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  1. Your question assumes that I'll always identify a scapegoat which isn't the case. when a players not good enough he's not good enough. No amount of sentiment because he's a Wednesday lad will change that.
  2. Not sure I'd agree he was our best player on Friday but then again I don't think anyone played well on Friday
  3. You're spot on. Right now I'd get rid, I'm not convinced that I'll change my mind in a few weeks time but he should be afforded that time. I doubt the chairman will do anything rash but what will be interesting is to see the level of exodus in the summer. I guess the extend of the exodue largely depends on whether the chairman continues to pay high wages for players that are supposedly better than this league or whether he pays the going rate for a league one squad
  4. Palmer should have left the club years ago. How he still gets a game I'll never understand. The length of time he's been at the club suggests he's a legend when in reality he's the most average player in our history
  5. Not really, if you watched us consistently over the course of the season you'd find numerous examples of us going ahead against supposedly weaker opposition to then be pegged back. Look at the amount of points we've dropped from winning positions and you'll change your mind
  6. Good point, you've changed my mind
  7. Score a goal and then assume that were going to go on and win ... then concede. Moore hasn't learned a thing. Nice bloke but awful manager.
  8. Only the management team know that actual situation on Friday but from the outside looking in he looked no way near fit. I've read some comments suggesting he was marked out the game but it was obvious to anyone watching that he wasn't wanting the ball, we normally we can't string 3 passes together without some sort of involvement from Bannan. I don't rate Dele Bashiru but i'd rather play someone who is actually fit than another unfit version of Bannan that we saw on Friday.
  9. The posts saying that he was fit but got marked out the game are crazy. It's no coincidence that he barely touched the ball until the last twenty minutes. We've watched him demand the ball constantly all season and play regular one twos with Johnson and luongo and that barely happened at all tonight. He didn't want the ball, and even when he was open the team didn't look to pass it to him. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that he wasn't fit but was still played in the hope he could 'do a job'
  10. 100% this. Looked like he was avoiding the ball at times
  11. Would rather not play him on Monday. Clearly no way near fit.
  12. If palmer was man of the match then we must have played much worse than I thought
  13. Not for me. As much as I'd enjoy a beer watching the game you know you'd get idiots throwing beer over everyone which would ruin it for older and younger fans who just want to watch the game. Every club has idiots amongst their fan base, I know we have more than our fair share!
  14. BB will be off for sure. It's not a coincidence when you look at his comments about 'seeing how things were' before returning to pre season, us signing an influx of midfielders and him sitting out yesterdays game.
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