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  1. Been thinking about this situation. We find ourselves just short of the play-offs after a great set of results and displays under Mr.Promotion Steve Bruce. Now I think it is obvious that the success has come since the vast improvement to the defence. Build from the back. Especially in this league. And the centre half's have much to do with it. Hector though? OK there is ffp. And all that. But somehow the chairman has to go extra to try and sort the finances out. It's not like he's got a clown in charge anymore. Brucie has proved himself and deserves as much help financially as possible. So Hector. If a big lump sum can't be lumped up pre-season then maybe a season loan again with a fee set come the end of the season. I recall some club (caugh) nearby having some similar deal in place for some Irish midfielder. He's settled in the team and for sure we need continuity. Him being with us would set the marker for the season and keep the forward momentum. Chelsea will just want to see money at some point. And a future down the line might help navigate ffp? And I'm sure if we show ambition his way he would love to carry it on. Do it Wednesday! Seek every avenue on this one. Reward the management team and the fans. Do your most!
  2. And was signed by Bruce for Hull for big money. Was right back at Hull. Dominic could then play Central. Somehow we have to try get Hector the protector. And the Newcastle lads would be a good move too. Need to keep it all rolling.
  3. They've got a 17 year old midfielder with promise. Brighton nearly signed him in the January window. Looks beyond his years.
  4. Can we not just identify I club with a good injury history and then follow their model of success?
  5. I did not mention Boyd. Cos I forgot about him. Awful.
  6. MOM Palmer or Hector. Westwood commanding. Arrons looked good at times. Wanted Iorfa to hit the spaces more. Often get going back inside when there were open spaces in front. Rest of team did OK. I was disappointed with Bannan. Needed someone to press higher and with authority. Would be looking at another midfielder or two, if we can. Often woeful there. Just mostly a defensive display. Yes Palmer and Hector need signing up to longer deals. Lees and Hector very good as a partnership.
  7. He should start more. For me Joao and Winnall should have more input in the next game.
  8. After a toothless performance I am wondering who, out of all the strikers we have, who to go with next season. If there was a luxury to choose? So in the full signed up players we have FF, Joao, Dave, Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes (likely to return), Winnall. Who stays? Who goes? You decide. I know moving players is not easy, but if we could? Myself, I would let Dave and Fletcher go, and Hooper if he doesn't prove his fitness to a good level. I know many like Fletcher for his attributes but I am just thinking we have to be looking at goal ratios. Some have not been successful here but what with the new manager and all. If there was a big physical striker out there with more goals then I would try. Again due to contracts and stuff any movement would be no easy task. A tight defensive unit + goals = a decent league position. There will be contrasting views on this topic. Seen them for all the forwards. I was just thinking collectively what the best way forward would be. FF as a 10 behind a 1 or FF behind a 2 or could he sit deeper? I don't think so with the latter option. Is Bruce going to pin his hat on FF with just the one in front? The justification for a big pool of forwards might not be there if so....
  9. Chris Bart Williams. We bought him as a teenager and he was years ahead of his age. Thought he'd do more in the game. Remember seeing Lloyd Awusu tearing up Rotherham all game long but proved pretty hopeless for us.
  10. Didn't we see a rare good performance under Jos where Joao, Dave, and Fessi did well in a front three? Can't remember the game. If I remember right Fessi was like a number 10 with Lucas and the big guy up top.
  11. Also Rhodes might not be quite out of the equation just yet. Just need say a front three weighing in with goals and a solid team shape and all is possible. Aarons and the like could add pace and I think everyone knows pace is important.
  12. I'd look at him in a front 3 for sure. This consistency thing is constantly thrown up against him but most of our strikers have had dips or injury. I think any player who looks a bit leggy has the consistency thing thrown up that bit more than that more non leggy type. His ratio of goals isn't bad in spells. And he offers something. It may be FF, Hooper/Winnall, Joao in a front 3. Hope them strikers who have been injured can sort themselves out. If Bruce plays his 4-2-3-1 I'm not sure who'd best play as the 1. The front 3 may suit us best. Bruce might try and move a few on from the squad.
  13. Wonder how the Dortmund staff did so well going in at Huddersfield and Norwich? Different structures maybe? It's worked for them up to now. German league experience going into the English game. Sadly not for Jos.
  14. From SWFC Supporters Club Twitter account Apparently Steve Bruce has been offered £40k a week to take over at Wednesday. The info appears to have come from Chris Wilder #swfc Got the calculator out and it kind of adds up apart from who's said it. Trying to work that one out.
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