the website myself and can find residents information articles for 6 matches. Out of 19 home games (20 including the friendly). 


    The articles start with these paragraphs:


    Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 10.46.47.png


    You can kind of see the frustration for some of the residents if what they've been promised hasn't happened.


    The generalised information is great and I suspect that is what the club have put in place after the fact so they don't have to post an article for every match. Which is fair enough if that information is correct and if residents are then told that it is the definitive place to go (some didn't know it even existed). Plus, it doesn't reflect any changes match-by-match and doesn't help when it come to planning for cup games as shown above.


    Personally, I think the residents have a point. I'm all for them being directed to the website to get the information (it makes the most sense - I know letters used to be delivered regularly to households in the area in the past, but that just seems outdated in this day and age) - but that information has to be up to date and accurate for each game. Make sure the same correct information is filtered to the stewards and police in their briefings (and consistently applied), and then there is little for the residents to then complain about IMO.



    Those pages I quoted were just cached ones.
    If anything - the fact I couldn't find anything Pre-October shows they didn't do anything for the first 2-3 months of the season.

    End of the day though

    I just thought I'd provide what i could see . No opinion on the matter

  4. 3 minutes ago, toppOwl said:


    Questioning a few signings is a wholly different topic to wanting a Brentford style buy/sell and stay where you are policy, totally different.

    And page 2 of that thread i linked

    "Sorry but if you're not slightly concerned by the way we've handled our business under Chansiri then I think you need to wake up a bit. It's been haphazard with not much logic or careful thought in my opinion."

    Come on - I've given you evidence of fans questioning the running of the club in 2015

    Admit you're wrong

  5. 3 minutes ago, Minton said:


    Whereas your views are absolutely open to be changed?


    Nobody's fault *but* DC's...


    Pot. Kettle.

    I mean considering he's the 100% beneficial owner and in charge of running the club and has all the power and control of all the strings?...


  6. 32 minutes ago, toppOwl said:


    I'm assuming they are happy to be sustainable at the level they are at, they might get lucky one time and achieve it but its unlikely, if DC who is potentially worth millions had breezed into the club with this pragmatic approach our fans would have gone ballistic, your only speaking now with hindsight after the initial gamble faded.

    Absolutely not
    I was fuming we had gone down the reckless approach

    Now it's just apathy

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