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  1. Shoehorn FC

    We might aswell not have Jones and Butterfield. Both contribute nothing on the pitch. Waste of a shirt playing one of them, never mind both together!
  2. Next 3 games

    9 because we're already 4 points off the top 6 which is the absolute minimum expectation for this season.
  3. Nuhiu - scores one goal in 42 games and suddenly he should be starting! Genius.
  4. Mick McCarthy says I'm doing a good job and we'll be in the top 6 so everyone should believe it. Not sure whats the bigger joke CC's drivel or the fact we're stuck with him til the end of the season!
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    I absolutely agree - I think it's unfair to judge any of our strikers with the way we are being set up to play. We're flat as a pancake - no tempo and no creativity. The best strikers in the world would be tearing their hair out playing for us.
  6. Jordan Rhodes

    You should probably look at the amount of chances he gets vs his conversion rate before you start drawing conclusions. Between the Villa, Bristol and Ipswich games he's probably had about 4 chances and he's taken 1. That's probably not so bad. If he was getting 4 chances every game his conversion rate would improve. It's not a coincidence that none of our strikers can score on a regular basis. I'm still yet to get an answer from those who slate him as to who they'd rather see play because neither Fletcher, Nuhiu, Joao or Winnall are able to score on a frequent basis either.
  7. Jordan Rhodes

    Yes - a serious question. All you've done is list things that he can't do and by that I'm assuming that you expect him to be quick, direct, take defenders on and be strong. Did you even watch him before we signed him? He's never had any of those attributes and never will do. He's a player that comes alive in the box and is a good finisher. As for your comments about playing him every game and him returning 15-20 goals a season - isn't that every team wants from a Championship striker?!
  8. Jordan Rhodes

    Come on then - what do you expect him to do that he's not already doing?
  9. I think you're right - that performance and point at Ipswich last night was the turning point! Haha Wake up.
  10. McCarthy on Carlos

    I don't think anyone dislikes Carlos, and that's part of the problem. He's too nice. I get the impression he never criticises his players even behind closed doors.
  11. The team should get the crowd going. Carlos' negative comments about the crowd are the last gasp actions of a desperate man. It wouldn't surprise me if the crowd turn on him big style if results don't improve.
  12. Wallace

    Way past his best. No pace. 1 footed and can't cross.
  13. What makes you think he'll get us promoted? He's struggling to keep pace with the top 6!
  14. DC and CC are deluded. I lost all interest when I heard them say that they don't want to sell any players because everyone started this 'journey to the premier league' together. Madness.