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  1. I live a boat ride and a few hours drive away from Sheffield. Only reason I return to the city generally is to visit family. I've been put off by the POTG ticket prices when I've gone so just done Park Steels or other Non-League clubs instead! It was £50 membership for cheaper tickets. Not worth it for someone like me And I resent stumping up so much money for a ticket because I didn't pay for membership!
  2. Will they be ditching that stupid membership requirement for cheaper tickets?
  3. Ans assuming you can find a shirt in a size that fits as it's all over the show....!
  4. There’s multiple sources out there stating legal opinion (even on the fsa) that the club wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it got to small claims court for the fans right to refund The fact it hasn’t been tested yet is irrelevant So maybe stop being so pedantic
  5. Totally didn’t realise the club not paying wages for 3 months was the agents doing. Sneaky sods!
  6. Hahaha - took me a moment to register what you said. Bravo
  7. Echo the non-league shouts. I've bagged a season ticket for a team all the way down in tier 10 of the pyramid for next season
  8. Didn't realise a few online messages resulted in running the club into ruin Who knew
  9. £1 - Because immediately a new owner needs to find about £10million to pay off existing debts re: Stadium/Players. Nevermind any other debts
  10. I’ve honestly got a little bit fed up of football at the top of the pyramid and eagerly await the opportunity to watch tier 12 football next season. But that’s purely personal
  11. No training what so ever with club You could go to the gym to keep yourself fit. But based on some players in our past that’s hit and miss if they would.
  12. Has been a real concern to me for months. Money on standby to bet on it but hope I lose!
  13. Operation Tango could be good from all the previews I’ve seen!
  14. i like how in Brexit almost 50% is a significantly large amount of people yet for this poll it’s just a minority
  15. Have you been blind to what’s happened over the last 2 years? You’re completely and utterly wrong and your lack of compassion to understand events that may have befell other supporters during this time is absolutely telling
  16. Made a start on Control Enjoying it more than I thought I would PS+ continues to pay for itself
  17. Quite easy not to put money in off the pitch. The megastore after all these years is still more like junk store
  18. Which won’t happen as clearly demonstrated on this topic as despite how badly we’re being managed Some people will always have a dig, whinge or complain despite offering zero pro activity and drag the whole effort down
  19. Wanting to improve the situation at the club but it’s the same old faces having a dig. Enjoy rotting in league one and below if we can’t do a simple thing as band together when we’ve been run so ineptly over the last 5 years
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