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  1. Ballmeist

    Today line up

    Good to see fletch over Nuhiu. Far more effective.
  2. Ballmeist

    Keeper Situation

    I’d prefer KW in nets but that’s only because I think he’s a better communicator. Having said that Dawson has been great this season and I don’t think he’s really been at fault for any of the goals we’ve conceded. We’ll have to judge him over a longer period of time, but I’ve seen Wildsmith make some awful errors, and KW had been giving away a lot of penalties through poor judgement before he dropped in the rankings.
  3. Ballmeist


    Who cares about Conor Washington? £11 million > £100k.
  4. Ballmeist

    Line up meltdown thread.

    Imagine looking at the team sheet before kick off and seeing he’s not playing. It’ll no doubt give opposition a lift!
  5. Ballmeist

    Line up meltdown thread.

    As if playing Nuhiu isn’t a big enough joke in itself, he’s also ok picked Matias over FF. Bizarre choices from where I’m sitting but we’ll see what happens ...
  6. Sacked from Wednesday because of unlucky injuries and social media pressure, didn’t keep Swansea up because of injuries and unfortunate bookings. other than that he’d have won the champions league with both ... 0% responsibility, 0% accountability, 100% hard done by. Classic Carlos.
  7. Ballmeist


    United sold their best young talent (Brooks) for £11m. We let our best young talent (Hirst) go for free ...
  8. Ballmeist

    New Defender?

    We have very limited funds for any incoming players wages, mainly because the club is riddled with washed up pros on large wages and long contracts, that barely play any minutes. And you think spending these limited funds on James Collins is a good idea?!
  9. I hope he has success but I won’t hold my breath. The last performances have been ok, and the results have been good. All of the performances before that were dire. People should probably balance these things out before using terms like moving mountains.
  10. Agree with all the comments. It was by no means perfect tonight but at least everyone looked comfortable in the changed formation as it gave us a solid foundation to build on. I still think we’re in for a long season but it’s good to see some fight for the group as we’re going to need it.
  11. He didn’t embarrass us when we got to the final and lost 1-0 to a wonder strike. Yes we froze on the big stage but it’s not like we got panned. For what it’s worth I don’t like the bloke, as other have said he talks a good game but has little to back it up. People can go on about how he made the playoffs twice but he also had a huge amount of investment to help him do so. It was his time to go and since Swansea got rid of him all I’ve seen him doing is flaunting himself around England in the hope of getting another job.
  12. Ballmeist

    Liam Palmer

    Difference is really the end product at the other end. Hunts delivery and composure going forward was always better.
  13. Such a weak team. We’re going to get beat easily.
  14. Go on sky sports football channel and press the red button for match selection. Not sure if you can record on that but will check tonight!
  15. Ballmeist

    Millwall next up

    0-2 Millwall win