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  1. So if we levelled blame to this season's fail out of 100% amongst DC and those around him, the players, and the managers how might we spread the scores out? Will be interesting to see what people think. People do see matters quite different on where responsibility lies. I have decided on.... 56% D Chansiri and those around him 18% Players 14% G Monk 6% T Pulis 4% N Thompson 2% D Moore
  2. I am on his side. Just seems pointless as little to say about the little performances. Yes guess it's contractual.
  3. Heard that some will try to stay in the Championship with other clubs. How does that work? Knowing our luck they'll set the league alight when they all leave for other Championship clubs.
  4. We need to tie good young players down or we might end up being held to ransom. Next thing they are playing for some feeder club or up in Scotland. We've seen how it's gone so if he's got the raw talent then keep him here!!
  5. From close to the Premier League to worse than Wycombe. Not bad.
  6. The squads he had were much better. The chairman as since run down the club, so this man would do nowt with this set of players. Even with the best squads Carlos was negative in the big games. And it cost us. Isn't the Portuguese league like Scotland?
  7. We can't start up again constructively whilst this chairman is still in place at this football club. Virtually every decision as had an adverse effect. So starting some new approach strategy with him still deciding on thing can not go well. It needs people who can connect the club at all levels with positive fruitful decisions. Yes recruitment at a lower level needs to be bang on and players need to be sourced and developed to come through with impact. Not with this chairman. If we don't clear the decks and get the proper people and structure in we are going to be in League One a long time. Th
  8. As the left back position has not been covered through a lack of ambition as well as midfield and up front it's hard to level all the blame on him. A number of tiers up is where the blame rests.
  9. Chances enough to change the game. But no good strikers. Why not? Going into the season the chairman did not back the 'then' manager with enough funds. The incomings were woeful. Players with no goals on their records and hopes resting on a utility player. So woefully inadequate. Roll on the January transfer window and nothing of note again coming through the door. A failed Marriott and a weak Green who nobody took on. If we'd have replaced FF and Fletcher way back when and maybe showed some kind of a hand in the January window how would we have done with the chances tonight? And how might it
  10. Local journalists will need to pin him down over Zoom then regarding the unholy kerfuffle....
  11. The local journalists need to get out of their comfort zone and pin DC down on what the actual plan is. The contracts, future investment, any future sale, the academy, keeping assets at the club long term, refunds etc etc. OK Darren Moore is a big positive but I hope it not going to be allowed to cover all the mess that for sure needs sorting top to bottom....
  12. I hope its with a long term plan of trying to rebuild us in League One should we go down. Its no good sacking him, if relegation gets confirmed, cos he's got good League One form. So with this maybe settled. Next step Chansiri is a rallying of what we have to fight for the final fight to try and stop up. And, alongside, solid steps needed to make sure we have some decent enough squad for next season. The academy and the club bottom up needs sorting out. What the club hasn't been doing needs doing right. Don't stop there at a new manager. Let's sort this mess out. Enough people whave said what'
  13. Just think if proper football men had been brought in to oversee affairs. Just think if one management appointment had brought success? Just think if recruitment in the past windows had been of a good standard? Just think if we had a proper management team now? Just think if the academy had been up to a good standard? Just think if the information out to the fans was regular and on point? Just think if we had started on no points deduction? Just think if there was some urgency to get things right? Just think if we can go forward with people who were brought up caring about Sheffield Wednesday.
  14. I think he won't go radical with the lineup. He will likely keep the same back line. I'd like to think Shaw could start and I'd go Patterson Rhodes. Fire the bench up with as many options as possible. I'm looking for a reaction. If the abysmal display yesterday can't do that we will be in trouble...
  15. Our squad wlll be crap. These players will be going for free. How we haven't got a structure to sell and replace? It's like there's no concept to do things within timescale to benefit the football club. These players could have been sold and replaced with adequate quality. Look what happened with FF and Fletcher. We got nothing there. Wasn't Fulham after FF at one point and Fletcher was almost getting a move to France. But nothing ever gets engineered to benefit us as a playing business anymore. When is that Chairman ever going to answer some questions. And these local journalists need to star
  16. Weeks going into the new season also. Glaring it's been for all this time. This striker issue. How there's no scouting network in place is baffling. Anyone who had designs of a successful club surely would. They don't stroll up and knock on the door. Barnsley at least have rolled the dice with an American striker. Who abroad or on these shores have we been strongly linked to? We did get a utility player as a forward so fair play.
  17. Let's start from nothing and go again based on the ethics of people being bothered about our great club. Rather see commitment from a bunch of players in blue and white than what's going on now. Be it in whatever league.
  18. There is that. Its the play offs and the Premier all the way with this guy.
  19. The player is seeing League One looming and he's right. I was saying all along don't expect big things in this window. In the last window suitable provisions were not made. So no real change happening this window either. So as a result League one looks assured. League one obscurity and possibly then League Two, or cups and Europe? That's why and there's the gathering the little pennies in. If he does go on to have a few good years up there he might be worth a Bob or three by then. Good luck to him.
  20. Something else that's turned out well under the leadership of Chansiri. Is it £300,000 or less and no sell on fee? Why does this not happen at other clubs? Has to be a common dinominator going on here. It seems to be decisions from the top. All started when money was spaffed out under a journeyman manager and nothing sensible as ever followed.
  21. We can all look forward to the last days of the transfer window then! Who's lined up you reckon?
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