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  1. I have seen the pitches too in the reign of Shankley. And players are meant to be fitter now.
  2. Does anyone know how many Hagan scored for the U-18s/U-23s last term and how many games played? I was trying to compare stats with the new fella from Everton who's ratio at these lower levels is 1 in 2 games. Got some good control too has the new chap. Don't know why stats can't be put on the official site. Other sites just have Hagan's limited first team stats. I'd not make too many changes but maybe give game time to one of the two. Keep continuity without making too many changes that would go to weaken us too much.
  3. Advanced talks with Millwall so maybe not. The club really need to lay a plan down to players.
  4. Winger, young, and so potential to improve and if played more central may have potential for more goals. If decent and pacey then go for it.
  5. Doesn't seem to happen as regular at other clubs. Firstly, wasn't his dimise spotted at Middlesborough? Karanka wasn't a fan I remember. Then there's the medical and evaluation? Who oversaw that? And this kind of bad management of recruitment as been going on for years. Remember Abdi and the rest? If we go into this season seriously unequipped I'd like that chairman to come out and explain the transfer budget and recruitment of knackered big bucks players. And who's responsible. We all know that won't happen. Hoping reality flies in the face of this post over the next few days and we get some bang decent strikers in!....
  6. Who do we think will be top scorers in the league's? Any long prices out there? Maybe chance to make a few Bob with the bookies.... Do you think Stirling could at Man City? Not sure about the Championship top scorer. Watkins might be sold on.
  7. Joe Pigott we were linked with one upon a time. At Wimbledon. Only about a goal in three in League one though. All be it some decent efforts.
  8. He's hit 38 goals in 55 games for Sydney. Has he still got it?
  9. Micheal Owen had injuries that restricted him to just a box player. Has Rhodes had injuries? Can't recall. Can't be an age thing. He's not too old. Look at Billy Blunt he's three or four years older.
  10. Yep. No good bodging into a season on - 12 points. When folk said we'd find it hard attracting players, due to the deduction, they were not wrong. I for one think the goalkeeper position is always one of the first priorities. A good strong goalkeeper stops the shots and passes on confidence to the defensive unit. The notion of a team can get away with a good defence in front of a shakey keeper is all wrong.
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