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  1. Do we have to ignite the pigeon again? Wonder if this reference is too old....
  2. This interview to me just tells me he’s still out of his depth running this club Leading us to ruin
  3. There's this guy at the top that's run us incompetently since he bought us...
  4. No point Monk going out unless Chansiri is ousted too Both useless
  5. Is this Bruce the one where he agreed to take on a job while a manager was still employed at said club? Yeah any one extolling of that mans virtues can do one
  6. There were a vocal number of people wanting him gone before a ball had even been kicked. I think no matter what he does there's always going to be that element Despite Monk not even having had time to bring his own players in or a decent pre-season. Poor behaviour from our lot
  7. What a farce looking forward to my Tier 10 football next season instead
  8. Further evidence Chansiri has run us like a dogs dinner
  9. Won’t be the worst chairman in history so long as he doesn’t call us cretins and take us to court So that’s something ?
  10. Are we organised enough to have signings lined up??!
  11. At the time he was available and we needed a manager I honestly thought if the Wednesday fans could look past the rivalry. He'd have got us promoted But it was never going to happen was it
  12. We don't know what revenue we'll have next season. May have to rely on what's left plus the academy same as every other club unless we can recruit players on very low wages
  13. Can't be any worse than what we've currently got Famous last words?
  14. No ones going to touch Rhodes. Every single club throughout the leagues will want a reduced salary bill to reflect the current status of UK it was difficult before now I’d say it’s impossible
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