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  1. I’ll eat my soiled under crackers if we stay up. I can’t see it happening!
  2. Won’t make a difference to us I bet. Can’t shake the feeling that Chansiri is a spent force
  3. Oh look another journeyman Not encouraging at all that the club was even looking at him
  4. Double relegation has been a real concern for me lately with the direction the clubs gone. If DM however is allowed to build I’m less pessimistic. Even been toying with putting money on if odds are decent so I can drink to forget I support Shef Wed
  5. Not only is the design horrendous They don’t give any indication of what size dog it would fit The sizing info not just on this but other non-key products across the site is awful
  6. It’s been terrible since as long as I can remember. I had a modicum of hope it would improve with new owners. However a visit to the site over a year after the takeover disappointed I just don’t bother going on anymore It’s a disgrace and a key point to why the average £ spent by fans at the club is so low
  7. I can’t see us selling that many. A lot of fans will have got out of the routine of going and won’t bother with the season ticket but pick and choose games going forward is my bet
  8. Just started this and hit Chapter 3. Took me a bit to get used to the new combat style but gradually getting more comfortable with it. Done a wonderful job from what I can tell!
  9. Chargebacks have a 120 day limit Section 75 does not They're talking out of there jacksy
  10. I fear a double relegation under the current leadership that has no strategy to speak of
  11. Gerinako


    I'm literally about to do that....!!! Maybe I should play something else in-between now...
  12. With Chansiri at the helm and no vision off the pitch on how to direct this club it’ll be this season or next.
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