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  1. Read the title of this thread and thought DC had been down to the studio to create another income stream!
  2. Yes mate it won’t be easy! Certainly some wishful thinking but I think with the lack of funds available due to FFP and mistakes of the past, I think the only route is to go for the hungry lower league player. We can cope with the odd defeat, it’s the manner of them that matters. Lower league players-I mean the best of League one and two-will feel honoured to play for the club. That’s what we need and what seems to be lacking.
  3. This current squad needs a disciplinarian, but the majority of this squad will be gone anyway in the summer. If we still had a realistic chance of the play offs this season, Warnock is the man to bring in and put a rocket up them and drag us over the line. That’s not the case though. We need a fresh start in the summer, we will have to cut our cloth to suit and it may mean bringing in some hungry lower league players. You only have to look at what Wilder did. They’d run through a brick wall for him. Giving your absolute all should be a given as a pro footballer but as we’ve seen of late it’s not. We need to bring in players who will give their all and have a resilient mentality. Blend that with the likes of Fletcher, Borner, Bannan etc and you’re on your way to a good side.
  4. Watching that interview I feel sorry for Monk. The players obviously aren’t performing. In the fickle world of football, after a defeat it’s the end of the world, a win and everyone’s seeing the glass half full again. It wasn’t Monks fault that Dawson made the mistake against Barnsley, a win there would have changed the perspective. It wasn’t Monks fault for the dodgy back pass that led to Luton’s goal last night. Theres been a lot of individual errors on the pitch that Monk can’t be held accountable for. I hope he doesn’t resign and I hope DC sticks with him, let the dead wood leave this summer and give Monk a chance to build his own squad.
  5. Open him up and fizz ‘em all off to Narnia!!
  6. Footballers want to win football matches. They won’t want to lose games just to ensure they stay in the same league incase they are deemed surplus to requirements upon promotion to the PL. I’ve never seen a muted celebration from promoted teams. United stuck with the nucleus of the team that gained promotion and aren’t doing too badly. Plus to buy a whole team of PL standard on paper would cost far more than the initial money gained from promotion/tv rights, so several would have to play in the PL either way.
  7. Dawson is good enough in my opinion. He’s been excellent. He’s a young lad who has made a few mistakes in the last few weeks and simply needs taking out of the firing line for a couple of games to re-focus. It’s all part of his development as a young goalkeeper.
  8. Only 3 weeks ago we beat Leeds away, kept a clean sheet and everyone seemed to be riding the crest of a wave, suggesting we kick in and make the play offs, and everything’s rosy. We lose a couple of games and every post seems to be that everything’s wrong with the club, like it’s rotten to the core and even people suggesting relegation to league one as a potential ‘fix’ for the club?? The clubs either in a mess behind the scenes or it’s not!! Things like that aren’t judged by results on the pitch!! So if we beat Millwall,Barnsley, Luton and Reading in the next 4 games (or even get 10 points out of 12) will the people who are suggesting relegation to League one, suddenly switch back again and all of a sudden everything’s great? It’s all a bit bi-polar.
  9. I’m not saying I agree with the report, all I’m saying is that in the days where everyone seems to be held accountable,often trial by social media and witch hunts seem commonplace, I don’t blame the SYP powers that be for getting an independent assessment and following those guidelines. Whatever those guidelines stated-whether the officer who requested the report agrees or not personally-whether the public are up in arms about it or not- the guidelines will be followed to bring protection from the inevitable witch hunt should anything ever go wrong.
  10. As far as i’m aware, SYP have made decisions based on expert advice that they sought and duly received. The whole North stand/Leppings Lane exit policy is all due to the aforementioned advice. If they go against the advice-as a collective or as an individual match commander-and something happens they’ll be at the very least criticised/potentially sacked or prosecuted. If you were in their position, would you put your job on the line to appease a section of mildly inconvenienced fans in relation to exiting the ground or the slightly reduced capacity? Not sure what else they can do?
  11. Some of you negative,venomous, toxic ‘fans’ are going to talk about for a week now?? ‘bottlejobs’...... yeah right. Well done Wednesday.
  12. Would the question of the players being ‘bottle jobs’ have been asked immediately after the win away at Leeds in front of a vociferous crowd of 37000, a large proportion being a hostile Leeds fan base? I never heard it asked. Theyre inconsistent, but not ‘bottle jobs’. Theyre inconsistent, just like the ‘supporters’ on here who after a defeat-albeit an awful performance- spend the days until the next victory berating and questioning everything about the club. I hope that tonight we turn in a quality performance that we all know we have in our lockers, to put an end to the toxic negativity being spouted by a few on here.
  13. Of course mate, we all love Wednesday hence us being on here, but different opinions are part of life.
  14. You’re obviously entitled to your opinion.Yes I’m loyal and I’m certainly a ‘glass half full’ type. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I don’t think it’s all as doom and gloom as some would believe.
  15. Only if the toilets haven’t been neglected too....
  16. Can totally see where you’re coming from but that same group of players you refer to beat Forest away convincingly, beat Leeds away, beat Brighton away,beat Brentford, battered Boro away, lost to a late goal away at WBA. We’ve thrown points away from winning positions late on in several games, had the home nightmare against Blackburn but we are STILL only 4 points off the play offs and 10 off the automatics. I’m not saying for a minute we’ll get promoted automatically but the play offs are a realistic possibility IF we can get a grip on the mental side of the game.
  17. I agree mate. I don’t think we would be consistent enough to win 3 games in a row to get through the play offs at a canter. We’d have to hope for a Forest or Leeds away performance and hope it’s enough to get us through the likely poor performance in the home fixture. Then hope the ‘good’ Wednesday turns up for the final!!
  18. If you look at the starting 11 I’m not sure I can say that any of them don’t show the right levels of attitude or determination: Dawson-Owl through and through. Been brilliant. Fox- Dont think anyone can doubt the way he’s progressed. Lesser men would have crumbled under all the stick he’s had. Iorfa- Been excellent. Full blooded displays. Borner- Great signing, always looks to give 100% I can go through the team and the above would near enough relate to every player. Certainly not a team lacking effort and commitment. Lacking mental strength maybe, lacking consistency maybe, but nothing that I think can be solved by ‘double training sessions’ and having it ‘beasted’ out of them.
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