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  1. Every appointment has been a disaster. All this about us missing Carlos. Couldn't get us promoted on all that money spent. Sat back in both the play-off situations. A failure. Don't want him back. Oh and there was the £20 note. Jos was hopeless though never was really backed. Highlights being the 0-0s at that place near town. Bruce. Well everyone says he was good. But Chansiri should have known the likely hood would be that he would walk. And now this shambles with Monk. Seems live its all been divisive. A team laying third at one point then totally bottoms out and it seems like the players don't want to know. Oh the Millwall manager ain't doing bad. Maybe his season will crash about him too. No the chairman needs to do something radical. We gotta pick as many points up as possible between now and the end of the season. Can't see that happening now as things stand. So yes Mr Chairman OKs speak to the fans and offer us some direction please.
  2. Quality balls into the box. He will get on em with his head. As does Fletch. At Barnsley he ate up Houlihan's quality into the box. A big amount of his goals came through quality, mostly short diagonal, balls into the box. He will put quality deliveries away. Not seen much service here over a stretch.
  3. Funny how the said no to them when we were hovering. Likely we were going to match or even better the payout for them. Think maybe 1.5 million was the amount touted that Huddersfield were putting together. Then the stadium investigation was touted and all seemed to swing Gary Monk's way. Maybe DC wants to go easy on the layout. Can't blame in. And in the cold light of day Monk has solid Championship history and Premiership history. They say attractive football too. This move by the Cowleys is a step up which many have fallen at. Yes they've done great in the past. But It might be tough initially for them and how much time will be allowed for? If they don't pick em up soon a situation could occur where they lose the players and the fans. Yes true for all new managers Monk included. Just feel Huddersfield are on a downward curve. They need to turn it to an accepted level as they may provide parachute money in January. I truly believe our squad is not bad and Monk, if he applies his past solid base, can do a decent job here.
  4. 10 points from first six games ain't a bad return for them. So it's a solid enough start for Pep.
  5. Yes just seen he's in a caretaker role as head coach at brum. See how he goes then.
  6. I stand corrected. Suppose its how he goes at Birmingham in the hot seat. Maybe if he wasn't in that hotseat he would have come through the door more readily.
  7. Maybe Bullen will get six games at it as he got as caretaker
  8. Pep Clotet has been an assistant to Gary Monk more than once before. Currently an assistant at Birmingham. Is he the most likely to eventually come in as the number two? All this about James Beatie? Lee Bullen is a good coach for the club but I didn't see him as the manager or as a number two. So Pep likely in at some point?
  9. Prefer him to Rowett though. Think it's the hair style.
  10. No bout DC will say he's been first choice all along. Maybe this legal stuff he's been involved with (Monk) has slowed it down. But that won't get a mention.
  11. Do we think this investigation into the ground sale stopped the push for Cowley? The odds seemed to flip flop after this. Maybe Monk was a back up option (seen at the QPR match?) and maybe this stopped the Cowley move? Was the Cowley speculation just made up stuff? Was it Monk all along? What's his systems btw?
  12. Only plus for Monk over Cowley is the Championship experience angle. But could he have got them promotions and that FA Cup run? After that great poll that was pulling Cowley here it's all a tad disappointing. The new manager needs his own number two. Can not see Bullen as any number two. He's a good coach only and that is that.
  13. Well you might be right as Monk is now 8/11 favourite with Betfair. Cowley 7/4. He's about the 11th favourite so is there anything in it? Maybe the compo to Lincoln was an issue or all the thing was fabricated.
  14. Maybe Monk was informed to 'Hang around after the QPR match just in case'. Fall back option if the Cowley push didn't happen. Its not looking great. Sky News? What happened to to the 'at an advanced stage'?
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