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  1. Jacob Butterfield

    100% this. It’s embarassing watching Jones at times. It’s like they’ve picked a bloke at random from the crowd to play for a game.
  2. Lose tomorrow .....

    The truth is the current available players aren’t good enough to keep us in the division. We just need to pray that we can get some of our injured players back over the coming weeks / months to accumulate enough points to save ourselves. I hope I’m proved wrong, but at the minute we’re in free fall. I can’t see where our next win is coming from. The only saving grace is Sunderland, Hull and Burton are just as bad ... for the time being ...
  3. Jordan Rhodes

    The football we've played this season has been absolute garbage and yet some people expect him to have done well. The bloke has barely had a sniff, and when he has, he's expected to convert his 1 chance a game and maintain a 100% conversion rate. I don''t think any striker in the Championship would have done well playing in our side this season!
  4. Glenn Loovens

    I don't rate his leadership qualities at all. I watched him stare at the turf after we conceded the second on Saturday. As captain he should have either been going mad at the team for being a shambles, or encouraging the lads to up their game. Instead he hung his head and did nothing. I'm glad he got the hook.
  5. Relegation. How confident are we all that we can avoid the drop? We're currently 6 points off the bottom 3 but taking into account what happened on Saturday, the current injury crisis and the next 4 fixtures I fear we're in real trouble ... Next 4 Fixtures - Barnsley (A), Derby (H), Millwall (A), Villa (H) Personally I think it's going to depend on whether we can get players back from injury and performing before we run out of games.
  6. What a load of garbage. Anyone who believes the officials set out to do anything other than officiate a fair game is an idiot. Yes there are bad decisions from time to time but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that we were the masters of our own downfall and both Pudil and Matias put themselves in positions to be sent off.

    I think the point is that everyone accepts we were beaten because what is essentially our second 11 made a tonne of mistakes. Everyone is just frustrated at the extent of the injuries we have which is admittedly pretty severe and showing no signs of improving in the next few weeks!
  8. Pudil's Red Card

    No bring the guy down when we were already down to 10 men and he was already on a yellow?!
  9. Applauded off the pitch after getting himself mindlessly sent off yesterday. I genuinely don’t know what goes through our fans heads sometimes.
  10. This is the best point I’ve read in pages. We may be tighter at the back but if we don’t start scoring we won’t win games. Draws kill you in the championship and we could easily go down if something doesn’t change.
  11. Everyone needs to calm down. Chansiri doesn’t sell players because we’re all on this magical journey to the promised land together!
  12. Rhodes

    He’d still be better than Nuhiu though haha *cries*
  13. Agreed. Absolutely mental.
  14. Still trying to work out which is more stupid .. swapping Winnall for Butterfield or swapping Rhodes for McGoldrick One things for sure both are really poor bits of business.
  15. Gary Hooper - back in training?

    Yep. Probably had to post them on social media as part of his sponsorship deal with Adidas.