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  1. Didn’t we have a chairman at the time who didn’t want to affect his standing with the league and wanted to appear virtuous and moralistic by hanging Paolo out to dry? Was it wrong what he did? Yes. Do you practically give away one of the top forwards in English football? That’s a personal decision but I wouldn’t have and I don’t think a Chairman with ambition for the club would have. Look at Man Utd with Cantona. Far worse what he did and the club stuck by him as it was in their best interests.
  2. It’s a possibility mate and a potential factor. I’ve seen Rhodes get chances at Hillsborough that he would have buried before he joined us, balls into the box, free headers etc that no matter how the game has evolved generally, still needs the same size ball, putting into the same size goal, from a distance that he has scored from countless times. That’s why I think it must be a confidence issue.
  3. In my opinion (purely as currently a watcher of football and previously as a player that got paid for playing in England and abroad, albeit briefly and certainly not earning much, and certainly not being a medical professional) I do genuinely believe that it’s down to a huge lack of confidence and self belief. *Note:I did not say that I KNOW it’s mental health related, but I genuinely think it’s a possibility* Jordan Rhodes 5 years ago was one of the most natural finishers in the English leagues. Hence the huge amounts of money that were paid to acquire his services. To go from that level, to the way he has performed since he joined SWFC-in my layman’s opinion- points towards it being a confidence issue. If it was a nagging injury etc then surely that would have been reported by the club. I’ve not heard anything myself? In my opinion, a footballer does not lose the exceptional ability that he had/has for no apparent reason. There has been no major injury, he’s still in his 20s? Am I ok to believe that it is? Or do you want to tell me what to believe in? If Rhodes never plays to the levels that he attained previously-and if it is mental health related-I sincerely hope he overcomes it, as he seems a genuinely kind hearted bloke.
  4. It’s people offering their opinion, not professing to be doctors, psychologists etc so are you a Professional Football Manager/Pro footballer/Ex pro to validate you having over 5000 posts on this forum? Or weren’t any of those 5000 football related?
  5. I’ve not diagnosed anything. I’ve merely suggested it as a possible reason for his loss of form.
  6. If it’s not mental health what do you think it is? I'm still of the opinion that it’s mental health related. As Stoop referred to, DC had mentioned that a player was too scared to play. I can’t think of any other candidate?Rhodes refuses to take a penalty in the shootout vs Hudders citing confidence issues.There’s no way the JR of old would have refused to take a kick. Some people are naive as to what huge effect mental health issues can have on people. Even being a multi million pound footballer doesn’t protect you from it.
  7. In my opinion it’s a legitimate possibility as to why he’s lost his way. It’s almost offensive to bring it up that it can’t be a legitimate possibility!!
  8. What’s your opinion on the possibility of it being a mental health issue?
  9. It’s the only thing that could explain it. Anyone who’s ever played the game knows you just don’t lose ability as drastically as Rhodes has.
  10. You don’t just lose the unbelievable strikers instinct that Rhodes has. It’s not like as he’s got older he’s lost pace for example. He’s never relied on pace. Even 50 odd year old ex pro’s still know where the net is. I genuinely think it’s a mental health issue and it’s affected his confidence. If any of you have ever been affected by mental health it can drag you down. Just reading between the lines. Really hope he can rekindle his form, just concerns me that he won’t. Would be a huge shame. Seems a great bloke and i feel for him.
  11. Apparently the width of Borner’s tail so I think it’s going to need a proper re-paint....
  12. The trams would be packed. Any Police on board for a start wouldn’t be able to see-never mind move- to sort any trouble out unless it was happening directly next to them. There’s a large element of Leeds fans who seem intent on causing trouble no matter what. They seem to sing that ‘Marching On Together’ song and start behaving like animals, each one attempting to prove how ‘Leeds’ they are by smashing something. I’ve always found them worse than Blades myself. The next thing someone gets hurt on the tram or a window gets smashed again, and everyone’s slating SYP as ‘there were coppers on board and it still happened!not fit for purpose etc etc and Stagecoach get it in the neck for putting ‘profits before safety’ etc etc it’s just not worth it in my opinion.
  13. Just wondered if anyone knows of a pub/bar in Sheffield (ideally near Hillsborough) that will be showing the match on Friday who would allow a 9 year old in to watch the match too?
  14. He’s neither a cart horse nor is he a genius. He is, however an excellent footballer who is very under rated due to some people thinking that because he looks big and clumsy that he’s rubbish. He’s got a ‘football brain’ he can lay the ball off well and he’s got a lot more ability than the vocal minority think.
  15. I’d have been more specific but DVLA wouldn’t allow me to add any more characters!
  16. Kadeeeeeem Harris, Kadeeeeeem Harris, He plays for Wednesday He hates United His ***** flipping massive!! 1-2-3-4!!!!
  17. I agree. We’ve needed a midfielder like him for a Luongo time.
  18. Doesn’t take much mate!! Thanks i understand now
  19. Thanks mate. So if I download nowtvplayer, do you buy individual matches then? I’ve seen Now Tv Sky Sports pass, do I not need that then?
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