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  1. Kieran Lee Should be first name on team sheet every week. Absolute class. Level above most other bods in our ‘squad’.
  2. But what if they release a bronze one next week, will I have to waste my time 'visiting the megastore' twice or will I be able to go directly from gold to bronze all in one visit.
  3. So what about the suckers who bought the £90 option last week thinking this was the only membership option on offer and not realising that there was going to be another option a week later at half the price which gave them just what they wanted (fiver a game off and priority ticket period on home games) i.e. what they had last year for the same price as last year. The place is an absolute car crash at the moment.
  4. This is the M5 at the moment. We’ve just canned our trip. Stay safe everyone. Bizare everyone except the club are saying no non essential travel. Public transport on its backside. But club think it’s ok to put this game on.
  5. It is poor to be fair - BCFC having a statement on their website saying all is good whilst they are slap bang in the middle of a severe weather warning area is shoddy. They know it's about more than the state of the pitch right?
  6. I imagine the policy is just check everyone rather than asking a steward to decide who they check and who they don't. That wouldn't be fair on the stewards really.
  7. Been saying it for 2 years. He’s too slow thus picks up many bookings. Replace quicksharp.
  8. Breakfast - anything fried Dinner - meat sandwich Tea - something with chips Supper - a couple of statin tablets and a cuppa
  9. Grunter. Around this time I used to pressure my Dad into taking me to Sheffield to see a match. Bramall Lane was the closer of the two grounds in Sheffield to us so my first match I saw in the city was Sheffield United versus West Ham United. It was a landmark game for Joe Shaw, it was either his 600th or 650th appearance and I remember the West Ham team lined up to applaud him on to the pitch. West Ham had great players including Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. For a while they became my ‘second team’, which was a little disloyal to my Dad, but they really captured my imagination.
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