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  1. Feeling positive about today. Don't see Swansea as anything special so providing we don't give them any easy goals we should do well. Also known as the don't let odubajo anywhere near the pitch tactic!
  2. Regardless of the injury we need to look to part ways with Lees. He us the past and we need to be looking to the future. I won't miss his chipped balls forward that gave away possession time and time again
  3. He's not going to be able to sell. The football club becuae the way in which he values assets is ridiculously inflated (our stadium, players etc) He'll probably want twice what he paid for us excluding the stadium! Putting all that aside you'd have to be a nut job to buy any football club is this climate, nevermind one that's been run as badly as us!
  4. He's so poor defensively. Can't understand why people think it was a soft pen. He was so far off his man that he could barely reach to pull his shirt to stop him getting to the ball. He was also at fault for their second goal, again losing his man who went on to score. His positional awareness is awful.
  5. 12 points deduction and Wednesday appeal. Or Wednesday cleared and the efl appeal. Either way its not going to be over with this upcoming ruling.
  6. Praying for 3 points today. I'm currently working on the assumption that we're getting a 12 points deduction meaning we're currently 5 points off safety. Don't ask me why I'm working off 12 points I just have a gut feeling that will be the worst we'd get. Hopefully the boys go 3-5-2 again and have been working on whipping in crosses for Rhodes and Wickham all week. Is reach injured or just not getting much game time atm?
  7. Surely the break between this season and next will have to be minimal as the euros have beem rescheduled to next summer meaning the season will probably need to be done by June or July 2021.
  8. Alternatively a weak manager avoids confrontation with the big personalities and makes an easy life for himself. I don't think any of us can speculate on the right and wrong way to treat these big personalities (hutch, Westwood etc) as we just don't know how everyone has behaved.
  9. Glad to see FF, Fletcher and Fox move on. Its clear we need an overhaul and it looks like it's finally beginning. My only disappointment is that they're all walking away for free. If the chairman hadn't had his stupid vision of 'all going on a journey together' then we might have sold at the right time, and reinvested in the squad. Fletcher will be a miss in the here and now but if we're all honest he has never been a prolific goal scorer, and he's too old to be getting another contract.
  10. It’s a fair point about recruiting managers currently out of work. It’s a pretty flawed system as most managers that are out of work frequently are not successful ones. I can only assume it’s because chansiri doesn’t want to pay compo, but if we’re going to spend money anywhere I’d rather it be on a decent manager. The depressing thought for me is that I just don’t know who we could get if we got rid of monk. I’m afraid for me it’s just another example of how poorly our club is being ran these days. Most clubs are succession planning, we can even organise our current squad and staff.
  11. Bullen has proven to be pretty average over the few short spells he’s had in charge. It’s not normal or healthy for a club to rely on an assistant manager stepping in on such a frequent basis.
  12. I'm not a big fan of monk but I'd like to think I have a sense of reality in that he was probably the best we could get when we were last in the market for a manager. It was clear then we weren't an attractive proposition to managers and things have only got worse on the ffp investigation front, and our squad is all over the place. Those saying that we should sack monk immediately should be giving suggestions of realistic replacements. If we could get someone better I'd be up for moving monk on, but off the top of my head I can't think of a better replacement that would actually want the job!
  13. I really hope I'm wrong but I think we'll struggle to defend against set pieces. 2-1 Cardiff. First goal is going to be big, if they get it I think it'll be a frustrating night
  14. It's exactly the sort of game that we need to win if we want to be in the mix for top 6. I don't think Hull are up to much, although their form this season suggests they're hard to beat - lots of draws. Hopefully we can keep Bowen quiet as hes easily their best player and always seems to score against us! UTO.
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