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  1. Yep. League 1 season has already finished, League 2 finish next weekend same as us. So play their final same weekend as ours. I'm guessing it's because, as someone has said, the Premier league season started late?
  2. No, Only League 1 final is week before i think. League 2 is last weekend of May along with the FA cup final on the Saturday
  3. 1 - Carlos 2 - Wilkinson 3- Gray 4 - Pleat
  4. Ooops, didn't see it said Wednesday managers Got to be Pleats nose?
  5. 1 - Carlos 2 - Gray 3 - Hodgson 4 - **** nose
  6. It'll be pure guess work from the star because Watford have sacked their manager
  7. I reckon the blue pipes will be water pipes for the sprinklers surely?
  8. Mine was middlesbro, march/april 93. Lost 3-1. Woods was in net, Bart-Williams scored our only goal, which i missed having fell asleep on my dads shoulder. My only time stood on kop. Think it was one of last games bdfore kop was all seated. Took my lad to his first proper game this season too, reading away, although hes already been to Hillsborough for a reserve game against united a couple of seasons ago
  9. Going by that then, they may have already bought us out and we are just waiting for the fit and proper persons test to go through?
  10. What happened to that new community place we were supposed to be building on penistone road?
  11. Who was tracking his run from midfield?
  12. I think he's from sheffield, his grandparents used to live at woodhouse
  13. flipping hell shock at manager slagging rival club off.
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