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  1. Did you even have time to eat man! Crazy /s
  2. People just need to get over it. Its football If he stays he has my full support because I still believe he could do a good job for us
  3. While he doesn't get me excited I wouldn't say no Although in fariness blokes in general don't get me excited
  4. Offences committed prior to the change in rules are judged and executed with the old rules
  5. Mate - this won't affect FF so get off your high horse
  6. Lol - continue to be happy with the shambles and praise the light shining out of his... if you like if you cant see a problem then that’s on you
  7. If you can be arsed searching through owl stalk posting history there’s continuous critique at how the club has been run on many levels These accounts continue to show he’s running this club badly it doesn’t take a genius to work it out And I’m not wasting any more effort explaining the obvious
  8. I just read all about it as I had never heard of it (yeah I don't go on the home page or read programs much these days...!) I don't get what the thinking is behind but I'm not that arsed. Can't see it being majorly successful
  9. If his bathwater tastes as good as Bovril we're on to a winner
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