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  1. Has anyone said it's probably the fans fault yet, or are we awaiting for the Chan Man to blame us in this next presser?
  2. Great start but it's only 1 game. I never think you can make any judgements until you've played 10 games of a season. Anything beforehand I'd preemptive.
  3. Wigans appeal was heard in about 2 weeks, I don't know why ours should be any different. Other than the fact that everything seems to have taken 6 months +
  4. I'm more pleased Tomlin is out. He always scores against us, the fat little hobbit!
  5. People moaning at his goal scoring record need a reality check. Do we need 2-3 strikers? Yes. Would we all like strikers with consistent scoring records? Yes. Do we have money to buy those strikers? No. The obvious conclusion is we need to buy players that have ability and then coach them so they improve their goal returns with us, meaning we benefit in the immediate term and potentially medium to long term if they generate a resale value. If the above sounds too sensible then err yeah bring back Nuhiu
  6. 10 for me. Certainly puts into perspective the challenge ahead. Attempting to stay up with at least a quarter of the season written off is going to be a big big ask.
  7. No, I'd rather re-sign nuhiu and I've been petitioning to get rid of him for years!
  8. Poor player, glad he's gone. Don't ever want him back.
  9. Windass should not be starting regularly as part of any front pairing for the sole reason that he needs 6-8 good chances before he scores. As an out and out striker that's terrible but more importantly is poor for a number 10.
  10. Players don't have a resale value at 27? What a ridiculous statement.
  11. No point in securing a deal for another winger / midfielder when we have enough of them in the squad. We should be looking at bringing some strikers in given we onky have 1 senior striker in the squad and the season starts in 2 weeks!!
  12. During the playoff seasons he was steady away but has been on a gradual decline since then. As the OP has pointed out his distribution is poor and he increasingly gets caught on the back foot / out of position. I'd imagine with the introduction of Dunkley will mean he will get fewer minutes this season. Also I'm not sure how the ranking system applies but it's pretty obvious that Fletcher was our best player by a country mile.
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