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  1. So it looks like DM will fail to reach any specified target as set out by our owner. For whatever reasons there may have been, at my last count, DM would likely be the sixth manager brought in by DC who doesn't reach the set target. All six after Stuart Gray was relieved of his duties. Don't know if I am wrong but there seems to be a trend forming....
  2. If we put out anything like a strong team, and go on to get beat by a League Two team who are on a awful run, how might it look for our League One hopes? If only we could see us having a go. That's been lacking. Just want to see commitment. This is what has to start coming through. Why not start in tonight's game and move it forward?...
  3. Play wing in number 10 position. Maybe go 4-4-1-1.
  4. BPF Hunt.........Iorfa.........Hutch.........Johnson Shopido......Bannan......Adeniran......Brown Wing Berahino
  5. I'd always have a striker on penalties. No way should a player who doesn't find the net often get the responsibility. DM needs to look at set-piece situation, and getting players with intent further forward.
  6. Eventually, we may need a manager with promotions on the CV. And at this level, and above as a bonus. I hope it can turn good for DM but if it doesn't then we will need someone with a plan. Look at Cowley. He might be just a one club man, or can't work well above League Two. It's achievements at the level and higher which count. I think DM has just a few good past spells to his name. I hope it can turn soon and he can notch something down.
  7. At home maybe 4-4-2 could be Plan A or Plan B. Just a thought. Two midfielders, two wingers, two strikers, four at the back, and a goalkeeper...
  8. We have a history of signing players who have looked good elsewhere and then go on to struggle at Hillsborough. Or players that go on to do better elsewhere. Or they've been totally injured here and then become an example of health and fitness elsewhere. Why do we think all this plays out for us? It can be called player bad luck. But why? All, or mostly, in our down turn era too.
  9. Someone mentioned 4-4-2 and its a good point. Go back to basics. Especially at home. Maybe the personnel can't play DMs systems too well. Systems need the right kind of payers. Yep vary the tactics up. I know we aren't Man City but the Pep way of all players contributing ain't bad. Like total football philosophy. Maybe this squad is more average than we thought so at least we should use all of it than just going through one player. And maybe the player in question ain't quite or we'd have for sure sold him. Right? There's another ten players and a manager. Just as contributions and collective responsibility should be shared maybe the criticism too.
  10. Hutchinson was worse. But the relentless Bannan talk rumbles on. I think it's more what those next to him are doing. A young enforcer, who doesn't get injured, is what we need. Intent from others.
  11. Sturrock was a top manager at this level. Who is the next one in line? All those we were linked with, previously, other than DM aren't doing it now. It may eventually have to be someone with promotions on the CV.
  12. Would take 1-0, but with many snippets of encouragement. We need to get offensive cohesiveness going. Just don't think we have it at the moment. I'm hoping for a clean sheet. Would like a 2-1 win if we actually come from a position of losing to winning. One or the other please. Don't think that's too greedy.
  13. We might let Patterson move on. Though he is capable of goals he doesn't fit too well due to his non striker attributes. I think we would only let him go if we line someone up first. Any ideas on who though? Might be another position too. Maybe a utility type.
  14. Maybe he could get played as a central striker. When we signed him he said he can do this role so be worth seeing how he gets on through the middle. Sow will be on the wing so could be worth seeing what he can do in this role. Wherever he plays it will bring on his match fitness.
  15. DM didn't say much on the subject. If he had done his hamstring wouldn't they be putting forward their concern? Did everyone miss it?
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