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  1. Ballmeist


    Matias and Boyd were both poor today. We should get rid of both in the summer
  2. Ballmeist

    Well done Nuhiu

    We will never achieve anything whilst Nuhiu is getting game time. Absolutely awful footballer. Ability wise he's one of the worst I've ever seen play for Wednesday.
  3. Ballmeist


    I can only assume the offering you're referring to is the constant free kicks that Nuhiu gives the opposition defenders.
  4. Guru always has an agenda against players, used to be Rhodes, now its Fletcher
  5. Ballmeist

    Hooper and Lee

    Get rid of both. People suggesting we keep them on if they can prove their fitness are probably the same people who wanted to give Nuhiu a new contract after his purple patch at the end of last season. We should be looking at the last 2-3 years when making these decisions. We could have Ronaldo and Messi on the books, but if they can't get on the pitch due to constant injuries its pointless.
  6. Ballmeist

    Blame the Fans ...

    What part is pathetic?
  7. Hope everyone is prepared for this tonight. It was the undercurrent of the last fans forum, and it didn't go down well. Tonight we sit in a far worse position and I imagine there will be fireworks when Mr C points the finger of blame at ourselves!
  8. Ballmeist

    Fans Forum Wednesday at 1867 suite

    Personally I don't hold think any good will come of this fans forum on Wednesday. I can't see any change in our managerial situation, the fans attending are going to be seriously frustrated at the way the club has been run, and the fact that we're still paying top dollar. We know from the last forum that Chansiri doesn't take criticism particularly well and is happy to direct more that the fair share of blame at the fans. This will only serve to further agitate. I admire his courage for fronting up, but I can only see it turning nasty.
  9. Ballmeist

    Can still go for me

    I’d like him gone too. Sadly I still think he’ll be here come new year, even if we continue on our poor run
  10. He’s awful. It’s criminal the amount of minutes he’s played at championship level. I genuinely despise seeing him play because he shouldn’t be getting any game time at all. The fact he is shows what a mess we’re in.
  11. Ballmeist


    Zero confidence left. Cheers Jos!
  12. Ballmeist

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    I also noticed that pre kick off. Embarassing part of a warm up before a game. The fact that he’s allowed to do that without anyone pulling him up on it is worrying.
  13. Did his warm up wearing a bobble hat. Looked like some bloke that should be watching the game rather than playing it. Sadly his appearance on the pitch did nothing to change that opinion. I know it’s only a hat but it’s ridiculous, hes meant to be a professional athlete warming up during a game, yet nobody on the bench batted an eyelid. How/why we gave him a contract I’ll never know.
  14. Sack him. Any manager that thinks Fox, Pelupessy and Nuhiu are good enough for the championship needs showing the door. The guys also sits in his seat all game watching a sinking ship whilst doing sweet f all. Im trying to decide who’s more clueless - chansiri or jos? Either way we’re screwed
  15. Ballmeist


    He’s crap, always has been and always will be