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  1. Good points. Have to say. Wish he had stayed with the riches to hand. Thought he was underestimated. That's the past I'm on about now. It's about the future. But a strong number two would help Lee if Lee is the decision. Gray being a good example. All be it one that seems beyond possible.
  2. He was given his first big coaching role at S6 under Stuart Gray if I recall. Do you think he could lure Stuart back to work with him? And would DC back such a move as he shifted SG on? I rate Gray as a defensive coach. Power to Fulham getting him back. Do people think he could return due to his past links with Lee. Bullen/Gray 1 and 2? I'd be rather happy with that.
  3. And there's goals there. Wonder if they have strikers or if the goals are evenly distributed. If the latter then bonus. Yep indeed this guy might have the knack required.
  4. Give him a try out at it in some u-23 games as that holding blaster. Can't see much harm in that. But first team wise he's shown he is decent for the fullback role. Maybe if a 4-3-3 needs to go to 5-3-2 he could come on as a third centre half.
  5. If Bullen is to be kept in charge just give him the caretaker role for as long as it takes. Why appoint him? Ole S over at Man Utd was great in the caretaker role. Once appointed it went pear shaped. Just keep it ticking along as is DC.
  6. I hope the chairman doesn't rush to appoint Bullen. Why not keep him in the caretaker role. I remember Ole at Man Utd overseeing a great run of results in the caretaker role. As soon as he got the job full time the results nose dived. Keeping him in the caretaker role over a stretch gives him an extended go at it and which allows for better assessment. It also gives possibility for a suitable match to come along. More suitable than what's available now. And, as I've pointed out, if he's winning as a caretaker then keep him as a caretaker or the dynamics can change. Do it the right way DC and don't fall to the media frenzy of wanting an appointment soon.
  7. Might come into a back three if we play a 3-5-2 at any time.
  8. Saw these two were left out of Newcastle's Premiership squad. I thought with this decision looming it was odd they didn't go out on loan. I know they both have injury issues but thought someone might try. Maybe we wised up to taking chances on players with injury records. Likely they will go out on loan to some other league.
  9. Welcome to the Premier League! And I thought there may be first game rustyness or holiday blues.
  10. We may go 3-5-2 on occasions. Or if chasing a point or win then a second striker might get chucked on.
  11. Hard to work out what the Joao transfer was all about. Saw it as a way of getting the Hector fee down. For me he was top whack £4 million. And that's pushing it over a bit. If Chelsea were holding out for £5 million minus the 20% sell on then their original valuation was £6 million. Madness. Hope they get peanuts now. Joao must have been given incentives to fancy the move also. Think we've done the best we can. Now it's a challenge to the squad. The names and good stock seem to be in place. These other loans might be used in January if shortfalls stand apparant.
  12. All the players brought in seem to hold good stock and there is pace there now. Bates may turn out to be a pleasant Suprise. Noticed he is a big chap like Hector. 6 foot 4. As well as the new guys we resigned Westwood, Palmer, and Lee. And the Bruce compo and Joao money will keep us quids in. Yes we are somewhat one dimensional up front but we still have plenty of goals in the records. The challenge must go out to all the strikers. Hoping the new pace and hopeful quality can ignite Rhodes and Winnall. Winnall at Barnsley got goals with service and Rhodes relishes the same.
  13. Very Hopeful. More competition and balance. 8/10. We should be decent.
  14. Striker and a left back would be good. Hope Murphy gets announced soon.
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