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  1. I really hope I'm wrong but I think we'll struggle to defend against set pieces. 2-1 Cardiff. First goal is going to be big, if they get it I think it'll be a frustrating night
  2. It's exactly the sort of game that we need to win if we want to be in the mix for top 6. I don't think Hull are up to much, although their form this season suggests they're hard to beat - lots of draws. Hopefully we can keep Bowen quiet as hes easily their best player and always seems to score against us! UTO.
  3. I'd snap their hands off at £10m. Personally I'd value him at £7-8m. I can't see why anyone would pay £10+ for him at the minute mind, we had more chance last season where he was going through that purple patch scoring screamers
  4. Personally I don't have too much sympathy for him. If it was one or two examples of injustice I'd feel some sympathy but the reality is that his time at our club has been plagued with issues, none worse than his refusal to play a couple of years back. You could sort of tolerate it 2 years ago when he was delivering on the pitch but his performances have declined so much that he rarely makes the starting 11 even when he's fit and not suspended. If you'd have told me 2 years ago that he'd leave the club on a free I'd have been amazed, now it's a likely probability.
  5. Reach has a cracking shot on him but as others have said his composure is poor. He's had 2 or 3 great chances already this season that he really should have put away. Hope he gets one soon to boost his confidence!
  6. Can we watch this on the red button on sky or is that only league games?
  7. Sorry but reach doesn't get in any team in the division, he's a steady player that scores the odd screamer but nothing more. Hes playing at the right level, championship football. The best players in this division could potentially step up, I don't think reach could.
  8. Personally I'm happy to get rid, especially if it allows the funds to bring Hector in. If joao was going to be the striker we all wanted / hoped he'd be it would have happened by now. Anything north of £4m would be good business imo.
  9. Sadly I think. This is a bit of a fruitless task. I can't see the PL taking any meaningful action. I'm not really sure what we're hoping for here
  10. I haven't logged on in months but good to see you're still moaning about Rhodes. Do you never get bored of saying the same thing?!
  11. When we eventually get to the prem ... we might not ever get there. I don't understand why people are even talking about this. Norwich and/or Leeds/Sheff Utd are going up in the automatics this year without parachute payments and without having had to worry about selling their ground. You don't need to break P&S rules to get into the prem if you do a proper job.
  12. Like many I agree that Hooper is our best player, however I think we should let him go. He can be the best player in the world, but if he can only play 5-10 games a season it doesn't do us much good.
  13. Evening All, I'm working in Budapest tonight and stuck in the hotel. Any idea how I can watch the game? I have the sky go app but not sure if I can get the usual match choice that the red button normally allows? Apologies if this has been asked before!
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