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  1. I mean we’re likely to get relegated this year anyway so what difference does it make if I say yes?
  2. I’d been on the fence about control because everything about it suggests it might be a game I won’t enjoy But all the praise it’s had has had me tempted. So this is a solid win for me to try it. Heard concrete genie is a solid indie title worth a go too.
  3. Never had that. So random Weird ones I had was like opening a container to get an item to complete a gig. If I use a quick hack to open the container the item wouldn’t spawn so I can never complete the gig. Had to open it manually!
  4. After smashing cyberpunk I weirdly enjoyed the non serious chill aspect of Maneater. Finished it! Looking forward to the new titles being revealed tomorrow
  5. Nailed this on PS5 Crashed every 2 hours near enough without fail The AI was terrible Missions were bugged frequently (thank god for frequent auto saves!!) But I still enjoyed it enough to get the Platinum Will wait two years for DLC and GOTY edition. Anyone still on the fence? Buy it at Christmas
  6. Forgot I’d even put myself in for this and I’ve heard nothing back rejection or not. Was willing to help be part of a solution rather than a problem as a last ditch attempt to give a damn about the club as it’s currently run.
  7. Maneater has me interested weirdly?! Ecco the Dolphin but murder?
  8. I’m just saying deriding one fan as some people have for choosing not to give the club any more money isn’t progressive. He or she are fine to choose that approach going forward and shouldn’t be derided. They’re still a fan and protesting in the only way they have available to them
  9. I don’t get the logic of some people who say we should blindly follow the club and keep paying our hard earned money away Throwing good money after bad Sometimes you have to go by your principles and say enough is enough
  10. I thought as lockdown came in by March I'd spend some money on the web store to help the club Couldn't as the web store is still horrendous So de facto I'm also refusing to give money
  11. Post covid i'll be surprised if attendances are anywhere near as high as they used to be either. Not because of the product or anything. But the country economically is still on it's knees and/or people will have got used to not going to the games so the drive/urge to go back may have lapsed. So I hope he's planning for that accordingly too.... Oh wait...he doesn't need our money apparently
  12. Yeaaaah boy! Hello gang! Heartily recommend this too!
  13. Gerinako


    Really enjoying Worms Rumble! Anyone else been playing it?
  14. Don't worry - I'm sure Chansiri will communicate with us shortly. As I'm sure you're aware. His communication skills with the fans is exceptional
  15. I was careful who we wished for and we still ended up with Chansiri ffs
  16. His point of view of Look at all the money he's spent on Wednesday Isn't a defense of how well he's run the club. But he argues it is Look - I get he's not an investigative journalist. But I find some of his hot takes without understanding as disappointing
  17. Fair point I just find it infuriating how he defends his point of view on news articles without understanding why fans are annoyed.
  18. It's what I'd hope any Journalist would do Maybe my expectations are too high but he's too defensive when people point out how he's wrong and paints too rosy a picture of what's happening at the club
  19. Be nice if Nixon did an investigative journalist piece on how badly the club is run rather than being a defensive parrot
  20. Out - I haven't been a fan of the bloke since late 2016/early 2017 though so I am biased
  21. Gerinako


    Astros playroom is charming as hell! So many little memories in that game!
  22. Gerinako


    Wonder if the UK will break the internet tonight like xbox did last week
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