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  1. Are we all resigned to the fact that we won't be signing anyone this summer bar a couple of loan signings?
  2. Ballmeist

    Westwood will be Off

    Westwood will undoubtedly go. We need to bring in some money. He'll definitely be wanted, will command a fairly good fee and he plays in a position that we have perceived strength in our backups. I'll be sad to see him go but it seems to be a no brainer.
  3. There is absolutely no chance Grealish eill go for £40m. Not only is he worth no way near that value, the whole world know that villa need to cash in.
  4. Apparently being moved on in the summer and has already said his goodbyes to the playing staff. Heard from a friend who has who knows someone in the first team squad. Before anyone has a pop about it being made up - I’m just sharing what I’ve heard from what has previously been a pretty reliable source, and secondly I don’t benefit from making stuff up! thoughts if true?
  5. Bookies slashing odds means nothing other than they’re protecting themselves in case a rumour is true.
  6. If he's motivated to play for us then we should absolutely keep him. He's our most talented player by far and I really doubt we could replace him with someone of equal talent.
  7. Ballmeist

    Reach - over not around

    Agreed, although I suspect most of our fans will disagree with you. Personally I think he’s got a great work rate but can’t see what else he offers beyond that. A very average player.
  8. Ballmeist


    Barry is a big miss he’s not playing but I don’t think he’s have been able to do much to change the fact we were 3 down inside 15 minutes. For me tonight showed exactly why Wildsmith isn’t yet ready to be first choice keeper at this level. Mistakes by keepers rarely go unpunished and he was responsible for the first two goals. Similar situation against Birmingham at home when he dropped a clanger which set the tempo for the game, just can’t afford it at this level! He’s made some very good saves and kept us in games at times this season but the judge of a good keeper is always consistency and the ability to stay focussed without making mistakes.
  9. Ballmeist


    Jones and Butterfield are both awful. I wouldnt go as far as saying I’d rather play with 10 than one of them, but it’s not far off.
  10. Doesn’t matter where he goes. All that matters is that he is going, and that’s been obvious since the start of the season
  11. Ballmeist

    Sunderland tho..

    I don’t understand your point. I’m not saying that we didn’t look far better today. All I’m saying is that their performance wasn’t any worse than our performances against Birmingham, Millwall, burton this season. its easy to view a performance in isolation and make sweeping statements. Do they deserve to go down, yes. Are they one of the worst teams the championship has ever seen, no.
  12. Ballmeist

    Sunderland tho..

    People banging on about how they looked an awful team have a point ... but are probably forgetting that we’ve looked absolutely dire for the vast majority of this season.
  13. Impact manager. If he stays long enough at Swansea he'll eventually be found out.
  14. I agree there’s more to being a striker than scoring goals. But from what I see Nuhiu doesn’t make decent runs, can’t win headers or take a man on and his passing is pretty average. Yes he bumbles around and sometimes comes out with the ball but it’s hardly enough to warrant a contract extension at the club. Havent even mentioned one’d the amount of fouls he gives away in the final third, thus allowing their defence off the hook.