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  1. basegreenowl

    Next SWFC Manager - Ballotageddon MKII

    Jokanovic only if Stuart Grey is part of the setup. First mistake of Chansiri. He's kept the ball ⚽ rolling since really. Seems the Dortmond connection works. Non so for Joss. Like Holloway's jibba jabba. Otherwise progressive manager maybe. Possibly Nathan Jones. Gray has proven himself as a number two since leaving so fine for DC to reappoint. Wouldn't be too disappointed if he became manager again. Would have been interesting having him in the poll.
  2. basegreenowl

    New manager

    Did Carlos go just before Christmas? He lasted way longer than he should by about 7 months. And Dooley went close on.
  3. basegreenowl

    Serious Candidates?

    Pearson or Holloway. They have league experience. The young Wilkinson is an interesting one. Trust us to get a non doing it German league manager. Seems those with Dortmond connections seem to do best. Even Luton's manager might do better than Jos. All went down hill after the Stuart Gray decision was made.
  4. Likely its affecting team moral. Likely why the team isn't pulling together. As a collective it knows that things are not sitting right. Knowing that the best players are purposely being left out is bound to affect how the rest of the team digs to a task.
  5. basegreenowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    A football brain at some level would help.
  6. basegreenowl

    Mick McCarthy

    The first mistake. And likely the biggest.
  7. basegreenowl

    Mick McCarthy

    Yes and took em up. Ipswich never spent big. At Ipswich it was all limited budgets. Would he see the logic to it? Might have had enough struggle at Ipswich. Bruce etc no chance. Who else?
  8. basegreenowl

    Mick McCarthy

    He's done well on limited budgets. No point touting managers who would only come in and want big backing financially. Thing is people saying no to Megson but there might be a very limited amount of people who would come in and work on no money. There won't be funds in the next transfer windows. The chairman spiffed all the dosh through a journeyman in Carlos so now we are in trouble. We would be lucky to get Mccarthy. Who'd want to come? Once a big club. Now we have little positives. Looking at five straight defeats. Spineless going into the derby. Great....
  9. basegreenowl

    What is the furthest out..

    Harkes was a belter from distance. Header? I remember an outrageous header by Lee Chapman one Boxing Day at Hillsborough. Carl Bradshaw hit some long ball across field and Chapman got daft height to it, stuck nut on it, and it looped over the Newcastle keeper (Budgie maybe) from way out. Roeder was marking Chapman. No video record of it now regrettably same as David Hirst's horizontal bullet header in a FA cup tie at Barnsley which we won 1-2 in the 80s from a Zico cross....
  10. basegreenowl

    Michael Hector...

    Regi Blinker
  11. basegreenowl

    Championship Finish According To Odds

    Who with? Thanks
  12. Not even a glimmer. That latter season form we can hold onto though....
  13. Any news on Sam Smart. Or is he not signable? Surely a few grand here or there they should allow. Bit strict if not.
  14. Towards the end of last season I recall a press conference and Jos was discussing that the squad needed improvement. He said, if I remember, they would look at the Premier League or the Championship for players. FFP was always doing the rounds then. Why would he sit in front of the media and talk about changes which would have to be made only to do nothing? Was he on a false promise or was he told to say a line with reverse action intended? Only a short time now to go. I kinda bought the idea and thought some kind of plan may be implemented in good time. The plans going forward need clarifying by the club with the ticketing and membership being where it's at. Just set out your timescales of putting this shabby mess in order or, if strengthening was always the plan, sign players to give us a competitive chance....
  15. Hourihane set up many a Winnal goal at Barnsley. Terry might end up at Derby if Lampard goes in there. Grealish has ability no doubt. Could even see a Premiership move for him.