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  1. Get a sensible amount in and buy Hector. Jobs a good'un. Has to be seen as the right thing to do.
  2. Ron Atkinson gave chances to older players. Trevor Francis, Viv Anderson etc. It worked for him. Think he signed Lawrie Cunningham and Peter Barnes late in the day for a club. Think one senior player won't rock the boat. Downing has always had quality. Could sign some young guy from oversees and could be like Abdi. If short term and cheap with ability to still change games why not? We have to be careful with the funds too.
  3. Chelsea paid 4 million for Hector from Reading and he's not progressed from that Championship level so 4 million is still about right though prices are rising. A deal of money up front and money later might work. If not then it's alternatives. Sort the squad overall and later payment should prove workable.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor had a short loan spell with us and it wasn't wow stuff. Went on to play good top level football. If Bruce thinks the lad is good enough he will be.
  5. We need a back up of sorts to Bannan. Competition in all parts of the team. I reckon it will not be too much if it happens. I trust Steve Bruce. Track record suggests trust.
  6. Remember Blackburn coming to Hillsborough and David Batty absolutely bossing midfield. Had his critics for England but he was a force for Blackburn in their title winning season. Teddy Sheringham always looked a class player. Waddle was absolute genius though. That West Ham match.
  7. This defensive midfielder guy Andre Iturraspe is 30 but might be available.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ander_Iturraspe
  8. Yes seemed good at Brighton and Leeds. Maybe there's a reason why he's not playing much at Forest. Yes they all seem much of a muchness right now that little batch of ex Sunderland players. Rodwell in that batch too. Never thought much to Cattermole. I'd like to see a defensive midfield type come in but hope it's better than Cattermole. Isn't there a guy at Rotherham or are Norwich still in the hunt?
  9. Would like to see a press conference, true or false, to address this done or future possibility. Transparency needed. Maybe DC, SB, and a financial spokesman in attendance. Note SB as it has to effect what might be available from this sale for team/squad building. Does such a sale stop us talking about the constraints of FFP at every question relating to transfer strategy? One, it needs confirming or not. Two, can the benefits to the club be broken down to the fans. Its some big thing selling the historic ground of the club. And three, does this add to the possibility of future relocation?
  10. Think he played at Wembley for us and gave Forest (if I remember)a torid time. Pearce and Co in knots....
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