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  1. The fans on jos's back already

    Many, many injuries. Caused by the previous. This needs addressing to the root. I see a more of a tactician in this guy. Already playing 3-5-2 which as made us quite solid with the little we have. Playing the Carlos 4-4-2 with this weakened squad would have brought more defeats. Apparently, Carlos is playing 3-5-2 at Swansea. Never chose to here though the dynamics were crying out for it or have shots on goal. Yes with their offensive players and his defensive ideals Swansea will more than likely stay up. But he will slowly but surely dismantle them to the point of hopeless. Yes Jos needs to be judged when he has a better hand. He needs to improve on things though no doubt. Like with the commitment side of things. Time will tell.
  2. Three at the back is the way forward. Might take time. Might need full backs in this window. Hopefully his German connections could reveal a few. Pace and strength in this team please. A 'German' manager usually knows physicality is important. Hope so!
  3. Been trying to find out out the few systems he plays. After a few Google searches I was only able to find he plays 4-4-2. Does anyone know if he plays another system? Three at the back or one with a few anchor men sitting might turn results in this league.
  4. No big name would come for a relegation scrap. All this about AVB and his cars? Just appoint a man who's bothered (and got a brain) or some rising manager - why not? Or someone who has some half decent track record. Maybe try a Karanka etc or that rising star. Someone in work wouldn't bother really. I mean would they? Or if their stock is still high enough. Just needs doing soon. A proper manager needed in ASAP! Bullen has come up short. Oh and get structure to this club DC! A DOF to go along with the CEO She Devil. And sort these injuries out! Get the staff in to sort this out! Big priority!!! This guy in or the DOF needs to be able to pick a player or three or ten - in January. Megson as DOF? He can identify players or someone else of that ability please!! Oh and the tickets. Just no! .....
  5. Villas Boas

    Pushed out to 40/1 on Sky bet. The Tinker Man is closing in on the Brolley Man.
  6. So sticking through thick n thin with Carlos. But why? Manchester United stuck with Fergie as he had a great record at Aberdeen. And it worked. So if this bad time is seen out then maybe the great days past of Carlos will come through. Great days? Waiting for the 'Aberdeen' days to surface again? As he won much previously? Maybe the great play-off dates will be seen again. Such bravery shown on them occasions. Or maybe the great transfer successes of past transfer windows is what is being waited on? Let us just stick by him in these thin times and wait for the thick once more. He has obviously done it before. So adaptive with systems with plans A, B, and C....
  7. The Lack of Pace and Tempo

    Just be shut by January. The call for power and pace ever since our play-off whimpers. Each passing transfer window and this transfer calamity has not addressed this. Let someone with an eye for a player and sense have a go. Perlease!
  8. In the title. But if a brave decision was took I think it will be an out of work manager. All the calls for in work Championship managers? Cannot see it happening. Who was the last manager we took off another club? I think it's a rare occurance. So suggestions that way might as well be left to one side. Can't see Chansiri caughing up two sets of compensation.
  9. Aitor Karanka?

    Karanka. Got recent promotions. Out of work. SOS? I know him and Rhodes didn't work out but surely the pedigree is there.... Has to be one on the radar who is not in management. There are a number of contenders currently working at some viewed 'smaller' clubs. There's only a few 'out of work' contenders. A few have promotions on their CVs. It's got to be number 1 consideration - the past promotions. Megson's got a few. We may have gone up if he had stayed the last time he was here. I know some of the 'in work' options look good with the good results on tight budgets thing going on. But I think more its about who's done the promotions and who have done well at sizeable clubs with big expectations.... I thought it was a mistake loaning Winnall out by the way.
  10. Did well at a few clubs. I remember Norwich. Seemed to keep Villa in the Premier. No backing financially (if I remember - could be wrong). They demised big style after he left. After he left Blackburn they got worse too. No money was had at Blackburn. Did not think his time at Wolves was hopeless. I think he was building them up. Obviously, there are calls for McCarthy, Heckingbottom, even some would not mind Megson returning. Just cannot see Carlos turning it. Automatic looks gone, and on the past record the play-offs won't likely work. If we get there and that's a big if. I think I would prefer Lambert to Pardew. He's not greatly inspiring I know, but for me he did not deserve all the flack he got at Villa. They certainly were hopeless after he left them. Though I think the fans would like to see a stronger outgoing character. Maybe there is some foreign option we know not of. Prefer someone with a good track record though. McCarthy would be my choice. It's whether he would up sticks from Portman Road? I know the Sunderland fans in their local paper voted a big no for Lambert. Over 80% I think. They appointed Simon Grayson and the league table tells the story.
  11. George Hirst

    Why didn't the Radio Sheffield Journalists chuck the Hirst situation at Carlos? Just to anger him some more? No player has spoken about their hopless collective derby performance nor as anyone dug to find out the situation with Hirst. We can read the situation well but at least give the official line on it. Fans stay loyal, paying through the nose despite little progress. Yet the club are desrespectful by keeping stum. Come on!
  12. flat 4-4-2

    How come we get found out then if its a winning system? Suppose players have to fit the system. Some of them mentioned teams have better players than us it is fair to say. Newcastle had the likes of Shelvey and Hayden in that system. We haven't got that luxury. I sure know there are better systems than 4-4-2 for our group of players. Why is it we have looked powerless in in all the play-off games and the derby yesterday against teams playing different systems? Sheffield United are not Real Madrid. Man to man we should not be losing 2-4! How many systems as Carlos played often since his arrival?