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  1. Maybe. Just wondered if he will have someone sitting deep. We await with interest.
  2. Possibility of a 3-1-5-1 system? If the two strikers left will prove little use? Put a defensive midfielder in thus allowing one from the midfield to push on regular behind the single striker. If this did play out I'm guessing that up top skriker would be Patterson. It's just our awful luck having three strikers out for a game but the dithering of bringing in another striker has really cost us. If Sow starts he needs to be on it, and there's chance his mind is on a transfer away. As long as they all put a shift in. Fingers crossed.
  3. Hasn't DM said he ain't going to add another centre half? If the chance arises he must. And many think he should.
  4. It has been obvious for some time that know how has been needed at the club. More of an old head been there done it type coming in. But DC in his infinite wisdom has never wanted any such introduction. Though a little early to tell, we may now have a set of defenders who are not quite suitable for the system. We need to work out what systems can these players best play in. Where we are at now might not have been the case with experienced assistance to hand. If our defenders can't hack the all eggs in the basket 3-5-2 system it won't go well. In these early days of the season we have to set the successful template moving forward. No point searching for it way into the season. We need width, pace, and more command at the back.
  5. Should have been a priority to get a commanding keeper who takes charge of the area. Especially if there are any doubts with ability of the defenders doing their jobs. Dawson was never too strong in this area either. If Stockdale is weak doing this the defenders have to be doubly on it. Weak command keeper + poor in the air defending = calamity. Surely this was and continues to be known about.
  6. Formation change should be looked at. 3-5-2 relies heavily on the right type of player to fit the system. For me it's critical the back three are comfortable in this system. Even the guys brought into the defence this summer are not known as ball players. If the defensive unit aren't quite it then a back four should work better. But we seem to not have the midfield wide players to comfortably switch to any back four system. Seems like it's not been totally figured out. It's early days though. Whatever plans are knocking about I hope they come through.
  7. Balls put in from open play as opposed to from set pieces shouldn't be highlighted as different as both are the inability to defend balls from out wide. Problems from last season rolling into this season. Will be interesting to see how DM reacts to this. I will be disappointed if he keeps it the same. That defending show is unacceptable if we plan to do anything this season. Just get a decent defender in please. Priority might have been a goalkeeper with total command of the area which then passes confidence to the defenders. This works the other way too.
  8. The need for these two is glaring. Pad out the U-23s with option potential too.
  9. We need another centre half. This proves the point. Iorfa just hasn't got over that injury going back and he is better in a back four. We can't risk him again as things stand. Has to prove himself over a stretch, but in this form I wouldn't start him.
  10. Heard Davidson looked handy and pace to burn.
  11. We for sure need Dean or similar. Be nice if the radio station highlight the problem areas. We need pace for sure. Helps us have a Plan B. Hope we don't just get a quick main striker but we get pace in to bolster the squads generally. I'm thinking the Birmingham lad and the ex Man Utd winger. Though they'd be destined for the Under-23s it would put more pace around the place.
  12. He has made quite a few Championship appearances. Isn't any team up there needing a utility man? Do Hull need one. Swap for Wilks? Also I know he had a shocker for Portsmouth but what about Tyler Walker. A pace alternative maybe.
  13. It all goes back to the way the club is run and its structure. It needs a overhaul. DC at the top making the recruitment decisions backed up by who? In the relegation season the top man the buck seemed to mostly stop at. Since is distancing everything else is to blame. Just follow the paper trail back. All it needs is one or two good structural decisions from the top down. Can it be so difficult?
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